Tenga Eggs

One of our favourite products, ever, is the Tenga Lovers edition of the ever popular Tenga Egg range of toys specifically made for the boys

For those not familiar with Tenga Eggs, they’re basically the adult equivalent of a Kinder egg just without the chocolate and with a much more worthwhile toy inside. They’re made from super-soft and stretchy elastomer which, when combined with a generous dollop of lube, feel super slippery and sensational when slid onto his manhood.

Tenga Eggs for Masturbation

Tenga Egg Lover's Edition £10
Tenga Egg Lover’s Edition £10

Well, firstly, the packaging is absolutely stunning. Its jet-black and champagne-pink shell is a striking contrast to the regular Tenga Egg packaging of white and silver. Where the regular eggs scream “Fun and Innovative” the Lovers edition purrs “Sexy and Sensational”.

As with every Tenga Egg, the pattern on the outer shell denotes what the texture will be inside. The Lover’s Egg is covered in sweet little hearts that provide a bobbly and bumpy feeling when slid along his shaft.

Sexy Tips for Couples

Not just for solo play, the Tenga Lover’s Egg edition is perfect for couples play too. The hearts add a hint of romance and the fact that it’s completely see-through means you get to see the pleasure as he feels it. It can be a sexy surprise to use on him whilst he’s blindfolded or steamy treat for you to watch as he uses it on himself (the only limit is your imagination).

Tenga Eggs (including the Lovers edition) are £10 each and can be used multiple times, provided you look after them.

 See one in action here (on a dildo).

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