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Fun factory Share XL Large Strapless Dildo

Fun Factory Share XL Large Strapless Dildo


Fun factory Share XL Large Strapless Dildo

8" x 2.5" Extra Large Strapless Dildo for Lesbian Sex

Key Features:

  • Super-size 'wearable' double dildo for strap-on style sex, without a harness
  • Egg-shaped bulb (5 inch long x 1.75 diam) worn by female operator to grip using her PC muscles
  • External dildo ( 8 inch long x 2.5 diam) extends outside for her partner tohop on & enjoy
  • Share the experience of simultaneous penetration together - best for close contact sex rather than wild thrusts
  • 100% Silicone which is body-safe, non-porous and super easy to clean

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  • Product Description

    The Share XL is a strapless double dildo for girls who know how to SHARE and like it extra large!

    Strapless dildos are designed for a woman to wear, so she can use a strap-on dildo on her partner without straps or a harness. A strapless dildo is essentially a double dildo shared between 2 lovers: an egg-shaped dildo that the female wearer grips inside her and an external dildo to penetrates her female or male lover with.

    Fortifying for those occasions when size really DOES matter, the Fun factory Share XL is the larger, XL-sized sister of the fabulous Fun Factory Share range.

    This dildo is for girls who enjoy a fuller feeling during strap on play, and the Share XL offers lots of sexy texture for extra stimulation of both G-spot and vaginal entrance.

    The Fun factory Share XL is wonderful for skin-on-skin contact, as its intended to be used without a harness. You'll get ever so close to your lover, and you'll get a formidable PC work-put in the process. You may need to expand your strap on repertoire by experimenting with a variety of positions before you find the one that works best with the Fun Factory Share XL, but we promise it'll be well worth the effort!

    The velvety soft silicone feels divine with a generous dollop of lube, and the wearer will get fantastic G-spot stimulation from the egg with its amazing little lip.

    The Share XL Strapless double dildo isn't for the faint-hearted, nor is it a dildo for absolute beginners. But if you're an experienced dildo rider who just loves girth, then this is definitely the toy to add to your wish list.

  • technical info

    Material: Silicone
    Weight: 500g
    Actual Length: 205 mm / 8 inch (longer shaft) / 130mm / 5 inch (egg)
    Diameter (at widest): 61mm / 2.5 inch (longer shaft) / 45mm / 1.75 inch (egg)
    Lube: Water-based only
    Care & Cleaning of Share XL: Sh! Toy Cleaner, Soap, 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol to clean; Rinse thoroughly. Can be sterilized: Boil 3 minutes/ dishwasher top rack Dry thoroughly. Avoid breaking the surface of your Share XL. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight. Store in a dry, fluff-free place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Buy it now! by Gin


      I had a headache, my partner had been up half the night with one of the kids. The children had gone to their other parents and then the postie arrived. 40hr order to door with a Royal Mail free delivery.

      We played pass the parcel with the wrapping and then we got down to business (I mean product review). The dildo looked big, but not overly so, the ridges pronounced, the egg a really good size. We had to work out which end we each had first....

      Anyway the product was all we could have hoped for and more. Both ends were more than satisfactory. And it was indeed suitable for every position we threw at it. A previous review suggests that it's not suitable for being ridden from behind... not so, I really enjoyed it that way.

      Seriously, we can't recommend it highly enough. (Posted on 29/04/2017)

    2. All I can say is oooooo by Piied


      Perfect for the skill set and the extra girth hits the right spots. Can be used in a harness and without.
      Love it! (Posted on 22/04/2016)

    3. Great fun by Heidi


      my partner is strong, and using this wonderful dildo, with big ridges made me climax over and over..was bit overwhelming but fun! (Posted on 24/12/2014)

    4. This is an amazing dildo! by Bondage


      Although it seems like a huge size, it is pretty much the size of an average penis. The only thing which makes it fairly brutal, in a good way, are the ridges which run along the entire length. The more you get excited and the more you feel them. Even if you are turned on, use it with lube. The only downside is that it canno't be used from behind as the curve bends the wrong way. (Posted on 27/01/2014)

    5. Quite a long review, but hopefully I've covered all bases! by Nudilover


      I'm so surprised to see that there are no other reviews for this yet - although, I was a bit terrified of this beast to begin with!!

      This is quite unlike any other dildo we own, but I love it and it was definitely worth the money!

      *DOUBLE ENDED: You can get so much closer with this than with a harness dildo, there is more skin on skin contact, and you know that, whichever end you're on, that with each rock/thrust of your hips you're moving inside her too.
      *DILDO: This does feel longer than other dildos, and in some positions can cause that uncomfortable/delightful (depending on your viewpoint!) sensation of thrusting against the end of your vagina. It is also wider, so really gives that full feeling, which is often just what is needed.
      *EGG:The egg end still feels substantial because it's wider, so although the length isn't there, the key first few inches are covered. Also, if you have this end inside you, and your other half is rocking on the dildo end, then it is perfectly positioned for your G-Spot.

      Whichever end you're on (but especially the "egg" end), the ridge at the base of the dildo often ends up in just the right spot for your clit-and I often find clit stimulation helps me to have more intense orgasms.

      The texture of this is more matte than the Sh dildos so LUBE is needed, even if you're really aroused, and probably best to have the whole length covered, to make sure there's not discomfort for either of you. The egg can also feel quite large initially.

      We've not tried this for anal (bloody scary thought!) but it has been used for DP, with Cupid 3 in a harness. My partner found it quite overwhelming(!), and I think perhaps if you're not used to double penetration then it may bee too large and too textured (the nodules on the XL can be felt through the vaginal/anal walls). However, if used for DP with a plug (where the movement's only happening in one area) this isn't an issue.

      (Posted on 09/04/2010)

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  • Sex Tip For Fun factory Share XL Large Strapless Dildo
    Overwhelmed by the Share XL's size? Let your girl go on top; she'll be able to control how deep, and how fast... Plus this strap on sex position means it will be easier for you to keep the sexy strapless Share XL in.
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