Geisha Balls : Pink

Full sized Geisha / Ben Wa balls with internal weight for kegel strengthening & intense orgasms: Pink
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Product Description

Smooth, strong and stretchy, these Geisha balls are large and in charge, perfect for giving your PC muscles a serious strengthening and stimulating your G-spot at the same time!

The sumptuous weight of these Geisha Balls cannot be beaten, and the smooth, silky silicone ensures they glide in easily and stay put comfortably.

Want to tone up your pc muscles after giving birth? Want stronger, longer orgasms? Want a bit of a warm-up before a hot night in? These large Geisha balls are perfect for all of the above.

Two removable, weighted balls offer that delicious 'full' feeling, and let you train your way up to using them without the silicone sling.

After a while of using these gorgeous Geishas your PC muscles will be strong enough to hold them in and pop them out just with your muscle power! This also makes the Geisha Balls super duper easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Comfortable enough to wear for hours, and large enough to be super stimulating - we think these Geisha Balls might just be our new favourite toy.