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FixSation Wearable Vibe

FixSation Wearable Vibe


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FixSation Wearable Vibe

Wearable, rechargeable vibrator and panty with multiple speeds

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Regular Price: £70.00

Special Price: £45.00

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  • Product Description

    The FixSation Couple’s Vibe is a rechargeable, hands-free, non-invasive, clit-stimulating vibe that is designed for you to wear with pride, alone or with a partner.

    This wearable vibe from FixSation is secured in place by a gorgeous black lace, crotchless panty and thin straps that give it the sexy feel of a garter belt. FixSation is as sexy, discreet, and comfortable as wearing a piece of lingerie, but with added buzz.

    The vibrations from the FixSation are a medium intensity and discreetly quiet, while three different speeds allow you to gently build up the thrills.

    Ergonomically designed to cradle a woman’s curves, the FixSation also fits flush against her partner's pelvis. Its contoured exterior and specially designed ridges mean that partner pressure and movement will build a fabulous friction and concentrated vibration where you want it most, while at the same time allowing for uninterrupted penetration. Perfect!

    A single push-button control makes the Fixsation vibe fantastically easy to use, and once charged this little baby can go for up to two solid hours. The coating is silky to the touch, body-safe and super easy to clean - just a spritz of Sh! Toy Cleaner and you're ready to go.

    Available in sizes S - 2XL, runs slightly large, so if in doubt order a size down.

  • technical info
    Useful Info for FixSation Vibe \n \n

    Material: \n \n \n \nPlastic \n \n \n \n \n \n
    Phthalate Alert: None \n \n
    Actual Length: 63.7 mm / 2.5 in. \n \n
    Playable length: 63.7 mm / 2.5 in. \n \n
    Diameter (at widest): 51.3 mm / 2.0 in. \n \n
    Batteries: Recharger \n \n
    Supplied with Toy: Yes \n \n
    Intensity: Medium \n \n
    Volume: Can't be heard outside of the duvet! \n \n
    Weight: 26g \n \n
    Ease of Use: Tricky but worth it! \n \n
    Speeds: 3 \n \n
    Offers: Vibration only \n \n
    Waterproof: Splashproof \n \n
    Lube: \n \n \nAny \n \n \n \n
    Cleaning of the FixSation Vibe: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. \nNo water near battery area. Air dry. \n \n
    Care of the FixSation Vibe: Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Can't find fault! by llellsee


      The Fixsation arrived beautifully packaged in a glossy black box similar to what you would find a lelo toy in.With a simple and elegant looking design gracing the front of the box and product information on the back.
      Just the right size to hold the vibe and charger the box also works well for long term storage of the toy and doesn't take up much room (a big plus as storage can be an issue for toy addicts like myself)

      Being eager to see how the Fixsation rates I was quick to make sure it was charged and ready to go.One of the first things I noticed was the ease of use, one button does it all bringing you through three speeds of vibration and holding down the button for a few seconds switches it off again.

      Another thing I noticed is the texture of the toys material, soft and velvety but with no drag which I find ideal in a clitoral toy.Wonderfully ergonomic in design so as to nestle into the clitoris it features a slightly raised bumps with three small ridges to help ensure it hits the spot.

      Once switched on, noise wise it is not the quietest but when you think about the function of the toy (to provide extra clitoral stimulation during love making) it not designed like many other panty vibes on the market to be a discreet panty vibe worn in public and is instead something to be shared and experienced with a partner.

      In terms of vibrations I was initially unsure of how much to expect from the FixSation, Turns out it didn't disappoint. Once place over the clitoris it can take a bit of adjusting to get it just right but once properly in place I found the vibration sufficient to bring me to orgasm on the middle setting of vibrations., as someone who uses vibrators often and can therefore need some fairly robust vibrations to reach orgasm I took that as a definite good sign!

      Pros: Rechargeable, simple to use,smooth drag-free texture, good levels of vibration, can be worn during intercourse.

      Cons: I cannot find any fault.

      In summary:

      The panty companion is soft and comfortable to wear, is a beautiful piece of lingerie either used with the vibe or worn by itself. A high quality rechargeable vibrator that is perfect for couples, with only one button and three speeds it is easy to control or have your partner control for you. (Posted on 30/08/2012)

    2. The FixSation vibe is quite different to other couples vibes we've tried so far. by Couple


      It is a medium sized pebble-like vibrator that attaches to a pair of specially designed crotchless knickers which you can wear during sex. The knickers are black and lacy and actually very attractive when on. I ordered a size small, which was meant to be an 6-8, I am a 10 but had a feeling that it would be better for this product to be a bit tight rather than a bit loose, falling off wouldn't really be ideal. In fact the small fitted me perfectly, so if you're on the bottom end of their size guide I would go for the size below. The elegant and sexy design of the knickers is a nice step away from other "butterfly" style vibrators which are often attached to the wearer by cheap and nasty clear plastic straps. It is very easy to remove the vibrator part for cleaning, but at the same time it is very secure when it is all fastened in and we had no problems at all with it falling out of place.

      As for comfort during use, out of all the couples vibrators we've tried, whether they've been strap-on devices like this, vibrating cock-rings or hands-free couples toys that sit internally (like the we-vibe), this has been by far the most comfortable. We found it extremely comfortable in all positions, including missionary, which was a great advantage. Often with couples toys when Alex is on top and his weight is on the toy it digs uncomfortably into my pubis, we had no issues with the FixSation in this regard.

      I am rather power-hungry when it comes to vibrators. Many fail to impress me, and this is one of them. Although it's certainly not the weakest vibrator I've felt in terms of power, it still fails miserably in the all important task of making me come. I think the main problem is that the vibrations are very superficial, and not at all rumbly. It's quite a buzzy vibration and for me that just doesn't do it. I know some people will be a lot more sensitive compared to me when it comes to vibrations, and I think those people are going to rave about this product. However, if like me it takes more than a gentle buzz to tip you over the edge, I'd avoid purchasing this product. It frustrates me so much that no-one (as far as I have tested) has made a couples vibrator with a strong vibrating part! I mean, obviously it is possible to make something that small and powerful, I have proof in other products that I love. So why someone can't make a couples vibe with some decent power behind it is beyond me. Anyway, rant over. There are 3 speed setting on the FixSation and no "pattern" settings; personally I never use the pattern settings anyway, so this doesn't bother me at all. You turn it on by pressing the button and holding it for 3 seconds; I find this feature quite useful as it prevents any embarrassing accidental activation in your bag whilst you're on the move.

      In conclusion, as I've said already, the main reason I am disappointed with this product is that it has the makings of a truly great couples toy, but is unfortunately let down by it's lack of powerful vibrations. If you are reasonably sensitive to vibrations, I would perhaps recommend giving this a go, because everything else about it is great. I really hope that FixSation make a second generation of this toy with a more powerful vibrator. If they succeed I will be singing its praises.

      He Says:

      My feelings about this largely echo Lucy's. It is a fairly innovative approach to the whole hands-free/couples' vibe area. The combination of the lacy knickers part and the flattened but curved profile mean that it sits in place well over the clitoris, yet avoids interfering with sex more than any other couples' vibe we have tried thus far. This is helped by the fact that you can position it anywhere along the dual straps, accounting for varying anatomies and positions. This is despite the actual vibrating unit itself being of a fairly substantial size. It is fairly light though, and sounds slightly hollow when tapped, which suggests to me that the designers could have taken greater advantage of the ergonomic profile and packed in a more powerful motor! The look is not my absolute favourite (as I say, slightly chunky in my view), but I agree with Lucy about the lack of plastic straps being a major plus point. The texture of the unit is quite a nice matte, velvety, brushed effect.

      It is rechargeable, as most toys in this price bracket are, with quite lengthy charging times of an initial x hours, and x hours subsequently. The battery life is advertised as 2 hours, and seems pretty impressive, we have not managed to run it down in our uses thus far. Again, it just makes me think you could sacrifice some of that battery life for power! The same principle applies when I say its very quiet; we would happily have it a bit louder!

      Like Lucy, I am especially frustrated with this considering how may things it has going for it. It is difficult to know how to summarize this though. For us, a lack of power is a deal-breaker. For others it may not be, and some may even favour a more subtle sensation. If that is the case for you, we found this more comfortable and easier to use than its competitors, so you may want to consider it.

      Orginal review posted on (Posted on 02/07/2012)

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  • Sex Tip For FixSation Wearable Vibe
    Try wearing the FixSation vibe during solo play, and get creative with the freedom it gives your hands!
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