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Water-based Lube

Keeping a bottle of lube by your bed is liberating, taking away worries about not being wet enough and adding a delicious slide to any ride.

Water-based lubricant is a great all round lube for all kinds of sex play.

Easy to wash from your body (and bedsheets!) and offering a variety of textures; light, slick, silky rich or thick, there’s a water-based lube for everybody, even the most sensitive of souls.

Water-based lubricant is the most widely available and used lubricant for sex in the world.

Lush Lubricant £10
Lush Lubricant £10

Whichever water-based lube you choose, it will share the same following characteristics:

  • All water-based lubricant is totally safe to use with condoms and other latex barriers.
  • Water-based lube is easier to wash from your body and bedclothes than silicone lube.


Got an itch in your ditch after a roll in the hay?

Is your lubricant to blame?

If you are prone to yeast infections like thrush, avoid lubricant that contains glycerin. Glycerin is a form of sugar, and thrush thrives on sugar.

It’s unlikely that a personal lubricant will actually give you thrush, but it can help create world it would like to visit.

It could be that you are allergic to one of the ingredients in your lubricant. A common lube ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction is the paraben preservative.

Lush Pure Lubricant £10
Lush Pure Lubricant £10

We have two own-brand paraben-free lubricants; Lush Pure and Lush Pure Plus


Advice Anal Play & Pleasure

Enhancing Anal Play and Pleasure

Before you get down to some really pleasurable anal play, there are a few things to think about, so here we’ll take you through what you may need to stock up on before heading in through the back door…

Lubricant is essential to ensure ALL your anal play is pleasurable

Lube is the most important thing when it comes to a pleasurable anal experience – a necessity.  The anal canal isn’t self-lubricating, meaning that the necessary moisture needs to be added – by you.

Many customers come to us, asking if anal play “has” to hurt, and we always give the same answer: anal play should not be painful at all. It should only be pleasurable.

When asking these customers, we usually find they all have one thing in common: they don’t use lube. (dry friction – no wonder it hurts, peeps!)

Lashings of lube will make all anal pleasure, with or without toys  so much more comfortable and sensual. It also ensures that everything stays nicely slidey, throughout the long, slow journey of anal arousal (if you’re going too fast, no wonder it hurts peeps!)

Here, we have two options for you:

Silicone Lube is slick and long-lasting for the slow pace of arousing anal play....
Silicone Lube is slick and long-lasting for the slow pace of arousing anal play….

Silicone lubricant for anal play

Silicone-based lube is great for skin-on-skin play; when you use fingers or a penis, or if you use sex toys made from glassplastic, or steel. It is slick and long-lasting, and a little goes a long, long way…

Silicone lube is also perfect for anal play in the bath or shower – which is a good place for beginners to anal sex to start their journey as many people are hesitant around ‘feeling clean’.  Water will wash away regular lube.

It’s worth noting that silicone-based lube could damage the surface of any silicone toys you may have, so we recommend covering these toys with condoms if you opt for silicone lube.

Sh! Pure Plus (£10) Paraben-Free Thick Anal Lubricant
Sh! Pure Plus (£10) Paraben-Free Thick Anal Lubricant

Water-based lubricant for anal play

Choose a thick, viscous water-based lube for anal play

The thicker, the better! It will coat fingers, penises and toys much better than runny versions.

Customers often ask how much lube they should add, and our reply is always this: Add as much as you think. Then add a bit more!

Water-based lubes are very body-friendly, and work well with any toys  you have. Water-based lube evaporates/sinks into the skin, so you’ll have to reapply, or reactivate your lube with a  couple of drops of water or saliva, which works just as well.


A word about anal enhancers and why you should never use anal numbing products…

Intimate Organics Anal Relaxant £18
Intimate Organics Anal Relaxant £18

Here at Sh!, we do not sell any products designed to numb the anal area.

We have many customers asking for these (it’s that old ‘anal sex always hurts’ myth again!) but we always explain why using anal numbing creams or sprays could actually be harmful.

The anal canal is very delicate and the skin there easily torn.  Pain is your body’s  way of staying ‘stop’ or ‘slow down’. If you have numbed your body (with a special numbing product, or with alcohol or drugs) you will be unaware of being hurt. Staying present and in-tune with your body’s sensations is the only way to safely enjoy anal sex.

What we offer instead, are anal enhancing sprays, which are naturally formulated to relax the anus for easy penetration, whilst still keeping the bottoming partner fully aware of all sensations in their tush.


Pasante Extra Condoms (£7)
Pasante Extra Condoms (£7)

Using Condoms for Anal Play

Using condoms is a great way to take care of any hygiene-worries you may have. Also, a necessity, for safer-sex. .

Because of the delicate skin in the bum,  anal sex with an uncovered penis is the easiest transmission route of many STI’s. Pasante Extra, are specially created for anal sex; extra lube for friction-free moves and extra thick latex for a strong barrier.

Whether for safer-sex purposes or not, using condoms for anal sex makes clean-up a doddle:  just whip the condom off and dispose of. Easy peasy!



Using Latex Gloves for Anal Play – Turns fingers into smooth operators…

Black Latex Gloves
Black Latex Gloves £4 for 10

Using latex gloves for anal sex (or non-latex gloves, if you are allergic) not only easy, but also very sexy.

Snapping on a glove and drizzling some lube over your gloved-up fingers can be a hot image, raising anticipation of things to come..

It  can also add frisson to kinky medical role-play…

They also make a sexy barrier, if you are a bit squeamish about probing your partner’s tush…

Gloves are essential if you have long nails (long nails and delicate tushies don’t go together), nails that aren’t smooth (ouch!) or if you are concerned about hygiene (easy to whip off and dispose of).

If you have long nails, it’s a really good idea to pop some cotton wool into each finger of the glove  before putting it on. This will protect your nails – and your partner’s bum!

If you’re not keen on wearing  whole glove, you could easily cut the latex fingers off, and cover your own fingers with them – finger cots!


Using Dental Dams for Anal Oral Sex (aka Analingus or Rimming)

Latex Dam (£2) for anal oral sex, aka 'rimming'
Latex Dam (£2) for anal oral sex, aka ‘rimming’

Dams are squares of latex (also available in non-latex, if you are allergic) that you place over your partners bits to perform oral sex through. They are a barrier, much like condoms and can be used for vaginal as well as anal pleasure – though always  use a new dam, each time.

The offical word for anal oral sex is analingus, but it’s more commonly called  ‘rimming’.

Rimming is when you pleasure your partners anus with your lips and tongue. It may sound shocking to some, but the anus has tons of nerve-endings, just begging to be licked, kissed and touched, and this can be intensely pleasurable.

Drizzle a touch of lube on to your partner’s side of the dam before placing it over their anus – this will make your licking feel moist and sexy – just like your tongue!

So there’s the run-down on the essentials (lube!), as well as additions to pleasurable anal play, but if you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll answer you.

We may also share Q&A’s so others may benefit, but if we do it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in to identify you – promise!

How to use a g-Spot Vibrator

Why Choose a Silicone Dildo?

Silicone is considered to be the best dildo material, bar none. It’s the dildo-connoisseur’s choice for its look and feel and also for its safety and ease of care.

A Silicone Dildo is Safe

An odourless, non toxic and hypo-allergenic material containing no phthalates or latex, silicone is THE choice if you are allergic to, or have concerns about, other dildo materials.

Cupid 3 Silicone Dildo £40
Cupid 3 £40
Our most popular silicone dildo

It’s super easy to clean and you can even to sterilize a silicone dildo by boiling it for 3 minutes or washing it in the top rack of a dishwasher!

Ease of cleaning isn’t just about sex toy safety for you. If  you plan to share your dildo with a partner, or are looking for an anal dildo for solo or pegging play, a silicone dildo  is the ultimate choice,  because of this ability to fully sterilize.

A Silicone Dildo Feels Sensual

A silicone dildo feels warm, smooth and dry, not cold or clammy like rubber or jelly dildos. Whilst firm and sleek, it feels springy and flexible, unlike steel dildos or glass dildos, which are hard and rigid

Silicone is a non-porous material, neither disclosing or absorbing any substance.

This means it doesn’t soak up any of your natural juices and also holds lubricant well on the surface – a small amount of lube on a silicone dildo goes a long way!

Whilst soft to the touch, silicone is quite a dense material so it transmits vibration well. Owning a vibrating silicone dildo means you’ve got a dildo AND a vibrator in one, giving you the added thrills on top of the penetrative pleasures your dildo bestows…



Wirly Girly Silicone Dildo (£32) Our most popular anal/pegging dildo
Wirly Girly Silicone Dildo 2 (£32) Our most popular anal/pegging dildo


A Silicone Dildo Lasts

Silicone is practically indestructible, unless attacked by something sharp. It never breaks down or degrades.

This is fab for a committed, long-term relationship with your dildo, but not great environmentally if it’s just a one night stand.

A dildo made from silicone is an investment and will provide years of pleasure if it’s take care of properly.

Although incredibly durable, once torn silicone can split, so keep your dildo away from sharp edges, teeth and curious pets!




Best Strap-On Kit (£99) All our best-selling strap on goodies, in a perfectly put-together kit
All our best-selling strap on goodies, in a perfectly put-together kit

Why Silicone Dildos Cost More

Silicone is an costly raw material and producers of pure silicone dildos tend to be, like ourselves, small, specialist manufacturers, which is why silicone dildos are more expensive than mass-produced dildos from China.

A silicone dildo is the best dildo you can buy,  but it IS quite an investment.


Silicone Toys & Lube

We advise to use only water-based lube on all toys made from silicone, as  the two silicones can react together and, over time, effect the smooth surface of the dildo.

We’ve tested this ourselves, after a silicone lubricant manufacturer tried to convince us that their lubricant was safe to use on silicone sex toys.

It was hardly highly-scientific, but we submerged a silicone dildo in silicone lube for a length of time to see for ourselves what the outcome would be. Small pitting started to appear on the surface.

Of course it would take many, many hours ( days.. week…s?) of play to simulate this ‘experiment’ within a real-life example, but why take the risk, we say.


Pros & Cons of Silicone in a Nutshell


  • The safest adult toy material.
  • Hypo-allergenic & non-toxic
  • Feels dry, smooth and warm to the touch
  • Totally non-porous
  • Can be sterilized/disinfected which means you can safely share toys between partners or pleasure zones just as long as they are sterilized/disinfected between uses.
  • Transmits vibration well.
  • Warms quickly to body temperature.
  • Holds lubricant well (use only water–based lubes)
  • Durable
  • Super easy to clean
  • Can be sterilized


  • Expensive
  • Though durable, can tear once surface is broken
  • Can’t be recycled.
  • Not compatible with silicone-based lubes

Why Choose a Sh! Silicone Dildo?

Lovingly hand-crafted in our London studio and featuring our trademark heart-shaped bases, Sh! silicone dildos are functional as well as good looking; comfortable and secure to use, whether you hold them in your hand or wear in a harness as a strap-on dildo.

The wide bases also makes them totally safe as anal dildos

As the largest producer of silicone dildos in the UK, we offer over 40 sizes and shapes, giving you the widest choice to suit your personal preferences and pleasures.

More ethically-produced than  mass-produced dildos made in the Far East.

lubricant advice

Lube for Anal Sex

The lowdown on the best lubes for anal play…

Using lube for anal sex is crucial as the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication of its own.

Lube protects anal tissues which are more delicate and easily torn than those of the vagina. Using lots of lube during every kinds of anal play is absolutely key to ensuring anal sex is ALL pleasure and NO pain.

Anal pleasure requires a slow pace and using lube ensures that everything feels slippery and sensual throughout the journey.

From the very beginning, through to the point where anal muscles relax enough to be receptive to penetration, and all through your anal sex session, you should ensure everything starts out coated, and remains coated in lube. Keep applying, as any ‘drag’ can cause tension and tension is the enemy of pleasurable anal sex!

Use lube is essential during all anal play - A water-based anal lube is thicker, more viscous and longer-lasting...
Use lube is essential during all anal play – A water-based anal lube is thicker, more viscous and longer-lasting…

Best Water Based Lube for Anal Sex

Standard water-based lube may dry up too quickly for the slow pace of anal sex so chose a thicker water-based lube such as  Sh! Pure PlusMaximus or Probe Classic Thick.

These lubes contain less water and so evaporate slower and have a thicker consistency than regular water-based lubes, which means they coat and cling to toys, fingers and condoms for longer…

Thick water-based lube can be used to enhance all sex-play, so it’s a great choice if you prefer to have just one lube-type by your bed – if you find it a little thick for other activities it can be simply watered down with a little purified water or even saliva.


Water-based lube is the best lube to choose if you are playing with any silicone anal toys, such as butt plugs and anal beads, or pegging  / performing anal sex with a silicone dildo.






Silicone Lube feels oily, like a light baby oil but is body and condom-safe...
Silicone Lube feels oily, like a light baby oil but is body and condom-safe…

Best Oil-Based Lube for Anal Sex

Some people prefer to use oil-based lube for anal sex as, without the evaporating qualities of water, it provides unsurpassed, super long-lasting and uber-slippy lubrication.

As the anus naturally flushes itself, it is less vulnerable to oil-induced infection than the vagina.

BUT oil-based lubes will rot a condom in seconds and will damage the surface of many anal toys, which is why we don’t stock oil-based anal lubes and caution against using mineral or vegetable oil-based products as lubricant.

The only oil-based lube we recommend, or offer, are silicone-based lube such as Eros Pjur Woman LubeSh! Silicone Lube or ID Millennium

These lubes deliver an oily-feeling AND keep anal pleasuring and non-silicone anal toys super-safe as well as super-slippery.