Top 10 Tips for National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day, celebrated on 31st July, is something we should all be shouting Oh-Oh-Oooh about!

Around 75% of all women (3 in 4) need sustained clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so pleasing the clitoris should be the focus on this pleasure-filled day. In order to boost orgasm potential, we’re sharing our Top 10 Tips for climactic crescendos.

Top 10 Tips for Orgasm

  1. Happy Hour

clock faceThink of the clitoris as a clock face with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom.

Most women report times 10-11 or 1-2 as their most sensitive times, i.e. Happy Hour.

Ascertaining the time of your individual Happy Hour sets you firmly on your way to a fantastic climax.


2. The Wetter The Better

It’s time to shake off the old myth about women not needing additional lubrication for sex. The wetter, the better is our mantra, and we recommend adding a bottle of lube to your drawer of tricks. Lube enhances sensations and makes all play more comfortable.

3. Letting Fingers Do The Talking

Time spent exploring your body is time well spent. Fingers are most accessible, tactile and always with you. Touching, stroking, and gentle teasing with finger nails along skin increases sensual awareness.

4. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze

Exercising the PC muscle should be a priority whatever your age. Not only does it ensure a toned pelvic floor without leaky issues, but it also helps build and intensify orgasms.

Using a pair of Sh! Love Balls make exercising much more fun. Weighted Love Balls also helps amplify arousal as the balls roll against the G-spot when you move…

5. Positioning is Key

Women often find it easier to orgasm in one or perhaps two positions. This may be flat on the back, laying forward with the additional bonus of being able to grind against the sheets, or sitting up, rocking hips back and forth.

Discovering which position works best for you will make the climb to the pinnacle of pleasure so much easier!

6. Keeping It Rhythmic

sh_-pink-glass-double-dildo1Stroking on and around the clitoris whilst tensing and releasing vaginal muscles rhythmically can help build towards a fantastic climax.

Women often experience stronger orgasms by using an internal toy, like a solid glass dildo, to grip on to.

7. Every Breath You Take

Shallow breathing during sex works to stop an orgasm in its tracks. Instead, deep breaths into the pit of your stomach feels great and will carry you through to a thunderous finish.

8. Take a Walk On The Wild Side

For hyper-charged orgasms, investing in a new-generation Pleasure Air Technology toy like Womanizer 2Go is the way forward. This sophisticated lipstick-style toy creates pressure waves and light vibration around the sensitive clitoris.

Testing found that 98% of women experienced a orgasm within 5 minutes of using Womanizer 2Go!

womanizer-2go-black-gold-1 (2)

9. Let It Go

Go with the flow and enjoying sensations as they happen. Take your time and don’t rush it.

10. Orgasmic! Erotic Class at Sh!

Attending one of the popular erotic classes at our award-winning shop (57 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB) is the best gift you can give yourself. Expect to be taken on a guided tour of clitorises and climaxes, pleasurable peaks and techniques for creating them. Classes are fun, friendly, educational and inspirational.

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