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How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure

How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure


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How To Give Her Absolute Pleasure

Guide to explicit techniques that all women want their men to know

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  • Product Description

    How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know is a sex guide written especially for men.

    Men are expected to 'just know' how to please a woman, and women can often be reluctant to say what they really want.

    A refreshingly frank sex handbook with tips on creating the ideal romantic atmosphere, finding her elusive erogenous zones (there are more than you'd think), and mastering the delicate art of foreplay, Lou Paget provides the down-and-dirty details on the ins and outs of amazing oral and manual sex, innovative intercourse positions, and most important, how to capture the big O.

    Complete with over 70 step-by-step illustrations, as well as a list of sex toys and tips on how to use them, 'How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure' is a refreshingly straightforward, always stimulating sex guide that will take you and your partner to new levels of ecstasy and intimacy.

    "Every man who wants to satisfy his woman should study this wonderfully informative book." - Bernie Zibergeld, author of The New Male Sexuality.

  • Product Reviews
    1. "Very well written, researched and very informative" by Michelle


      Overall I am delighted with the information presented in this book. Having had a recent disappointing experience with a similarly themed book this was by contrast very well written, researched and very informative.

      The author Lou Paget presents a myriad of information gained throughout years of hosting sex seminars with both men and women. While I normally think the term “Sexpert” is thrown about and largely meaningless she has enough genuine experience to earn the title. In the book she addresses numerous subjects from flirting and relationship dynamics to contraceptive and sexual technique. This information is well presented and broken down by chapter.

      Some of the information in the contraceptive chapter was particularly informative. Rather than the usual “Just wear condoms” speech, the author goes into great detail about the various transmittable diseases and presents a lot of statistical information on the success rate of many wide ranging contraceptives.

      There are also numerous other great chapters detailing anatomy and the erogenous zones, and how (in her experience) women like to be stimulated. She also has a chapter dealing with being sweet and caring which may seem like common sense but is still good to see.

      -The Negative

      While I largely praise the book there are a few very minor flaws. Overall the information is so broad ranging that I found myself wanting more specialized information on certain subjects. This is most notable in the chapter about sex toys. The information here is very basic and at times a little inaccurate with its description of toys.

      One other problem I had which won’t be a problem for many is that the book is very U.S focused, talking about American companies, giving contact details for American services and clinics. As I am in Europe there were a few bits of information that simply did not apply to me.

      - Overall

      Aside from the few minor flaws; the information in the rest of the book is fairly solid. It is well presented and laid out in an easy to understand form. The chapter headings are all accurate enabling for easy access to specific information. The information by in large is very helpful and is backed up by years of firsthand experience with men and women from a huge cross section of society. If you are looking for a great guide on relationships (with a women) that covers many aspects of a relationship then I highly recommend “How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure” by Lou Paget. (Posted on 18/01/2013)

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    A sneaky peek between the covers:
    "There is nothing more appealing to most women than the sensuous power of a kiss. Whether that kiss is wet, cool, brief, or lingering, alone it can have the power to bring your lady to her knees…"
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