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Clover Nipple Clamp

Clover Nipple Clamp Self-Tightening Precise Pinch for Experienced Clampers


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Clover Nipple Clamp

Self-Tightening with Precise Pinch: Experienced Clampers

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Key Features:

  • Single nipple clamp which tightens as you pull the cord
  • Delivers precise 'pinch'
  • Recommended for more experienced clampers
  • Maximum opening size 0.3 inch
  • Not just for nipples, clamps can be used on labia, clitoral hood and male equipment too..

  • Product Description

    Not for the faint-hearted, the Clover Clamp (also known as a "butterfly clamp") is designed to tighten the 'pinch' as you pull on the cord.

    We advise experimenting with the Clover Clamp, exploring how the increasing tightness feels on different areas of the nipple, so you can find the pressure and spot that's pleasurable for you.

    Because of its increasing tension, we'd recommend the Clover Clamp for more experience clamp aficionados.

    The Clover Clamp comes packaged in a beautiful and quality gift/storage box.

    Care and Cleaning: Sh! Toy Cleaner, soap, 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol to clean; Rinse thoroughly. Air Dry

  • technical info
    Material: Nickle, hard rubber pad
    Maximun Opening Size: 11mm
    Actual Length: 9mm
    Diameter (at widest): 4mm
    Weight: Feather (16g)
  • Product Reviews
    1. "Work just as well when used as genital clamps!" by llellsee


      Once out of their packaging, the first thing I noticed about these clamps (I bought two) is that they are incredibly lightweight, much lighter than you would expect. While they appear to be metal, there is actually no material information provided to say exactly what they are made of, although the tips are listed as being rubber. Each clamp measures a generously sized 3.5 inches long with a width of 1.5 inches. When squeezed, the spring loaded clamps have a nice level of resistance. Attached to each clamp is a 5 inch long knotted loop of nylon cord.

      In use, the clamps create an intense feeling of pressure on the nipples with their tight grip. Upon finding out how tight a grip these offer and not being a fan of nipple pain myself, I quickly opted to use mine as I suspected I might end up using them: as genital clamps.

      While the clamps are intense to a point where they are really best suited to those who enjoy nipple pain, when attached to the lips instead they are definitely less intense with what is definitely going to be a more acceptable level of pain for some. The bumpy rubber tips of the clamps really keep a secure grip and after use the clamps temporarily leave the pattern of these bumps imprinted on the skin.

      While the clamps are securely attached to either the nipple or to the lips, the cords can be pulled on to change the sensation of the clamps. Pulling on these cords can interestingly enough either ease the level of pain or increase it depending on what direction you pull in. Another plus of having these simple cords attached is that they can be used to hang weights from the clamps. The cords are even long enough to tie the two clamps together when worn on the nipples.

      If attaching the clamps directly to the nipples is too intense for you, I recommend building your pain tolerance by attaching one on each side of the nipple instead. This suited me as one of my nipples has a piercing that is still in the healing period and can’t be directly clamped. I now need to invest in a second pair so I can do this on both nipples at once.

      With their reasonable price and ease of use, even if you are unsure of your pain tolerance, the Japanese Clover Clamps are well worth trying. They even work just as well when used as genital clamps!

      (Posted on 20/11/2012)

    2. "Girlfriend loves these clamps" by HB12


      My girlfriend loves these clamps, although she can only wear them for about 15 minutes at a time. There's a hole at the bottom so two clamps can be connected: I made a chain but you could just use ribbon. This makes it easier to pull on both at the same time to tighten them, even while your hand is doing something else.

      They're probably not for beginners (and they're never going on me!) but definitely recommended if you know what you can handle! (Posted on 23/06/2012)

    3. "Working our way up to using two at a time!" by LADYLOVER


      As it says, not for the feint hearted! Was very painful on first wearing so did not use until aroused - great if you love pain with your pleasure though! Working our way up to using two at a time! (Posted on 24/04/2010)

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  • Sex Tip For Clover Nipple Clamp
    A clover clamp on each nipple, with the threat of an alternate tug, is enough to make the most wayward slave behave!
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