Fruity Love Flavoured Lubes

PH Balanced, water-based lubricant with lots of yummy tastes to enjoy
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Product Description

Water-based, long-lasting and paraben-free; everything we want a good lube to be...

Fruity Love lubes are complete safe and natural - free of any nasty chemicals that could cause irritation and/or yeast infections in the sensitive vaginal environment. In fact, Fruity Love lubes are pH-balanced to ensure they won’t disrupt the lady-garden’'s delicate flora.

Containing only ingredients also used by the food industry, Fruity Love Lubes are completely non-toxic and totally harmless if ingested in small amounts.

These edible lubes are presented in stylish plastic bottles and taste just so fruity 'n’ fresh! The best way to enjoy it is to drizzle a generous amount of Fruity Love over your lover (don’t worry, it rinses off easily!) and then kiss, lick or slurp every little drop off.

Fruity Love lubes are condom safe, smooth and completely delicious so get there’'s no reason not to give them a lip-smackin' go.

Blueberry/Cassis: Gentle blueberry flavour with hint of cassis - yum!

Cactus/Lime: Full of flavour, this one tastes of 'holiday'!

Raspberry/Grapefruit: Fruity, sweet and smooth, just like Team Sh! *wink*

Sparkling Strawberry Wine: Despite its name, this lube is non-alcoholic and tastes like thick Strawberry jam - delicious!

Apricot/Orange: Sweet, with lasting flavours, Apricot/Orange is sensual and smooth on the tongue.

Vanilla/Cinnamon: This is the Nigella Lawson of lubes; warm, curvy and oh-so-luscious.

Useful Sex Tip

Drizzle Fruity Love lube all over yourself, and then invite your partner to enjoy at least two of their 5-a-day

Technical info

Useful Info for FRUITY LOVE

Bottle Type: FLIP TOP
Recommended For: Oral play
Quantity: 100ml
Single hand application: Yes
Price per ml: .10p / ml (to the nearest ml)
Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerol, Popylene Glycol, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Citric acid, Arome, Preservative E210, E211



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