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Imagine Silicone Vaginal Balls

Imagine Silicone Vaginal Balls


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Imagine Silicone Vaginal Balls

Combine exercise with fun! Imagine Vaginal Balls are a pair of weighted hollow balls, encased in an elegant white silicone cover.

The cover is removable, making the balls very easy to clean. They're worn inside and the weights move about as you do...

There's two reasons to do this - it''s good for your vaginal muscles, and it feels fantastic.

There's lots of good reasons to exercise your PC muscles - strong PC muscles can enhance orgasm, and it's a great way to regain vaginal tone after giving birth or taking some time off sex.

You can wear vaginal balls while doing other exercise, to tone up your PC muscles - or they can be used for gentle vaginal stimulation to combine with a clit vibrator!

Imagine Silicone Vaginal balls are also great to wear to warm up before a hot night in - as the balls more around, they stimulate the vaginal walls, increasing blood flow and exercising the muscles.

Or you can wear them to work - no one will know and your sexy secret will give you a big smile!

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