Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Sh! has always sold the very best in stylish and practical lesbian sex toys, and we’ve got a few new products and a few old favourites we couldn’t resist sharing with you:

Best For Intimate  Lesbian Strap On Sex – Without a Harness! – Sh! Strapless VibratingDildo


Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness
Strapless dildos are designed for strap-on style sex without a harness


The Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo is an ergonomic design, consisting of one egg-shaped dildo which the wearer can hold inside her, and a shaft which extends outside to pleasure her partner.

The strapless  is great for sharing sensations during strap-on style play as it allows the wearer to have her fair share of penetrative pleasure too!

Ideal for really close, intimate contact, a strapless works best in receiver-on-top and side-by-side positions, where each partner can make the subtle moves that a strapless dildo is best suited to.

A strapless is a great workout for the wearer’s Kegel muscles as she has to grip the egg-shaped dildo inorder to keep it inside. This squeezing can result in an climax for her, as the flexing of super-fit PC muscle is key to G-Spot and female ejaculation orgasm.

Not just for lesbian sex – the slim shaft is also suitable for anal play, making the Sh! Strapless Vibrating Dildo perfect as a pegging dildo.

With the addition of a vibrating bullet slotted into the base, you’ll also enjoy the thrill of subtle vibration together.



 Best for (even more!) Oral Sex Thrills  – Feelztoys Tongue Toys


Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26
Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26


We love Feelztoys Tongue Vibrators – they’re small and cute, made of high quality silicone, and perfect for adding an extra thrill to oral sex.

With a small nub on the tip to deliver seriously focused sensations, they are a fun bedroom toy for adding an extra buzz to lesbian licks.

With two Tongue Vibrators in every pack (one each!) you can play with them together in a thrilling  69 session or singularly with one of you tongue-twizzling and the other laying back and enjoying….

No need to worry about them fizzling out either – they come with eight spare batteries, so the fun lasts and lasts….



 Best For Lesbian Strap-On Sex – with added Clit Stimulation! –  Sh! Countess Clit Dildo

Countess Clit Dildo £41
Countess Clit Dildo £41

One of Sh!’s very own – the first strap-on dildo that also has a clitoral stimulator!

An elegant toy made with high-quality silicone, designed and hand-produced in the UK by Team Sh!

A curvy body for focused G-Spot massage and four rings looped along the body deliver sensational internal stimulation.

Understanding  that many women simply  don’t orgasm through penetration alone, we designed the Countess with an external ‘tongue’, which is curved to massage the clitoris.



 Best for a Fun Way to Spice Things Up – Lesbian Sex Card Game


Lesbian Sex Card Game £5
Lesbian Sex Card Game £5 – A fun, pocket-friendly game to discover new ways to play.

The Lesbian Sex Card Game is a fun way to spice up your sex life, especially if you’re on a budget.

Cutely illustrated , the Lesbian Sex Card Game offers new ideas and a mind-boggling array of combinations, that even the most experienced lady-lover is likely to learn something new.

The game is based on picking cards, which show different positions and activities, ranging from mild to wild, allowing you to build up a perfect scenario and then act it out… The cards show a variety of fun things to do, and with over 100,000 combinations possible, there’s a lot to discover…



 As Chosen by our Lesbian Customers – Best Strap-On Dildo Kit


Best Strap-On Kit £99
All our best-selling strap on goodies, in a perfectly put-together kit

The Best Strap-On Dildo kit is a combination of some of our best-loved lesbian sex toys, as chosen by our lovely customers.

We’ve collected some of the goodies that have become firm favourites over the years, and created a strap-on gift set.

The Cupid 3 is the best-loved dildo we make, with its gentle curves and fulfilling shape, and is a fantastic dildo for strap-on play. The Leather 2-Strap Harness, made of soft comfy leather, is also a Sh! best-seller, and makes a great partner to the Cupid 3.

We’ve added toy cleaner &  Sh! Lube, and a packaged it all stylish gift box, to create a fantastic Strap-On Kit for lesbian lovers.




  Best For Dedicated Clitoral Stimulation – Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator


Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator £35
Rabbit Ears Clit Vibrator £35

The Rabbit Ears Clit vibe has one thing ( well- two, actually!) which we’ve found gives most  women a real clitoral buzz

The famous bunny ears are now a classic of sex toys – they’re still the best shape for serious, clit-hugging stimulation and they’re also one of the best-known toys going.

The Rabbit Ears vibe is unique because it’s a body-friendly silicone toy with just the rabbit ears – so it’s ideal for women who love the clit play but don’t fancy the bunny shaft.

The rounded shape is designed for a better, more ergonomic grip and with a slightly flattened base, it sits balanced on your bedside, ready for playtime.




 Best For Sharing Lesbian Thrills – Dual Bullet Vibrator


Dual Bullet Vibrator (£24) - Designed to share!
Dual Bullet Vibrator (£24) – Designed to share!

The Dual Bullet Vibrator is a fun sex toy for lesbian couples who like to share, and share alike…

Designed to be used externally, the two bullets deliver 10 ( yes 10!) different vibrating patterns, including escalating and pulse settings, so there is a roller-coaster ride of sensations to explore.

The two tiny bullets are perfect for clitoral stimulation and are joined together, with a longish cord between them,  so they can tease and thrill two clits at the same time!




Best for Sharing Lesbian Looks – Silicone Double Dildo 36

Silicone Double Dildo 36 £66
Silicone Double Dildo 36 £66

Like to look? A double dildo is visually stimulating, as well as physically stimulating, as you get to see, as well as feel, what’s going on…

A toy to share between you, often in a scissor-position, using a push me-pull me motion

The problem with most double dildos is that they often have two ends the same size.

So, we fused together two of out most popular silicone dildos, to create a flexible double dildo  which features two different sized ends, perfect for lesbian couples with different penetrative tastes.

The lovely whirls on the shafts offer extra sensations, and for even more excitement, just add a drizzle of water-based lube!




 Best For Adding a Thrill to Manual Play – Rippled Finger Vibe


Rippled Finger Vibe £18
Rippled Finger Vibe £18

Hands and fingers are the staple of lesbian sex and now you can add a zing to your finger, with the Rippled Finger Vibe.

Easy to use, it simply and discreetly slips onto a finger to add it’s ET-Like magic to clitoral and vulva stimulation and  nipple play as well as spine-tingling shivers, anywhere else on the body.

Made from body-safe silicone it is easy to clean and thanks to its petite size it travels well too. Plus it’s waterproof, so it can add more than bubbles the next time you share a bath!






Best for Lesbian Teckies – Remote Double Vibrator

Remote Double Vibrator (£69)
Remote Double Vibrator (£69)

A vibrating, double-ended toy, the Remote Double Vibrator offers a smaller, slimmer end plus a larger, girthier end to play with.

Connected by a length of stretchy silicone, allows you to get up close and personal together, without anything getting in the way. This is a fabulous toy with great versatility, for all your favourite positions!

Controlled by a remote control, you can easily move between the 10 impressive functions.

Use the Remote Double Vibrator internally or externally, and don’t forget to add that all-important lube, for more sensual sliding!




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