French Letter Condoms: Linger Lust

12 fairtrade condoms to prolong pleasure
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Product Description

French Letter Condoms are Fairtrade condoms, manufactured to be safe, sexy and good for the environment.

These condoms have an integrated pleasure ring which gives him a gentle squeeze to prolong enjoyment. Manufactured with fair-trade latex, and carbon dioxide neutral, French Letters Condoms are a great way to ensure that your fun is eco-friendly!

These condoms are lubricated and teat-ended for extra safety, and compatible with water-based lube.

French Letter Condoms are specially recommended for gents who find condoms diminish their arousal - the pleasure ring gives a thrilling squeeze to boost the turn-on...Now there's no excuse!

Safe is sexy - we recommend keeping French Letter Condoms handy by the bed.

Useful Sex Tip

Combine French Letter Condoms with water-based lubes for a smooth sensation - but avoid anything oil-based like massage oil, as oils can degrade latex and cause condoms to break.

Technical info

French Letter Condoms: Linger Lust Spec
Material: Fairtrade Latex
Condoms per box: 12
Width: 52
Textured: Yes
Sensation: No
Non-spermicidally lubricated: Yes



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