Climax Mini Mighty Massager

Tiny, discreet wand massager with escalating vibes
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Product Description

This tiny Climax Mini Mighty Massager, available in pink and blue, is a discreet wand massager about the size of your little finger.

As cute as a button, perfect for popping into your handbag or pocket, this is a fantastic mini massager for thrills on the go...

With escalating vibration speed and an impressively quiet buzz, the Mini Mighty Massager delivers zingy clitoral pleasure from the smooth, soft wand head. The rubber coated wand tip is flexible and moves with your body. We recommend using a drop of lube to guide the tiny massager head right to where you want it!

The convenient strap means it can be attched to your keychain, and the easy-to-use slider control adjusts the speed immediately, making this tiny wand massager a great travel companion or vibe for when you want instant pleasure.

Useful Sex Tip

Hold the mini massager by the carry strap and it will spin around your most sensitive bits, delivering pleasure \nall over the place!

Technical info

Useful Info for Climax Mini Mighty Massager

Material: Plastic, Rubber.
Phthalate Alert: None
Actual Length: 67.15 mm / 2.65 in.
Playable length: 19 mm / 0.75 in.
Diameter (at widest): 21.65 mm / 0.85 in.
Batteries: 2-AG13
Supplied with Toy: Yes
Intensity: Medium
Volume: Can't be heard outside the duvet
Weight: 15g
Ease of Use: Easy peasy
Speeds: Escalating
Offers: Vibration only
Waterproof: No
Lube: Any
Cleaning of the Climax Mini Mighty Massager: Spray with Sh! Toy Cleaner or wash with mild soap & rinse thoroughly. No water near battery area. Air dry.
Care of the Climax Mini Mighty Massager: Store in a cool, clean, dark place.

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Product Reviews

Fun but dont last by Louise
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40% of 100
40% of 100
It's really good and fun! Is portable, and because of its very small size you can use it even during sex! Is very powerful and great to help you reach the orgasm! Just has one very bad thing... I had 2, but you can only use them like 5 times. I changed the batteries several times, but just stopped working (both of them). Is very funny but disposable... Probably's better if you just buy a bullet.
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