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Lelo Hula Beads

Lelo Hula Beads


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Lelo Hula Beads

Unique rotating & vibrating pleasure beads with remote control: 8 powerful yet quiet functions


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  • Product Description

    Lelo Hula Beads are the world's first ever remote-control-led pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time.

    Pleasure beads, Love Balls, Geisha Balls...whatever you call them, we know you can't get enough of these orgasmic orbs, and Lelo Hula Beads are the most innovative ones yet - For women who like vibration and G-spot stimulation with their kegel exercises it doesn't get any better.

    With one rotating bead and one vibrating, Hula Beads deliver a completely new sensation and countless different ways to enjoy them! At the restaurant, on the dance floor or during foreplay, they're are as fun loving as you are.

    Try out different ways to enjoy them...Insert only the rotating bead gently within, and let powerful vibrations be felt around the ultra-sensitive labia and up to the clitoris. Or wear both beads discreetly inside, so that the top bead rotates against your G-spot, while the lower bead throbs with 8 different settings.

    Lelo Hula Beads also offer an exciting new element to couples play, allowing your partner to use an innovative wireless remote to control the vibrations. Hand over the remote and submit to your partner's control! Not knowing what sensation comes next will be tantalizing as it pushes you over the edge.

    These gorgeous Vibrating Love Balls are completely body-safe and 100% waterproof, which means they're easy to clean and perfect for a long and languorous soak in the bath.

    Compact enough to be carried anywhere you go, use your imagination to add an exciting Hula twist to any occasion.

    We recommend you add a few drops of water-based lube to Hula Beads to enhance your sensations and enjoyment

  • technical info

    Useful Info for Lelo Hula Beads

    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 98 mm / 3.8 inch
    Playable length: 98 mm / 3.8 inch
    Diameter (at widest): 37mm / 1.5 inch 
    Power: Rechargeable
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity: Strong
    Volume: Can't be heard outside the duvet
    Weight: 67g
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Speeds: 8
    Offers: Escalating speeds and different pulse modes
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Water-Based Lube Only
    Care & Cleaning of the Lelo Hula Beads: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water near battery area. Air dry.
    Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

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  • Sex Tip For Lelo Hula Beads
    You can also use the vibrating portion of Lelo Hula Beads to stimulate any erogenous zone. This toy is incredibly versatile!
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