Wedding Night Bliss: Part 3

We didn’t want you to use up all your ideas on the wedding night, so if you’re jetting off on honeymoon soon after, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed some of the following in sexy bag of tricks.

For those taking a long haul flight, you might be looking for something to keep you occupied on your travels. Joining the Mile High Club could be a possibility if you have a thirst for a thrill, but frantic sex in a tiny enclosed space is not everyone’s cup of tea!

For more of a tantalising tease, (well, they do say that the body’s biggest sex organ is the brain) take some time to each think of five sexy things that you have never done before, and would like to try. Swap your lists, and the aim of the game is complete your check lists before the end of the honeymoon…

If you’re feeling a bit naughty, this little game will entertain you both on a long journey also involves just a pen and paper. Make a list of suggestive or erotic words. We’ve found words like moist, thrust, grind, spank, lick, moan, suck, stroke, tongue. The aim of this game is to slip as many of these words into regular conversations (Please can I have a moist towlette?) with air stewards, and the winner gets a sexy prize of their choice… 


By Joanna

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