To Shave or Not To Shave – That Is The Question

With temperatures soaring, we’re all undressing with wild abandon (not just us, surely!) and with that comes the age old question – to shave or not to shave?

On this occasion, we’re not interested in leg or arm pit hair – we’re talking about lady-gardening: pubes. Pubic hair has, over the years, been groomed, shaved and waxed to within an inch of its curly life, but it feels like we are finally at a place where styling really is a personal choice.

We’re keen on finding out what you, our customers, think about your marvellous muff: do you shave or do you prefer to leave it au naturel? Show us some labia love and leave a comment below!

Many women love their bush to look and feel full, silky strands to stroke, plait and play with.

There are benefits to keeping your fanny-fur nurtured: it provides soft padding during sex, bicycling and – apparently – exercise (we’re not sure what exercise this might be). It protects against bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and the hairs trap pheromone scent from natural perspiration, offering up a ripe, sexual scent for our lovers to revel in.


Other women like a bare bajingo; they like the way it looks and feels when touched.

If your lover is equally bare, contact becomes incredibly ‘close’ and you might find you feel more during play. Having spent some time looking into it, there seems to be no apparent medical and/or health reasons for going bare – it’s a personal preference. Some women report feeling sexier when they’re bare, and many enjoy a cool breeze around their nethers on a hot day.

And then there are the women who are into occasional gardening – a neat hedge row, neither bare nor bushy. They may leave it growing when they’re too busy to bother and they may trim a little extra off for special occasions.

Many of us will book a waxing appointment before holidays, for example, wanting to relax on the beach with no pesky pubes poking out of the swimming cossie.

When it comes to pubes, there really are no right and wrongs. Sometimes it depends on what you’re wearing or what you have in mind: sending a sexy selfie to a lover, showing off something ‘different’ can be a lot of fun.

A customer recently asked what the “right” coiffure is, in regards to lovers. This is not a question we can answer. It depends on what you – the owner of the pubes – feel comfortable with, and what your lover’s preference is. Maybe you both like the same thing – great! Maybe you have different preferences and maybe you choose to please your partner with a new ‘do every once in a while – nothing wrong with that either.

Our recent online survey found that 33% of participants prefer a full bush, 33% prefer a neatly trimmed hedge, 29% prefer to go boldly bare and 5% prefer snazzy shapes.

Ultimately, it is your body and you choose what you feel most comfortable with.

However, if you do fancy something new for Summer, there are quite a few fun styles to try out.





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