Top 6 Lesbian Sex Toys

Most sex toys bought by lesbians in our store are bought as a couple, primarily to play with and enjoy together, though, as with most sex toys, many lesbian faves can be enjoyed for solo sessions as well.

Here’s the Top 6 lesbian sex toys sold at Sh!

1. Lube: A True Lesbian Essential.

Lube enhances every kind of sex and keeps the pleasure going on ...and on
Lube enhances every kind of sex and keeps lesbian pleasure going on …and on …and on!

Lube is one of the best lesbian sex toys there is and we’d say lube heads up our list of top lesbian sex toys by a mile.

Lesbian sex is circular and can go on and on and on… We’ve had many a lesbian couple at Sh! say they just got out of bed after three days of non-stop sex.

Women can have multiple orgasms: get two women together and the possibilities are endless!

However turned-on you are and however hot your lover, when sex can go on for days, no body’s natural juices can keep up with that kind of intensity and that’s why a bottle of good lube is standard fare beside most lesbian beds.

Choosing the right lube for your bodies, and for any sex toys you may be playing with, is key to loving it and we find that our lesbian customers are probably the most in-tune-with-lube customer group we meet.

2. Strap On: No Lesbian Fallacy!

Best Strap On Kit £99
Best Strap On Kit £99

A strap-on may be a stereotypical lesbian toy, beloved of porn films and ‘who’s the man?’  jokes.

The pleasures of a strap-on are many, but in our experience, most lesbian couples enjoy strap-on play simply because it provides intimacy and thrilling penetration whilst leaving both partners’ hands free for exploring elsewhere…

In our London studio, we hand-produce quality silicone dildos, soft, leather harnesses to strap on and specially selected strap on kits and we’re happy to say our famous strap-ons have satisfied thousands of lesbian customers worldwide.



3. Strapless Dildos: New Lesbian Sex Toy on the Block

Strapless dildos provide strap-on style sex without the need of a harness
Strapless dildos provide strap-on style sex without the need of a harness

Strapless dildos such as Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo, Tantus Feeldoe and  Fun Factory Share  are designed to give even more intimacy to strap on sex by removing the the need of a harness.

Strapless dildos were cautiously embraced by lesbian couples when they hit the shelves a few years back and, at first, they recieved mixed reviews from gay girl couples; some found using a strapless dildo tricky & frustrating, whilst other couples loved the intimacy and connection these sex toys provide.

The trick is to know how to use a strapless dildo and not to expect the same moves you can use with a regular strap-on.

Strapless dildos are better for grinding together rather than thrusting – they are hot sex toys for leisurely, intimate lesbian sex, rather than wild, rip ’em off lesbian sex!


4. Extra thrills for lesbian fingers & tongues

Pair Finger Tip Vibrators £15
Pair Finger Tip Vibrators £15
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26

What three things do lesbians use most in bed? Their hands, their mouths and their imagination!

Manual-play and cunnilingus are often the bedrock of lesbian sex so choosing a finger or tongue vibrator for an extra buzz is a fun and inexpensive way to add playful new thrills to old favorites.

Vibrators for tongues or vibrators worn on a finger are a top ‘add-on’ purchase for lesbian couples instore (as once spied , imaginations soar!) with Feelztoys tongue and finger vibes topping the list as they come in pairs; one for each of you to  wear when hands or mouth are heading in the knicker direction!


 5. Non-Phallic Toys

In our experience, most lesbian couples don’t want overtly phallic-shaped dildos and vibrators.

No wonder – many lesbians have been told that what they really need is a ‘good man to sort them out’!

We don’t stock “realistic” sex toys, so most of our sex toys, whether an interesting dildo or stylish vibe,  get the thumbs up from our lesbian customers.


6. Traditional Double Dildos for Sharing Lesbian Penetrative Pleasure

Double dildos offer lesbian couples simultaneous physical and voyeuristic pleasures!

Not quite as popular as mainstream lesbian porn films would have us believe, but double dildos still makes our top 6 lesbian sex toy list, as thankfully the sex toy design revolution has moved them on from the old-school sex toys of yore.


Ideal for couples who both enjoy penetration and would like to enjoy it together, a double dildo is simply an extra-long dildo with a penetrative portion at each end; one for each of you.

Not the easiest toy in the box, but once you learn how  how to use a double dildo  the mix of shared sensations and hot visuals can be a head mix.

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