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Shiri Zinn Glass Love Eggs

Shiri Zinn Glass Love Eggs Set


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Shiri Zinn Glass Love Eggs

Unique, Luxury Kegel Egg Set; Each Differently Weighted

Key Features:

  • Coloured speckled love eggs crafted from solid English molten glass
  • Each egg is unique
  • Approx weight: 50 grams (yellow egg), 60 grams (pink egg) and 70 grams (blue egg)
  • Developed to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, thus increasing sexual pleasure for you & your partner

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  • Product Description

    Three designer glass kegel eggs, from luxury brand Shiri Zinn. If you love the idea of love balls, want super-tight kegels and stronger orgasms, with a dash of designer luxe, then this glass egg set is for you.

    The different weights of the Shiri Zinn solid glass eggs gradually help to strengthen vaginal and PC muscles (i.e. your lower pelvic floor muscles), and train many involuntary muscles in this area.

    This will strengthen your bladder and increase your sexual pleasure as well as the pleasure of your partner. Even better, whilst being worn, the eggs swirl around causing ripples of internal pleasure!

    How to use them:

  • Hold the egg first, allowing it to immediately take your body temperature.

  • Always rinse before and after use to maintain cleanliness.
  • Start with the lightest egg. Use it to train yourself first so that you can eventually hold in the larger egg when ready.
  • Always wear knickers while training until you have full control of your PC muscles and can hold eggs inside. This is because solid eggs are heavy and can fall out onto your toes or break if they hit hard flooring.
  • The egg will naturally come out if you laugh, sneeze, cough or push, so don't worry about removing Ben Wa balls or Kegel eggs without a string.
  • This designer Shiri Zinn Glass Egg Set comes in an exquisite black presentation box with a satin lining, perfect for storing your love eggs safely and stylishly.

  • technical info
    Useful Info for Glass Egg Set

    Material: Glass
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Length: 44.5 mm (yellow), 47.5 mm (pink), 51 mm (blue)
    Diameter (at widest): 32mm (blue egg)
    Weight: 50g (yellow), 60g (pink), 70g (blue)
    Ease of Use: Middling
    Waterproof: Yes
    Lube: Any
    Cleaning of the Glass Egg Set: Wash in top rack of dishwasher / Antibacterial soap & hot water / Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Store wrapped in padded bag or protective packaging supplied with the toy.
    Care of the Glass Egg Set: Handle carefully & check surface before play. Keep away from heat / sunlight. Store in a dry, fluff-free place.

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  • Sex Tip For Shiri Zinn Glass Love Eggs
    When training with these eggs, don't be intimidated by their size, try a bit of lube to ensure they're slippery, and check out our info section on Love Balls for how to use them.
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