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Joy Of Sex : The Romantic Lover

Joy Of Sex : The Romantic Lover


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Joy Of Sex : The Romantic Lover

Passion may provide the initial impulse for a strong physical relationship but it is romance that keeps it alive.

Romance should underpin everything we do in life. A morning wake-up kiss, intimate text messages and snatched telephone calls, lunchtime emails, an evening walk, supper curled up on the sofa together; these can lead gently and naturally into wonderful sex and a night spent asleep in each other's arms.

But sex itself can also be intensely romantic. A loving massage. Endless kisses and tongue play. Simply gazing into each other's eyes. Gentle and long-lasting intercourse.

And romance need not always be gentle - romantic behaviour can be startling, exciting and unexpected. However, underpinning every truly successful relationship will be the secure feeling of romance, the fact that two people not only love each other, but are willing to say so, that they are not only willing to say it, but also to show it.

An updated bedside edition of Dr Alex Comfort's classic text, 'The Joy of Sex: The Romantic Lover' will help you discover your inner romantic!

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