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What with it being May, the official Month of Masturbation, we feel it appropriate to celebrate everyone’s favourite past-time by giving away a Special Edition Womanizer – a revolutionary new sex toy for women!

The German manufacturers claim that the Special Edition Womanizer is ‘fail safe’ – offering 100% guarantee for orgasmic pleasures (we’ll be putting this to the test) – and is particularly suitable for women who find it difficult to climax. Seeing as the clitoris has around 8000 nervendings on it, and is usually very partial to soft licking and sucking, we can believe it. (Our toy tester came into the office with a healthy blush on her cheeks, telling us the Womanizer had completely blown her mind!)

Resembling a  blinged-up in-ear thermometer, the Womanizer offers the very latest in sex toy technology:  a silicone nozzle creates a vacuum seal around the clitoris,  and then  “sucks” gently on it. There are 6 different levels of clitoral suction and mild vibration to choose from, giving you plenty of sensations to experiment with.

The Special Edition Womanizer comes in a protective storage case along with 2 silicone attachments and USB recharge cable, and is worth a whopping £129.

Here’s how to enter  the Sh! Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator Competition:

  • Collect points by following  Sh! on Twitter
  • Collect points by retweeting a special message on Twitter
  • Collects points by following Sh! on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on the Sh! blog below

The more times you engage with us, the better your chance of winning the Special Edition Womanizer!

This competition is run with the help of Rafflecopter (keeping count of each entry + points accumulated), and finishes on 31st May 2015.

Good Luck!




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47 thoughts on “Win a Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator”

  1. I love your website, it looks good and is so easy to navigate. The Womanizer looks like a very exciting toy to win!

  2. I have heard a few people talking about “The Womanizer” and I must say it seems like my kind of toy! Who can say no to clitoral stimulation? What a great prize!

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to try this toy! Sucking sensation oooooo sounds exquisite 😀 Wouldn’t mind winning 😉 x

  4. Ha – looks like 15 is max points – but just read ‘toy tester’ in blurb above – now that sounds an even better job than a chocolate taster! Right I’m off – good luck all

  5. This definitely looks like an interesting toy! Especially for someone who enjoys clitoral orgasms, like myself. :3

  6. I’d love to try this toy out, and this is the only colour that I’ve seen that looks appealing to me. Oh, what countries is this open to? It doesn’t say anywhere on the page.

  7. Oooooooh this has been on my want list for ages!!!! My friends have one and I want one so badly! Lol! 😉

  8. What a rocking giveaway! I’ve always been a very sexual woman, but for the past three years have had such major health problems, beginning with a failed, a incorrectly done brain surgery, that my desire and libido has gone into hiding. Pain, stress and exhaustion have turned me into a sexless woman, and I hate it! My hope is that my medical malpractice suit against the neurosurgeon who “massaged my cranial nerves” (not a procedure) at a cost of $100K will help aid my healing with less conventional methods. I look forward to the day I can feel pleasure and the pain that brings me pleasure- not this onslaught of constant physical torture.

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