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Come to Sh! Sex School and learn a thing or two about sex!

A -primer©sex school on cunnilingus, this erotic class will help you get to grips with how to give your lady a really great oral sex experience-

Erotic Educator Alexina will take men - and women - on a journey to a higher level of erotic prowess and leave you confident in your status of omnipotent sex god/ess! Diving down into the mysteries of the lady garden, Alexina will take you on a journey of seduction to make your lady quiver and scream with pleasure and youÊll feel more confident as a man and as a lover.

Oral sex is possibly the most skilful acts of lovemaking known to humankind, and a pretty damn sure way to bring your lady to a climax! But - getting it right is an art. Its not just about how fast your tongue can flicker over the button, getting a lady in the mood, seducing her, arousing her so she is a mass of goosebumps and oozing (literally) with desire for you takes skill and artistry. Alexina will take you on a fun journey full of slurping, nibbling, and generally a lot of fiddling and fondling of various fruits and other lady shaped objects, lose your inhibitions and feel free to ask as many questions as you like as you have a real live lady teaching you!

Everything you wanted to know about giving great head and much, much more: how to boost your confidence with the ladies in the bedroom, how to talk to her, how to seduce her and make her relax and let go...

Included in the price is a glass of bubbly and cup cakes.

Book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

Cunnilingus Sex School Erotic Class

September 8th 8 - 10pm
Sh! Store. 57 Hoxton Square. London. N1 6PB 020 7613 5458.

On purchase you will be sent confirmation of your place(s) by email.


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