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Playing a game of 'Fetish!' together as a couple will certainly spice things up as you will be given lots of naughty prompts to do to each other involving voyeurism, food, foot worship and power play.

The instructions of the Fetish board game range from the giggle-inducing: 'Place a slice of fruit, deli meat (!!!) or cheese on your genitals & let your lover eat it off' to the smirk-and-you're-for-it 'Drop to your knees and service your master /mistress however is necessary for 1-2 minutes'

The aim of Fetish is to be the first to reach 'Euphoria' where you get to play out your own fantasy - a safe way to introduce your deepest, darkest desires your lover. If you come second, you get to play out theirs ... Playing Fetish is a win/win situation if ever there was one!

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