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Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot

Female Ejaculation & The G Spot


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Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot

The G-Spot bible - essential reading for newbies


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    In recent years the role of the G-Spot in giving a woman intense pleasure has become widely accepted. Equally powerful, but less well known, is the capacity of the G-Spot to ejaculate - to swell and release fluid when erotically stimulated.

    'Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot' is a down-to-earth, supportive guide that enables women to reconnect with their bodies and discover their natural ability to ejaculate.

    Deborah Sundahl gives us clear instructions, and presents the scientific facts, history and real-life experiences of women and their partners.

    Review by Team Sh!: ""Did you know there have never been tests to see if female ejaculation fluid carries the HIV virus? I know in this day and age! I had never really thought about it in depth, but starting to read 'Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot' I am amazed there is so little known about female ejection, (I.e what is it? How do you do it? Can all women do it? Is it just pee? Etc.) and the anatomical workings of the G-spot (where is it? Have I got one?). However reading this book was such a positive experience, especially the info on how to ejaculate, the information is in detail and has matter of fact instructions, with real women's experiences all backed up by scientific information. This book is a must read for all those dedicated to learning about women's pleasure. - Highly recommended!"

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    Deborah Sundhal has twice visited Sh! Stores to give her informative & hugely inspirational class on Female Ejaculation & the G Spot class to a packed audience of delighted women. To be kept informed of her next visit, and other classes from world-renown sexperts, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter or blog.
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