Valentine’s Day for Two or More

It’s the most sensual time of the year again (isn’t it always?). Saint Valentine is flapping his wings and sprinkling rose petals all over the shop. Love it or hate it, the 14th February is the perfect opportunity to give your special someone/s a token of your unwavering adoration. For those who usually struggle to find time – this should be already printed in your diary. Make the most of it. Do something different this year: anyone over the age of 8 does not need another teddybear.

Think of us as your own personal Cupid. We have three different arrows you could fire at your lover(s) – romance, fantasy or one focused on unleashing your wild side…

Don’t let your special day this year be a letdown.



For a romantic Valentine’s Day, it’s the details that count.

You can’t do Valentine’s Day without a romantic dinner. This year, however, increase the heat with another type of remote vibrator. More appeasing than any Hors d’Oeuvres we’ve come across before, the IJoy vibe is the perfect shape to slip into a pair of saucy underwear before dinner.  Pass the discreet remote controller to your date and let them control the level of heat in each dish. Otherwise, we also sell underwear specifically designed for this purpose. These come with an inbuilt bullet and a control disguised in the form of a black ring.

Save your Barry White rendition for another occasion and instead, think about a present that your partner(s) will truly value. Why not invest in a cherry-picked sex toy in their favourite colour? You could team this with a massage oil of their favourite scent for a dessert made to delight; simply lather up and then rub down.

For those who prefer penetration, the We-Vibe Sync increases intensity to an effervescent level. Generally, women experience higher levels of earth-shattering pleasure through clitoral stimulation. By slipping in one of these toys and bending to the body, the wearer then has something to grind against when being penetrated. What’s more, both partners do not even need to be together to use this toy, which makes it ideal for those who are spending this year’s Valentine’s Day apart. The We-Vibe Sync can be controlled through an app from anywhere in the world…



Celebrating Valentine’s Day fantasy-style is an excuse to let loose.

During a recent class, one guest shared that her fantasy is to be covered in butter and salt, before being handed over to a couple of chefs for a proper roasting… Not quite the Sunday dinner Mary Berry would approve of (or is it?) but we love the imagination!

If butter and salt isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to try. One of our faves is The Maid. The Maid can be sweet, saucy or downright rude, depending on your preference. Bending over to show juicy bits is a classic move, as is “accidentally” placing your boobers over their face when reaching for something just out of reach… (Is there a word for this move? Faceboob? Let us know!)

If your boo has a sweet tooth and you like to potter about in the kitchen, chocolate-covered strawberries are quick and easy to prepare. Serve on a platter, and feed them slowly. It’ll get messy, but that’s easily sorted: The Maid will lick it off!

The Stripper is another fantasy that doesn’t take much prep but creates memories that last a lifetime.


Put together a playlist of your favorite tunes; pick the music you like to get down n’ dirrrty to as that’ll set the mood faster than you can say “Well hello, Sailor”. Low lights and scented candles create atmosphere, and if your Sailor enjoys a glass of whiskey, why not pour them one on the rocks before taking to the ‘stage’.

You don’t need to prepare moves for your Stripper routine; shimmying your shoulders and dipping your hips low on the beat will be enough to set their pulses racing and earn you a “raise”!

Excite your sweetheart by stepping out of your clothes, but leave on stockings, suspenders and gorgeous nipple decorations for what comes next…


Are you on the hunt for a BDSM experience like no other? Perhaps you’ve been inspired to delve into your deepest domming desires for the first time? Maybe you need to prove your unflappable obedience like the attentive sub you are?

At Sh! we are here to help and advise so you can iron out any kinks you don’t want to feature in your Valentine’s Day celebration. Browse in-store and online to see our full range of gags, whips and durable leather – now isn’t the time to practice self-restraint…unless you want to, that is.

If your innermost desire is to unleash the Vixen inside, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do it. Browse our range of MAZE faux leather fetish accessories for inspiration, and pick up a copy of the Mistress Manual for tips on how to best keep a wayward slave under control.

Bind your partner with love & bondage tape before dripping hot wax on their skin (n.b. don’t waste your TK Maxx bargains for this, we have specialised body-safe candles for such activities that won’t burn your skin). Tease them until they just can’t take anymore with our ostrich feather tickler. For subs deserving of a spank, try one of our tawses or heart-shaped paddles.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which version of Valentine you want to celebrate this year. Just remember, no one likes a Scrooge.


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