Doxy November Competition

Win a Doxy Wand Massager Competition

This month’s competition is  toe-tinglely  tremendous as we have a powerhouse of a prize that you could win: a Doxy Wand Massager!

To be in with a chance of winning the world’s most powerful massager (we’re not exaggerating – it really is THAT strong!), simply enter our competition here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s how to enter our Win a Doxy Wand Massager competition:

  • Collect points by tweeting a special message
  • Collect points by leaving us your best tip(s)for a  fantastic all-over body massage on the blog below

Get the LowDown on Doxy Wand Massager

The Doxy Wand massager, the word’s strongest plug-in & play massager, is 100% British made. Designed, engineered and assembled in beautiful Cornwall, Doxy can reach up to 9.000 RPM – a superb toy for those who like to play hard and fast!

A stonking 13 inches, Doxy delivers deep, rumbly vibrations from it’s head (made from aluminium), and works equally well as a sports massager or sex toy. Continuous vibrations or controlled pulsing – there are 10 different setting to  explore. (We recommend starting on the lowest setting, and working your way up…)

  • Length: 13.5inches
  • Weight: 720g
  • Volume: Turn up the music!
  • Speeds: 10 (escalating speeds and different pulse modes)
  • Intensity: WOWSER!


This competition is run with the help of Rafflecopter (keeps count of points earned) and ends on 30th November 2015.

This competition is open to the world. Good luck!







35 thoughts on “Win a Doxy Wand Massager Competition”

  1. Use lots of oil, and make sure it’s warm. Take your time, nothing worse than a rushed massage! Really get into it and feel the muscles relax as you work them. Lovely feeling!

  2. I’m pretty sure my wife would love to give it a try.

    I must admit I am not an expert at massage :\

  3. Forgot to add this: my tips for a professional feeling massage is just take time feeling for tendons and other tense areas. Once you find them just give them a nice rub and it feels great.

  4. Set the scene with low lighting, maybe some scented candles and then use some warming massage oil for a slow and sensual massage

  5. For my preferences I like to have oil poured on their hands, warmed up by their hands, and then massaged firmly into my shoulders.

  6. Our best tip for an all over body massage is to take your time and set the scene. Lay on a comfortable surface, candles, mood music etc and combine these things with some slow gentle kissing all over, following the touch of your lips with your favourite massage oil and smooth hands to rub into the skin!

  7. Use lots of warm oil and starting with the shoulders work your way down slowly to the toes with firm but gentle hands. Using a wand on really tense muscles is also lovely. Take your time and enjoy!

  8. If you want to arouse your partner during the massage, try to find an area of their body which is erogenous but not immediately obvious, for example the base of the spine may be particularly sensitive to gentle massage, perhaps in combination with the top of the spine. Alternate coming back to these areas with general massage of other parts of the body. You will soon know if you have found a good spot.

  9. Have your partner use vampire gloves or a pinwheel wherever they intend to massage you, before getting their hot, oily hands involved. It awakens the skin like nothing else, intensifying even the lightest of touches <3

  10. I have very sensitive skin and have allergies one tip is to try a small amount of oil on the skin to make sure the person isn’t sensitive to it. Use oil but not to much play some music in the background something your partner enjoys. Then softly massage your partner gently increasing pressure when needed.

  11. Don’t rush, keep the mood light and use warm oil. Try and listen to your partner, verbally or non verbally. They will let you know whether you need to apply more pressure, move on or stay there.

  12. First , set your scene ! Light candles( preferably a decent massage one ) ,check temp of room, lighting ,maybe some tranquil music!

    Next, suss where you will put the person you intend to massage, people forget bout their own comfort and this can disrupt the massage half way through and wear something you can be comfortable in and allows you to stretch in !

    By now, candle will have melted… I usually start at and work my way up ! Most people will harbour stress in the shoulders sonic usually leave that bit till last.

    Using hot stones or massage aids can sometimes penetrate muscles deeper than the hands can ! And of course, so can wand 🙂

  13. Lay on a large towel so you can use lots of oil. Start with a relaxing shoulder rub and work your way down slowly and sensually. Dont just use your hands either, your whole body can be used!

  14. Get comfortable, and be prepared, there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a lovely massage for them to run off for a drink, more cream or a condom!

  15. Sadly, I don’t really have any tips. With the illnesses I have, I cannot have massages, as I would need them weekly. And unfortunately, that is a price I can’t afford. Though my husband always does his best to work out the knots and tight muscles.

  16. Start the build up in the morning while you’re both at work…send some saucy messages letting your partner know exactly what you’re going to do to them later. Maybe your hands will start wandering and you both end up sweaty and exhausted? During the massage your partner won’t be able to stop thinking of the messages and will be craving more.

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