Glamour Pink Restraints

Pink Bondage Cuffs
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Product Description

These cuffs aint tough - theyr'e cute and flirty! Bondage doesn't have to be functional and heavy - these Glamour Pink Restraints are a fantastic accessory for fun restraint play. Extra-comfy and cute, they're ideal for anyone who likes a little bling with their bondage!

Glamour Pink Restraints are made of soft pink faux-fur, and decorated with the word SLAVE in cute diamante jewellery.

Linked together with a short chain, the Glamour Pink Restraints are amazing for kinky games and great as an accessory for a kinky night out.

Each cuff buckles securely and fits any size of wrist, and can be linked together or worn seperately.

Glamour Pink Restraints also a fantastic pressie for a partner, someone new to bondage but interested in giving it a try, or even as a hen-night gift!

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Useful Sex Tip

The chain links between the Glamour Pink Restraints can be shortened by attaching the end of the chain back into the links - so you can add extra restraint if your sub is very naughty!

Technical info

Material: Leather, Fun Fur, Chrome & Nickle Plated
Length: 270mm
Width: 50mm
Fits: 180mm-240mm
Weight: Medium (255g)
Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
Cleaning of Glamour Pink Restraints: Wipe leather with damp cloth, avoiding faux fur. Air dry
Care of Glamour Pink Restraints: Store in cool dry place



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