Classic Lace Suspenders

Black lacey suspender belt, with 4inch scalloped panel trim and adjustable suspenders
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Product Description

Feel gorgeous under any outfit with this retro-fabulous suspender belt.

With a longer trim than your average suspender belt, this cute accessory feels like a short, flirty skirt, as it flatters your hips and thighs.

A soft, elasticated waist makes these Classic Lace Suspenders comfy and perfectly fitted, and an adjustable clasp at the back means there's a size for everyone - choose either S/M or M/L and adjust away.

The four suspenders have pretty detailing on the elastic, a secure clasp and silky ribbons covering the join. Each strap is also fully adjustable, to suit which ever stockings fit your mood.

Whether part of a teasing show for your partner, with a bombshell dress for a special occasion or just to help make you feel sexier than ever under everyday clothes, these Classic Lace Suspenders will always be flattering and fabulous.

Useful Sex Tip

The clips on these suspenders are made from gentle rubber, so won't snag or tear your stockings. \nIf planning a sexy striptease get some practice removing them first so you can do it seamlessly!

Technical info

Material: \n
90 % Polyester, 10% Elastane \n
Instructions for care: \n
Handwash, do not bleach, hang to dry


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Product Reviews

by Jennifer Taylor Taylor
Who doesn't love classic suspenders? Seriously. Some things will never go out of style. There is something very grown up about these, and at the same time, flirty, joyful, cheeky. They are just the best, and these £10 offerings are not bad at all! Decent material, good thickness to the straps (too thin and they can be uncomfortable and pinchy) the lace is dainty and good quality. AND the best part about them is they avoid the whole S/M M/L sizing nightmare by having adjustable back clasps, brilliant. Now even if you're that tricky 14-16 size, you can be confident in getting the slighty larger M/L and knowing it's not going to be too big! Simple, classy, elegant, just add a pair of sheer stockings for instant OOMPH factor. Need I say more? 5/5
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