Fun Factory Love Ring: Flame

Red hot and super cool, non-vibrating cock ring
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Product Description

We love this silicone cock ring; it's perfect for maximising his erection and converting his pride 'n joy into a delightful, clitoral-stimulating plaything.

The love ring fits neatly over your man's penis, giving him a sexy squeeze, as well as a stylish addition to his crown jewels.

It's made by innovative sex toy manufacturers Fun Factory who manufacture most of their toys in silicone, and this high quality cock ring is no exception.

Silicone is a good material for a love ring; it feels soft yet dry so pubes won't stick to it, as would happen with a jelly cock ring. This toy is also phthalate and latex free, so it's safe to get up close to even the most sensitive lady's bits; plus it's stretchy enough for this love ring to fit a whole range of penis sizes, whilst still being firm enough to squeeze.

Slip the love ring over him whilst he is still flaccid and let him 'grow' into it.

The 'flames' of the love ring will lick your clit with each thrust: it's sure to bring on a hot bush fire.

Useful Sex Tip

If your man is still unsure of sex toys, have him start with this super cool silicone love ring.

Technical info

Material: Silicone
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length: 55mm
Diameter: Stretches from 20mm to 45mm
Weight: Feather (10g)
Ease of Use: Easy Peasy
Waterproof: Yes
Lube:Water-based only

Cleaning:Spray with Sh! or wash in warm soap water. Rinse and leave to air dry. Store in a dry fluff free environment away from sunlight & other toys.


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Product Reviews

by Pauli Shepherd
Placed on the cock and it nearly did a strangle hold and cut off circulation. A rubber band wouldn't have done so much damage! The fun was in A&E having the band removed with the firemen ?