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Enflamme Moi Sensual Warming Gel

Enflamme Moi Sensual Warming Gel


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Enflamme Moi Sensual Warming Gel

Created by quality sex toy company, Fun factory, this sensual warming stimulation gel creates a smouldering, intensely pleasurable tingling sensation which builds sexual pleasure and desire

Unlike many stimulation gels we've tried ( which sent us scampering to the shower!) this luxury warming gel spreads intoxicating warmth not get-it-off-me heat!!

Gently massage this pleasure gel on to your most delicate of places and the warmth and tingle it generates will be impossible to ignore!

A warming gel is fab for gently awakening desire - if you find arousal slow on the up take, simply massage a dab of warming gel onto your genitals and the uniquely stimulating warming sensations will help kick-start your desire.

Use this sensual warming gel alone or share it with a lover and things will be hotter that usual in the bedroom.

The Enflame Moi Sensual Warming Gel comes beautifully packaged - the perfect present for sharing the warmth...

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