Toy of the Month October: Cute Rabbit

This months toy of the month is one you might have seen before, in fact we gave one away last month because it seemed like just the thing for International Rabbit Day.

That’s right it’s the Cute Rabbit Silicone Vibrator! It’s a perfect starter toy wrapped up in adorable body safe silicone packaging.

From Emmeline Peaches Review

If you’ve never had a sex toy before or you’re new to them and you want to try a rabbit vibe then my advice is to ditch the huge, spinny, girthy, expensive ones found in many a sex toy and to invest £36 in this little jack of all trades instead. It may not end up being your perfect vibrator but it will provide almost everything you need to figure out what you do and don’t like in a vibrator, and that’s very rare.

Do you like G-Spot stimulation? Clitoral? Both? What speeds and patterns work best for you? This little rabbit is a great way to experiment with what works for you and you are almost guaranteed to find something you like!

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