Weekend Sexy Favourites

Whew! It’s been a thrilling couple of days here at Sh HQ! With our shiny new Portobello store up and running and Brighton Pride coming up, we’ve been very busy, but that’s how we like it!

We’ve got two new sexy favourites from the weekend, too:

Probe Lubricant
Probe, available in Silky Light and Classic Thick, is an amazing lube, specially formulated to be as close to a lady’s own lubrication as you can buy in a bottle! Made with grapefruit seed extract, it’s naturally non-irritating, and specially recommended for ladiez who are sensitive to other sorts of lube. The Siklky Light variety is extra slick and slippy, while Classic Thick is a bit more gel-like, and great for anal play in particular!

Cupid 2 Silicone Dildo
The Cupid 2, little sister of top sexy favourite silicone dildo Cupid 3, is very popular this week. Slim and curvy, and fantastic for anal as well as vaginal play, the Cupid 2 is also available as a Thrill Dil with extra vibration from Sh!’s very own Pink Bullet Vibe! Complete with our very own heart-shaped base, the Cupid 2 is pretty, sexy, and makes a great first toy.

These were the best-sellers this weekend – well chosen, ladiez! Watch this space for noew productts, more favourites, and advice from the UK’s Only Women’s Sex Shop.

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