Feather Fan

Glamorous and Sensual, Real Feather Fan
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Product Description

A gorgeous, soft real feather fan dyed in a range of rich colours: red, purple, black, hot pink and baby pink.

This feather fan is fully functional as a fan to keep cool on hot days, but the only limit to its use is your imagination... Try using it during role play, dress up, a dance, striptease or burlesque performance ...or use it to fluttery cover yourself, before a slow reveal, in the bedroom!

The feathers are beautifully soft but also durable, designed to be trailed across the skin for a truly sensual experience.

With a fully fanned out size of roughly 46cm wide by 28cm high, this fan is compact enough to take out and about, but still enough WOW power to be sensationally glam.

Useful Sex Tip

Combine this fan with one of our feather boas for a complete bedroom outfit to tease and please your partner.

Technical info

Material: Feathers, string, plastic \n
Weight: 45g \n
Sizes: 46cm wide by 28cm high
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