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Top 6 Sex Toys for Men

Male customers are much more discerning these days, wanting sexy toys and amazing sensations just like our female customers. We have a fantastic range of sensational sex toys for men including a vast selection of cock rings and male masturbator toys.

Here are our Top 6 Sex Toys for Men:

Tenga Egg £10
Tenga Egg £10

1. Tenga Egg

The easy-beat egg for men! Think of these as Kinder Eggs for adults – but when the shell is cracked open you won’t find chocolate;  instead you will find a super soft, super stretchy silicone top. Each Tenga Egg has a different design inside, from waves to bumps and twists to ribs. Whichever texture you choose, we promise you’re in for instant and intense pleasure. Simply open it up, drizzle in the free sachet of lube and away you go.

Tenga toys are revolutionary male masturbators – it’s not about trying to imitate or degrade the female body, it’s just about nice sensations!


2. Tenga Soft Tube Cups

Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14
Tenga Soft Tube Cup £14

For a slightly larger treat, why not try Tenga Cups? Pre-lubricated masturbation cups offer pressure, suck and wetness all in one!  Simply slide your manhood into the cup, control the cup with a gentle squeeze of your hand and pop your cork in and artful way.

The Tenga tubes had us fascinated when they first arrived in the shop and we spent a fun half-hour feeling the inside of the tubes with our fingers. Carefully designed textures with pre-lubed ridges and bumps make the cups feel very real, and we recommend warming the cup under running water before use for a more body-temeperature experience.



Monkey Spanker Duo £30
Monkey Spanker Duo £30

3. The Monkey Spanker Duo

Once you stop giggling at the silly name, you’ll start to see the orgasmic potential of this clever little toy. It has a soft silicone pad that stretches around your manhood to form a smooth, gliding tube that vibrates and stimulates at the same time.
However, the pleasure doesn’t stop there. The Monkey Spanker Duo has so many other uses: it turns you into a three-speed vibrator for your lover if used as a cock ring, it enhances oral sex, it can be used on nipples or as a cute little spanker or you can even use the rubber coated end on your lady to locate and stimulate her G-Spot.



4. Fun Factory Cobra

Cobra Massager
Cobra Massager £87

Fun factory Cobra is the ultimate in masturbatory style for men. It has a vibrator in the head and the soft silicone tube with sensually textured interior transmits the vibration beautifully. Drizzle in some long-lasting lube and get ready for one hell of a ride!
To add to its sleek and masculine design, the vibrations are controlled by a simple touch pad – a fun little perk for gadget lovers. The lower button is the on/off switch and the other two slow it down or speed it up. Once it’s going, you can rock with the vibrations. Like all recent Fun Factory toys, The Cobra contains Click ‘n’ Charge technology and charges up via a magnetic click-on charger (sold separately), meaning you can have an extensive Fun Factory toy collection and only ever need one charger for them all!


5. Njoy PFun Plug

Njoy Pfun Plug £79
Njoy Pfun Plug £79

While anal pleasure still isn’t on every man’s bucket list, there’s an increasing number who are comfortable with trying it out. Guys have a super-sensitive prostate gland tucked away that can produce stunning orgasms, and the lovely folks at Njoy have come up with a fantastic anal toy made from sensual stainless steel. The Njoy PFun is amazing at stimulating the prostate gland and is highly recommended for those who like firm stimulation combined with a silky-smooth surface.


6. Rude Boy Prostate Vibrator

Rude Boy
Rude Boy £49

Medium-sized prostate & perineum massager for men. Made from body-safe medical grade, Rude Boy is smooth and comfortable  to insert and use. Rude Boy promotes stronger erections and more intense orgasms by stimulating the prostate and perineum glands simultaneously.

Fitted with the updated 7-speed RO-80 vibrator, Rude Boy delivers speed and intensity for maximum pleasure.  Add a generous amount of viscous a water-based lube like Lush Pure Plus before using Rude Boy internally.









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