Cafe V Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Cafe V is a sexual well-being workshop we host in partnership with My Body Back Project .

It’s a safe space for female survivors of sexual violence to come together, discuss, and find practical solutions and help with reclaiming pleasurable sexuality, after rape or sexual assault.

Cafe V was inspired after receiving a letter about sex after rape from the founder of MBBP. In the letter, we learnt that there’s precious little practical help for women dealing with and recovering from the physical effects of sexual violence or abuse.

The first Cafe V was held on Sat 14th March at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium,  57 Hoxton square. London N1

Hosted by the warm and welcoming Pavan  and Amanda (Sex & Psychology Expert),  guests were greeted at the door and quickly put at ease. With flowing coffee and pastries on hand, within the relaxed, totally female-focussed environment of Sh!  the session was informative, well-paced, warm and empowering. Vulva Puppet

Towards the end of the session, we joined in, talking about vulvas, vaginas, lube and small-size vibrators, using our plush vulva puppet Rosie for demonstration, who proved very popular with the guests!

Next Cafe V Date at Sh!

  • April 2nd | Different options for how penetrative sex and oral sex can be done.
  • May 28th | Communicating your experiences (of the assault and how you feel sexually) with a sex partner.
  • July 2nd | Different ways to achieve orgasm.
  • August 20th | Problems with sex – guest can anonymously submit their questions to us and we answer them during the session. This can include vaginismus, vulvadynia, dyspareunia.
  • September 17th | Bondage for women who have experienced sexual violence. We’ll talk about how to stay feeling safe and in control.
  • August 29th | Fantasies during sex. We’ll spend some time looking at erotica and other useful tools for fantasising.
  • December 3rd | Triggers and flashbacks – how to cope with these during sex.

Cafe V is held 10.30-12pm at 57 Hoxton Square. London. N1 6PB

Find out more about what to expect at Cafe V

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Please email if you have questions about the meet up, or if you’d like to join the session the next session

Spaces are limited and fill up fast, we recommend getting in touch soon.

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