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Tantus Feeldoe More

Tantus Feeldoe More


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Tantus Feeldoe More

Large Vibrating Strapless Double Dildo: 6.75" x 1.6"

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  • Product Description

    Feeldoe More is the newest member of the Feeldoe range and boy! does it offer you more!

    With a more lengthy shaft than any other Feeldoe, the More offers the recipient more fulfilling penetrative pleasure than ever before.

    The Feeldoe is the world's first hands-free, strapless, silicone double dildo, designed to be worn by a woman to penetrate her female or male lover.

    Offering skin-on-skin strap on play without the hassle of a harness, The Feedoe is a truly unique and innovative toy.

    How do you use a Feeldoe? The operator slips the egg-shaped end inside her, spreading her labia around the base and angling her clitoris on the ridged area. With the help of her PC muscles, the Feeldoe stays in place, whist the angled shaft extends externally, ready for her female or male lover to hop aboard.

    The Feeldoe offers a unique strap-on experience and is a fantastic toy for lovers who want to enjoy strap-on play with added sensation.

    As well penetrative pleasure for both, the clitoral-stimulating ridges on the bridge of the Feeldoe More offer orgasmic sensations for the operator as she moves and grinds away...

    A (removable) vibrating bullet spreads its vibration across the whole dildo means hours of stimulating, thrilling and utterly unique penetration for both of you.

    Using a Feeldoe may take practice and is recommended for close, intimate sex, rather than wild thrusting. If you find it slipping out, hold your Feeldoe in place with your thighs and lie on your back, with your partner on top. Grinding positions are easier than long strokes.

    Practice makes perfect; We recommend you try ON your Feeldoe More before you try it out! Getting used to your new center of gravity; how it moves and how you can control it will make you a mean, keen Feeldoe machine when you advance towards your partner...

  • technical info

    Useful Info for Feeldoe More

    Material: Silicone
    Phthalate Alert: None
    Actual Length: 250mm (10")
    Playable length: Shaft 170mm (6.75 inch) Egg 63mm (2.5 inch )
    Diameter (at widest): Shaft 40mm (1.6 inch) Egg 38mm ( 1.5 inch)
    Batteries: LR44 x 3
    Supplied with Toy: Yes
    Intensity: Medium
    Weight: 450g
    Ease of Use: Tricky but worth it!
    Waterproof: Dildo Yes / Bullet No
    Lube: Water-Based Only
    Care & Cleaning of the Feeldoe More:

    Remove bullet and clean spearately -Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water near/inside battery area. Air dry.

    Dildo - Use Sh! Toy Cleaner/Soap/10% bleach solution/rubbing alcohol. Rinse thoroughly. To sterilize: Boil 3 minutes / dishwasher - top rack!  Avoid breaking surface of your dildo. Keep away direct heat/sunlight. Store in dry, fluff-free place Air dry. Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

  • Product Reviews
    1. Worth it! by JTaylor


      An investment...both financially and in terms of the time needed to get the hang of it, but my god is it worth it! I had been wanting to try out a "strapless strapon" for ages, and initially I confess, I went elsewhere and got a cheap fake "feeldoe" for about £20. I can safely say that *that* was a waste of money, the thing was an imitation and you could tell. This is the real McCoy, Smooth, easy to clean, flexible, and comfortable! Not just for the receiver but for the wearer, the "egg" end isn't too bulbous, but it fits in there pretty well. Like any double dildo it takes practise to use, it helps if you work on your PCs, and I find for extra momentum on thrusts I tend to sort of clamp it between my legs to take the weight off, so it doesn't go awry at crucial moment!!

      The shaft is smooth, and the ridging on the head is quite pronouced, it is the widest point and it can feel like an initial shock before the gentle tapering of the main body, I would say it is excellent for those who love some hard g spot stimulation, as this really works it on the uhm.. "outstroke"! The couple of extra inches compared to the standard feeldoe can be a bit much for those who prefer shallower sensation, but for those who like it deep, or in a variety of positions this really goes the distance. The optional vibrating bullet burns through batteries like a beast, me personally I'm not a fan of internal vibration, but for the wearer if you get the ridges lined up with your clit as you're thrusting away it can feel pretty damn amazing.

      Yes it's a lot of money, yes they can be tricky to use - I'm so glad I spent the money, this straight away became my new favourite toy. (Posted on 29/08/2012)

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  • Sex Tip For Tantus Feeldoe More
    Pretty heavy to hold for the operator - we recommend she lays on her back whilst her partner straddles the dildo...
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