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Lelo Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads Luxury Love Ball System


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Lelo Luna Beads

1.4 inch Luxury Love Ball System - Recommend for +30 years & those who've given birth.

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  • Product Description

    Luna Balls are best-selling pleasure bead system in the world, created by luxury, innovative sex toy brand Lelo.

    A series of interchangeable, sensual-feel balls, worn vaginally, Luna Beads move as you do, gently vibrating together to prompt arousal and a stronger PC muscle as you naturally work to grip them inside.

    Women who report G-Spot orgasms have been found to have a very strong PC muscle, so there's every reason to invest in pelvic floor training, as it will lead to better vaginal muscle control, enhanced sensation and ultra-intense orgasms.

    Start with the lighter set of pink Luna Beads, progressing to the heavier blue set, once you've conquered the lighter pair.

    The Lelo Luna Balls/Beads sit harnessed in a silicone 'girdle' and the weight of each ball is identified by its colour; two pale pink 28g balls/beads, and two pale blue 37g balls/beads.

    Leo Luna Beads are recommended for women over 30 and those who have given birth (child birth and age often weakens our pc muscles) to work towards super-strong PC muscle and orgasms that are mega-strength.

    We recommend you enjoy Luna Beads with a drop or two of lubricant  as this will really enhance and enrich the experience.

  • technical info


    Material Silicone & ABS Plastic

    Phthalate Alert: None

    Diameter: 36mm / 1.4in.
    Girdle Size: 89 x 35 x 16mm
    Weight: 2 x 28g / 2 x 1.0oz. (pink); 2 x 37g x 1.3oz. (blue)

    Ease of Use: Tricky but worth it! 
    Waterproof: Yes 

    Lube: Water-Based Only

    Care & Cleaning Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. Air dry. 
    Keep away from heat / sunlight. Store in storage case provided or in a dry, fluff-free place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Very hard to find a fault as even the box is amazing! by Steve


      Working in an adult store, I quickly fell in love with Lelo products, their quality is really up there. I bought these a while ago for my wife and they've been a great experience. Kegels work by having a heavy ball inside them that prompts the vagina muscles to clench in response to the movement, this not only feels great but strengthens your muscles.

      The balls are really comfortable to wear, even for long periods, especially good is that the very subtle seam can be hidden under the holder creating a seamless, smooth kegel device. Two sets of beads ensures a long lifespan as it gives the user something to build up to! (Posted on 04/07/2012)

    2. Pleasant rumbling sensation... by WhiteRabbit


      Prior to using these my bladder could be a bit twitchy (probably a little overactive) approaching my period. The concept of kegal balls was a recent discovery to me and I was enthused by the idea that they could not only strengthen my plumbing but also promote better orgasms into the bargain.

      I opted for the Lelo Luna as a first choice because they are a quality product and offer a choice of weight combinations. I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to use the heaviest option quite quickly. Wearing them whilst going about my daily business is a rather pleasant experience as the inner balls create a pleasant rumbling sensation as you move. You may find yourself deliberately taking the back roads or running for the bus. A note of caution though, if you find yourself getting too energetic the balls may make a slightly audible rattle.

      I can honestly say that within the month or so that I’ve been using these that my minor waterworks weakness has vanished, I can now squeeze my partner as he thrusts, and as for improved orgasms, I’m thinking of issuing our immediate neighbours with earplugs. (Posted on 19/07/2011)

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Luna Beads
    Take these balls out dancing! A night on the town with your Luna Beads firmly in place will have you warmed up for a sexy rendez-vouz on the way home.
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