5 Tips For Boosting Your Orgasm

There are different types of orgasms and bodies have the fantastic ability to experience different ones during a sexual lifetime. There are the great ones; you might know the kind – you can’t stay still, you’re wriggling and squirming, your legs are shaking until finally, an explosion erupts between your thighs and you’re left quivering and panting… We like those ones!

There are long & strong ones, there are short & sharp ones, cresting ones, wet ones, fast ones, multiple ones and also, the kind we like the least: the ones that are so weak you wonder why you even bothered. The last kind is pitiful little vaginal sneezes that leave you frustrated and disappointed rather than sleepy and satisfied. Blips on the orgasmic radar.

Luckily, there are a number of things that can be done in order to amp up the intensity and pleasure of orgasms, and we’ve got five of our top tips listed below.

Turn up the heat

Did you know that heat helps to increase the blood flow to the vulva, which in turn is great for stronger orgasms?

Relaxing in a hot, steamy bath before play is an excellent way of getting warmed up and ready for fun. A gentle stroke and feel of your labia lips whilst bathing will help kickstart blood flow to the area. You’ll know it’s working when warmth starts building from the inside, the labia lips darkens and feels “puffier”.


Try using lube

Lube sometimes gets a bad rap; there are actually folks out there who still believe that lube is something “for old women”.


Lube can certainly be helpful if your muffkin is feeling dehydrated or uncomfortable for some reason, but actually, lube is very sexy and we recommend having a bottle handy.

Certain lubes, like ID Pleasure, can help increase the frequency and power of female orgasms as it contains a naturally occurring amino acid which encourages blood flow to the area, heightening sensations. ID Pleasure combines natural sensation-enhancing ingredients like Ginko Biloba, Red Clover, and Menthol to ensure blood flow to genitals is at peak performance. For penises, this means firmer erections and for vaginas, it means tingly sensations.

Add a vibrator into the mix

For about 75% of those with clitorises, the clit plays a major part in orgasmic pleasure.

As much fun as fingers, tongues, and toes can be, it’s not uncommon for the person focused on pleasuring said clit to run out of steam or develop jaw ache at a crucial moment.

This is when a vibrator comes in really handy.


For the majority, the key to strong, long-lasting orgasms is sustained clitoral stimulation. Pair this with the vibrations of a sex toy and you’re in for a thrilling ride. We like the Rocks Off Twister Vibrator, which comes with 7 different vibration settings, is fully waterproof and suits all bodies.

For a truly toe-curling time, start on the lowest setting and work your way up. As the strength of the vibrations builds, so will your pleasure… Which neatly brings us on to the next tip:


‘Edging’ is a fancy word for ‘holding back your orgasm for as long as you can’ and you should add it to your sex dictionary sharpish.

This is a tried & tested method that may take a while to perfect but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to ‘edge’ your way to orgasm over and over until you have no other option but to let the orgasm rock your body before leaving you spent and grinning. Good times!

As you get to know your body and how it reacts to the right kind of stimulation, you’ll know when an orgasm is near. At this point, stop the rubbing/patting/touching that feels so good and focus on another body part for a while. (We know, frustrating, right?!)

Once you feel in control after having reversed back down the hump of pleasure, start edging yourself closer to the top again. And stop just before climax again.

Carry this on for as long as you can stand it and when you eventually let go, you’ll be able to enjoy what’ll seem like a neverending, thunderous orgasm!


Find out exactly what you like

If you’re really keen to enhance your sex life and make your orgasms as strong as can be, you need to focus on finding out what it is that really gets you off. Before you get down to it with a partner, try experimenting with different techniques on yourself with your fingers or toys.

Having some uninterrupted time will help you relax into your body and allow it to enjoy your touches. If you’re into erotic stories or films, you might like to get your brain aroused by reading or watching something – after all, our brains are our biggest sex organs. If you want to try porn without having to trawl through the many free-but-oh-so-unsexy clips on the web, we recommend giving Erika Lust a go. Lust is an award-winning, ethical, adult film-maker and you can check out her website here.

Knowing your own body and working out your pleasure points is a sure fire way of experiencing more pleasurable orgasms.


Battery Blog Post

Good News, Your Sex Toy Isn’t Faulty – It Just Needs New Batteries

The most common reason for customers to bring back sex toys is that they believe their toy to be faulty. Whilst vibrators occasionally break or malfunction, most of the toys we get returned or sent back to us aren’t faulty at all – they just need fresh batteries or a slightly longer press of the ON button to switch it on.

Whilst we are always happy to see returning customers, our short guide on vibrator care could save you a trip across London, so read on.

Here’s a list of the most common issues with non-working vibrator:

  • The battery has run out of power
  • The battery has been put in the wrong way
  • The charger hasn’t been left on for long enough
  • The on/off switch hasn’t been pressed for long enough
  • The travel lock has been activated
  • There is small paper disc under the lid

Below are some very easy checks you can do at home.

No Battery Power

Some sex toys absolutely eat battery power, especially if it is the all-singing, all-dancing version with super-strong vibrations. A rabbit vibe, for example, uses up more power than a gentle, single speed clit vibe.

The Sh! Waterproof Rabbit needs 3 x AAA batteries (two at the top of the battery compartment and one battery underneath), preferably Duracell or another similar, strong brand.

Waterproof Rabbit battery

The beads need the power to spin around, the bunny ears need the power to flicker & tease, and the vibration needs the power to deliver pleasing thrills & throbs, and  £1-batteries from Poundland aren’t going to cut it. These types of batteries are great for the TV remote as it doesn’t require much power to do its job, but for a rabbit, you’ll need stronger batteries.

Also, leaving the batteries in when you store your toy will allow greedy rabbits to suck up more battery juice, so we recommend taking the batteries out when playtime is over.

The Batteries Are Upside Down

Easy Egg Battery CompartmentThis is a common mistake and one that is very easy to make.

Here’s a handy tip: the flat side of the battery (minus) usually needs to sit right against the spring inside the battery compartment. This may mean that a toy that takes two or more batteries face the same direction, or opposite direction, depending upon the design. The toy will often have a small plus or minus to help you put the batteries in the right way.

Mixing old and new batteries isn’t a good idea, your toy will work better with fresh batteries.

Recharging a Sex Toy Takes A While

We understand that you are keen to get down to business with your new vibrator, cock ring or plug, but a rechargeable toy needs time to get juiced up.

Some toys take 2 hours, some take 4 hours, and some take 8 hours for a full charge. The instructions should give you more information on this.

FF Magnetic ChargerIt is very important that the charger is fully connected to the toy and the power source. If either of these isn’t plugged in properly, your toy won’t get the power it needs to do its thang. And, if you are using a pc or laptop to charge your vibe, the source needs to be switched on (not in standby mode).

Magnetic chargers must be firmly attached to the vibe, pin charges must be fully inserted and toys with a charger base must be placed on it.

Check on the toy during charging – it is possibe for a magnetic charger to get knocked off if the toy falls over on its side, for example.

Beam Me Up Scotty – Turning a Sex Toy On

Modern toys will require more than a quick flick to switch it on; you may need to hold down the ON button for 3 seconds, or even 5 seconds in some cases. This feature is to stop the vibrator being switch on by accident whilst being stored (another great reason for taking the batteries out).

Repeatedly clicking the button won’t switch the toy on – it will only get you worked up for all the wrong reasons.

If the toy has more than one button, we recommend taking some time to read the instructions before getting hot & heavy with it – we promise it will save a lot of frustration later on!

The Sh! Easy Egg and Sh! Mini Pink both require a firm 3-second press to turn on.

What To Do If Your Sex Toy Is Locked

Cordless Wand PinMany sex toys come with a built-in travel lock, which is excellent for storing and travelling.

If you’ve spent some time pressing all the buttons to get the vibe to work, it could happen that you’ve managed to activate the travel lock by accident. If this happens, all you need to do is unlock it and voila – ready to play!

The Sh! Cordless Wand (picture) has a small plastic pin that works as a travel lock. You won’t be able to turn on the Wand when the pin is in place. Removing the pin lets you play or recharge the Wand. Pop the pin back in for safe storage or travelling.

You should find instructions for locking and unlocking your vibrator on the packaging or inside the box.

What’s With The Paper Disc?

Twister paper DiscIf your toy came with the batteries already inserted, there is a good chance it has a small paper disc between the batteries and the connector on the lid. This is to ensure your toy doesn’t start vibrating unexpectedly, and it also saves the battery power for when you want to be buzzed up to orgasmic heaven.

Remove the paper disc, screw the lid back on and your vibe should be good to go.

Different Size Batteries

Not only do different brand batteries offer different strengths of power, different size batteries also hold different amounts of power.

A teeny-tiny battery holds about 25 minutes of power, a teeny battery holds about 1 hour of power and so on. It is difficult to say how long your batteries should last with vibrators that offer increasing intensity and settings – running a vibe on high intensity for a longer period of time will use up more battery power.

If you love long pleasure sessions, it’s well worth investing in a rechargeable sex toy.

I Have Tried All of The Above

If your vibrating toy still isn’t working or isn’t working in the way it should, come see us and we’ll take a look. Please bring with you proof of purchase and all packaging. If we find the vibrator has a mechanical fault, we’ll be very happy to exchange it for you. 🙂



Win a Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe – Worth £129!

A new month and a new fantastic competition with a prize that’ll make your toes curl:

Meet Womanizer 2Go!

As far as orgasms go, initial testing showed that an impressive 98% of women reached climax in less than 5 minutes when using the Womanizer 2GO Lipstick Suction Vibe. This is far beyond any other sex toy-testing stats we know of, but we can well believe it – air suction toys haven’t been out on the market for all that long, but they have created a panty-flapping stir for sure.

We have one of these fantastic toys to give away and YOU could WIN it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Womanizer 2Go is part of brand new sex tech for women – toys that don’t necessarily make contact with the super-sensitive clitoris but still manages to bring on orgasms strong enough to wake the neighbourhood!

The magic behind Womanizer 2Go is air suction; a gentle vacuum that sucks and thrills the 8000 nerve-endings on the clitoris. Some say it feels akin to a really great oral sex session, others say it’s indescribable. Either way, everyone agrees it’s marvellous!

Key Features of Womanizer 2GO

  • Sophisticated clitoral suction vibe with 6 levels of intensity
  • 100% waterproof for fun pleasure sessions in the bath or shower
  • USB rechargeable and made from body-safe material
  • Comes with 2 silicone nozzles for best fit over clit
  • 2 years guarantee


Suction toys are amazing tools for women who find it difficult to orgasm – the intense suction can help tip a temperamental clit into orgasmic bliss.

For women who like lots of pleasure (well – that’ll be most of us!), Womanizer 2Go can help you become multi-orgasmic. As it doesn’t directly touch the clit and over-stimulate it, many women find they can keep going and going and going…

The classy lipstick design makes this toy easy to store and perfect to take away on travels. Orgasms ‘2GO’ have never been easier 😉

Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

Win an I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator!

August is here and many of us have returned to work after a one or two precious weeks off. If you’re anything like us, your boss have probably already found you staring out at the British drizzle, daydreaming about sunny skies, hot sand and a jug of Sangria… Luckily we have a cool treat that’ll put a smile on someone’s (labia) lips: ice cream!

The cleverly-named I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator by Shiri Zinn is a super-cute vibe with 10 settings and a musical storage box (no, really!).

Worth £55, I-Scream could be all yours if you take a moment or two to enter our giveaway below…

Enter the I-Scream Ice Cream Vibe Competition here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Low-Down on I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator

10 pleasure patterns deliver throbby thrills in private places. Neck, nipples, inside of thighs, clit… Anywhere you like. Just add a drizzle of water-based lube and I-Scream will have you a-screaming with pleasure in no time!

Using the ball of ice cream will offer more diffused sensations, whereas using the tip of the cone offer pin-point pleasure. The waffle pattern offers interesting sensations and can be slid in between labia lips.

I-Scream is a USB rechargeable vibe, making it a perfect travelling buddy. Simply plug in, finish up that cocktail (or mocktail if you are a non-drinker) and you’re ready to go, go, go!

Good luck!


Terms & Conditions

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

The winner of the Competition will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period.

The winner will be notified by email at the email address provided in the Entry Information on or about 48 hours after the random drawing. Potential winner must accept a prize by email as directed by Sh! within 48 hours of notification. Any winner notification not responded to or returned as undeliverable may result in prize forfeiture.

Prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.

Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.



WIN The Great British Lesbian Hamper worth £500+

A new month means a new competition and Girl! – do we have an AMAZING  giveaway for you this month…

Rainbow LipsAs #queerpioneers, we’ve dedicated the last 25 years (woop!) to #pleasuringlesbians (well, our products have – we’d have been waaaaay too busy to run a shop otherwise!) and we want to make Pride 2017 the biggest and bestest ever – celebrating queer identity & culture in all its magnificent rainbow-glory!

We’ve been so excited about this, but we’ve managed to keep mum – until now that is:

We are giving away a Hamper full of sex toys, worth over £500!

That’s right, people £500+ worth of sex toys for you (and a beau perhaps) to enjoy…

We’ve packed the Great British Lesbian Hamper full of anything and everything you could ever need – we want to give the winner the time of their life; sexy experiences to enjoy time and time again!

For a closer look at the goodies inside the Hamper, scroll past the giveaway (once you’ve entered, of course!) and prepare to be amazed…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in the Great British Lesbian Hamper:

Sh! Bliss G-spot Vibrator – with 7 setting to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Velvety silicone covers the entire shaft and angled head, making Bliss very sensual to enjoy.

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit – our bestselling rabbit vibe with 12 thrilling settings to explore. If you adore clit stimulation this toy delivers. The cute rabbit ears hug the clitoris, delivering intense vibes to the sides rather than directly onto the tip…

Sh! Glass Pink Double Dildo – stunning dildo with solid ribs and bumps in all the right places. Leave it to cool down in the fridge or run under warm water for exquisite temperature play.

Womanizer Pro W500 – fun peppermint version of this bestselling sex toy with sucking sensations. 8 settings deliver stonking orgasm after stonking orgasm – Womanizer is every toy connoisseurs’ must-have!

Rocks-Off Finger Tingles Vibrator – turn your fingers into tantalising temptresses, ready to offer buzzing pleasure at the press of a button…

Dildo HeartsSh! Cupid 3 Rainbow Dildo – specially made for celebrating Pride 2017! 6 inches long, with a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft (1.5 inch at widest) delivers a winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasure. Hand-poured by our Dildo Mistress right here in London.

Sh! Leather 2-Strap Dildo Harness – best-selling strap-on harness in soft, supple leather, regularly receives 5* customer reviews. This harness is sensual, practical, secure and very comfortable for all strap-on play. Choose between black, purple, baby pink, hot pink, baby blue or red.

Thigh Harness BlackSh! Thigh Strap-On Harness – handmade right here in London, this is an innovative alternative for strap-on play. the thigh harness straps a dildo to your leg to deliver thigh-humping penetrative pleasure to your lover…

Sh! Lube – two bottles of water-based and paraben-free Sh! Lube should be enough to see you through the rest of the Summer!

Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug -smooth butt plug in small size suitable for beginners. Included is also a bottle of 25ml anal lube for comfy play.

Sh! Leather Blindfold – leather blindfold is gently padded and secured comfortably with an elasticated strap. Soft, sensuous and opaque (no peeping!). Handmade right here in London.

Sh! Wax Candles 3-Pack – handcrafted for sexy simplicity as well as safety, these dripping candles are specially designed to have a low burning temperature, offering enough heat for that unparalleled sensual sensation of hot wax, without burning the skin.

bondage-ropeSh! Bondage Tape – self-clinging tape, ideal for quick and easy bondage games. 20 meters of tape for playful fun – choose between red, pink or black.

Sh! Toy Cleaner – speedy, safe cleaning product that’s suitable for use with all sex toys and all sex toy materials. Ensures all your sex toys are clean, fresh and free from harmful bacteria every time you want to play.

Ostrich Feather – approximately 20″ long for stroking and playful tickling. Choose between black, red or purple.

The Art of Lesbian Lovemaking – an updated version of the lesbian Kama Sutra. 44 chapters full of insightful and inspiring tips and techniques, written and compiled by Rose Black & Lilly Gluck, founders of

Disclaimer: Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Good Luck!

Rainbow Roses

Win Wish Pebble Vibrator! Worth £119!

Win Wish Pebble Vibrator! Worth £119!

We’re looking for a home for this £119 toy – and it even comes with an app! 😀

We-Vibe Wish Pebble, is a luxury pebble-style vibrator with 10 preset modes to enjoy by yourself or with a lucky lover. Soft, padded exterior elevates this clitoral stimulator to luxe heights, and its rumbly vibrations offers pleasure to the broader area of the vulva.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Leo Noa + Greetings Card

6 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Today we’re talking about sex toys for couples, fun products that can help enhance intimacy, encourage exploration and also create giggles in the bedroom – because sex should be fun!

Just like couples, toys come in all shapes and sizes. Picking just six favourites proved tricky, so we decided to create our list from bestsellers in our shop in East London.

So, truly, our Top 6 Best Toys for Couples have been chosen by our lovely customers!

These toys are all made from, or covered in, body-safe silicone, the very best material for all sex toys. The material of a toy is important, as it makes cleaning so much easier. You can relax into pleasure, knowing that lubes & bodily juices will simply wash off after use; no nasty bacteria hiding in nooks & crannies of your favouite toys.

Silicone feels lovely to touch, velvety and skin-like. It quickly warms up to body temperature and as long as the toys are well cared for, will feel just as fantastic for years to come.

Lelo Noa Couples Vibrator

Noa, from luxury toy brand Lelo has long been a favourite with customers.

Ergonomically shaped to please, Lelo Noa is worn with the flexible internal stimulator resting on your G-spot and the powerful, external bullet against your clitoris. It still allows plenty of room for your partner, and provides extra stimulation and thrilling pleasure to both of you during penetration.

Simply click the one-button control interface to cycle through the 6 powerful modes.

Leo Noa is USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof and comes with a 10 year pleasure guarantee. That, we’re sure you’ll agree, is excellent value!

Lelo Noa £69 - Designed to be worn during intercourse to stimulate your clitoris & G-Spot at the same time...

We Vibe Unite Couples Vibe with Remote Control

Another fun vibe to try is We Vibe Unite, a compact version of million-selling We Vibe. A clever C-shape design, We Vibe Unite is worn by a woman during penetration. This allows for vibration against both clitoris and G-spot, with both partners having their hands free for other hot-spots.

We Vibe Unite comes with a remote control for convenient play. The remote is easily controlled with a single button and can be used from up to three meters away.

With 10 different modes, there are plenty of rhythms, sensations and vibrating pleasure, specifically the extra clitoral stimulation that 70%+ women need to orgasm during penetrative sex. The vibe slips comfortably between lovers and offers extra thrills without getting in the way of your moves and grooves…

Like all earlier versions of We Vibe, Unite is USB rechargeable which makes it an excellent travel companion.


Remote Play Egg

Enjoying secret thrills when out and abut in public can really up the ante when it comes to fun couples play, and the Remote Play Egg delivers every time.

Slip the Egg into your smalls before handing over the remote to your partner. The gentle buzz, should they decide you get to enjoy it, teases & pleases labia lips and clit whilst nestled in your knickers.

When playing in public, discretion is of course of utmost importance, and the Remote Play Egg is super-quiet, giving nothing away. Well, we say nothing… Many remote controlled toys work on the same frequency, meaning that your remote unit may be controlling somebody else’s pleasure too, if you are in a bar or a restaurant – just like their remote may be able to control your egg… (You’ve been warned!)

With 10 different vibrating patterns, including steady vibration and various revving and pulse patterns, there’s a lot to explore.

Coat in a drop or two of your favourite lubricant to ease in-and-out (vaginal play only), and to enhance sensations.

The small remote-control unit comes fully powered-up and requires no additional batteries. With a single button to scroll through the settings, it’s super-easy to use too.


PicoBong Transfomer Double-Ended Vibe

Transformer proudly positions itself as the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy (we’re not sure we subscribe to that – there are a whole heap of toys that can be enjoyed regardless of gender), but it is certainly unique.

Two vibrating bulbs can be enjoyed externally or internally, connected by a long, bendable spine. Transformer can be shaped in ways that best suit you and your partner, offering pleasure that is only limited by your imagination.

Rechargeable, waterproof up to 1 meter and with 10 modes to choose from, PicoBong Transformer is a great choice if you want a toy with multiple uses.


Cool Boy Rechargeable Cock Ring

Many women are unable to orgasm without help from a battery-powered buddy and if this is the case for you, adding a bit of sizzle to his sausage is a good idea.

Cool Boy is a powerful vibrating intercourse ring for couples to enjoy together. Four built-in nodules offer extra pressure for his erection, and the nodule on top of the ring is for her to bump and grind against.

Offering 10 different modes, with one wowzer-strong intensity, this ring is perfect for couples who like a bit of extra oomph in the bedroom!

Slip the ring over the manhood before it’s fully hard, all the way down to the party bag, and switch on the vibration before hopping onboard and moving in ways that feel good for you.

Cool Boy is USB rechargeable, and 100% waterproof for fun in the bath or shower.

Cool Boy Cock Ring

Feelztoys Tongue Toys

For couples who love no thing better than a sumptuous evening of dining in, vibrating Tongue Toys are the obvious choice: oral sex with the added benefit of a thrilling buzz!

You each slip a vibrating bullet over your tongue before diving in and feasting on your partner’s most delicious bits. Whilst you can of course take turns, Feelztoys Tongue Toys really lend themselves to the 69-position where you pleasure each other simultaneously.

The small bullets deliver a medium-intense vibration at a single speed. This might not sound like much, but coupled with a warm, flexible tongue licking and lapping at sensitive parts, the only moans you’ll hear are good ones…

Feelztoys Tongue Toys £26


High Time to Tickle Your Pickle

Masturbation Month, a.k.a May, is in full swing and if you’ve not yet taken time to tickle your pickle, it’s high time to lock the door, pull the curtains and switch off your phone.

Masturbation Month could be seen as something silly and indulgent, or maybe something only ‘sad’ people do; staying in and rubbing one out.

Let’s erase those thoughts right now.

It can be tiresome to hear about the great sex ‘other people’ are having, especially if you believe you are the only one who’s not experiencing regular fireworks and squirt-fests. We meet many women who assume there is something ‘wrong’ with them for this exact reason. There really isn’t – for women, having an orgasm is often a learned thing, a bit like riding a bike. It’s tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s bloody marvellous!

Growing up, boys are expected to be sexually curious and their sexuality is celebrated. A dad might congratulate himself when his teenage son is caught masturbating, thinking ‘that’s my boy, he takes after me!’

If a teenage girl is found with her hands down her panties, it’s not unlikely she’ll receive a hissed “what are you doing, stop that!” followed by a shocked or disgusted look from her mother.

Unfair, much?

It can be incredibly hard to smash the shame many of us have had instilled from an early age: it’s not ‘nice’ and we ‘shouldn’t be doing that.’

No wonder it’s hard to relax enough to have orgasms.

Starting off with just your fingers – because they make fantastic sex toys – and a little bit of lube is the best way. Your fingers has an immediate feel and translate the sensations into tiny messages for your brain: soft, coarse, wet and so on.

Feel your way around, feel the folds, the texture of your labia and the slickness as the body gets more turned on.

If you feel comfortable, why not grab a mirror and have a look as well? Colours and shapes change as the body becomes aroused, which can be darn exciting in itself! Your vulva and vagina are unique, just like the rest of you.

Great Wall of Vagina
Great Wall of Vagina

Happy Hour

The clit has a mind-blowing 8000 nervendings sitting atop it, and this is where things can get tricky. If stimulated the wrong way, the clit gets too sensitive and pleasure runs screaming from the room.

The ‘ringing a doorbell’-technique should be banished; pressing long and hard on the little jewel is not going to open the magic door to vaginal Narnia. Ever.

clock faceWomen have what we like to call their Happy Hour: imagine that the clitoris is a clock face (the Clit Face). Many women say that 10-11 or 1-2 are their most sensitive spots.

As small as your clitoris is, there are one or two spots that responds better to stimulation than any other part of your little jewel, and by working out when your personal Happy Hour is, you are well on your way to having an orgasm.


It’s important to keep your pelvic floor in good shape – do your clenches as often as you can: in the bus queue, during dull meetings and whilst watching telly of an evening.

Keeping your pelvic floor toned has a number of health benefits which we’re sure you already know about, but did you know it can help you orgasm too?

An orgasm is a series of involuntary rhythmic contractions of the vagina, and a having a strong pelvic floor can be helpful.

Whilst you’re jiggling your jewel in all manner of wonderful ways, try squeezing your PC muscle in time. It’s what the mighty Betty Dodson calls “fucking forward” – simultaneously stroke, push forward with your hips and clench. Magic!

Buzz Me Up to Heaven Baby

Vibrators are notoriously reliable when it comes to producing orgasms, hence their popularity.  But if you’ve ever had a vibrator and it didn’t work for you, there could be good reasons for that:

1. The Wrong Kind of Vibrator

There area few types of vibes to choose from:

  • Clitoral vibrators – these are typically small and not designed to be used internally. They usually offer a high-pitched buzz.
  • G-spot vibrators –  a shaft with a pronounced curve or bump at the tip, designed to be enjoyed internally. G-spot vibes often deliver rumblier vibrations.
  • Rabbit vibrators – a dual stimulating-type toy, they have a shaft for internal pleasure combined with a clitoral tickler.
  • Wand vibrators – these tend to be large in size (rest assured, they are not for insertion) and offers deep rumbles that shakes you to the bone.
  • Sucking technology vibrators – these are the cool new kids on the block. They create a gentle vacuum and mimic oral sex for stunning sensations.


2. The Wrong Kind of Vibration

Vibrators tend to fall in two categories: high-pitch or low & rumbly. These feel different and we find that women often fall into one of two camps: you need either a high-itched vibe for buzzy thrills, or deep vibrations for rumbly excitement.

The wrong type of vibration could be what isn’t working for you. If you’ve had a bullet vibe for example, and it produced nothing but boredom, try something with a heavier vibration.

3. Not Enough Time

Vibrators are fantastic at multi-tasking, but it would be wrong to assume they magically know what your preferences are. You need to work with the vibe; try different positions, different settings and different speeds. If you have a waterproof toy, you might like to try it in the shower or bath.

And give yourself plenty of time.

Learning how to have an orgasm can take a fair bit of time, a full hour of exploration and stimulation is not unusual. As you get to know your body and its particular likes & dislikes, you’ll be able to cut this time down if you want to.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’  length of time to have an orgasm. There are a number of things to consider for each and every orgasm achieved:  level of arousal, how relaxed you’re feeling, if fingers or a vibe is being used… All of those things matter when it comes to your pleasure.

Some women can orgasm very quickly, others need more time. There are no rights or wrongs, just remember it’s not a race.

The Wetter the Better

Sh! Paraben-Free LubricantWe are firm believers in a li’l bit of additional lube, whether you are using sex toys or not, or whether you are usually plenty wet. Lube enhances sensations and you may find it makes everything so much more comfortable.

There are many different types of lube to try, but you can never go wrong with a paraben-free, water-based version as it is unlikely to cause irritation. For fancy occasions you might like to switch it up with flavours, warming or tingling options, but if your peach is sensitive, it’s always best to opt for a plainer lubricant with as few ingredients as possible.

Once you start having orgasms, you’ll likely find they are easier to come by. It’s about finding out what works for you – this may mean a good vibe, a certain position or maybe downloadable clips featuring your favourite type of fantasy or porn. As long as you’re having a great time, it’s all good.

Masturbation is about pleasure – your pleasure. You can take as much or as little time as you want or need, and you spend that time wisely: on yourself.

Not having to worry about a partner’s pleasure can be incredibly liberating. We spend so much time worrying about whether other people are having a great time, we forget or ignore our own wants and needs. Masturbation Month reminds us that our pleasure matter too.

Happy Masturbation Month!
Win a Womanizer Competition (Worth £139!)

Win a Womanizer Competition (Worth £139!)

To celebrate this amazing new technology we are giving away the The Womanizer Pro 500W in the not-yet-in-the-shelves peppermint colour.

The Womanizer Pro 500W is the newest version of revolutionary clitoral stimulator. Uses vacuum to deliver unique ‘drawing-in’ sucking sensations – it simulates oral sex! This toy is worth £139!

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Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Taking the plunge and buying your very first sex toy is exciting and a little bit scary – what if you don’t like it? Or what if you like it too much?!  (We promise that “liking it too much” is a not thing when it comes to pleasure, so no need to worry about that!)

We have compiled a list of our Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies: whatever the style of toy you think you might like, we have something that’ll suit your desires.

These toys are all rated 5-star on our website, so you can relax in the knowledge that someone has already bought one of these toys and thought it was ace!

All the toys on our Top 5 list are of course body-safe and very affordable – because a great orgasm shouldn’t cost an arm & a leg!

First Sex Toy For Clitoral Stimulation

Most women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. It’s no surprise – the clitoris has around 8000 nerve-endings on its very tip so it is a massively important part for pleasure. An estimated 75% of women say they need the right kind of stimulation in the right place on the clitoris for the right length of time to orgasm – and that can be hard work! Which is where a great vibrator comes in. 🙂

The Love Bullet Lipstick Vibe is a bestseller both in our shop in London, and with our website customers.top5_4

Its discreet design and petite size means you can take it everywhere, including on holidays. Store it in your make up bag and no one will be the wiser!

Despite the small size, the Lipstick packs a punch – it’s incredibly powerful and with 8 different settings to explore, you are almost spoilt for choice. This vibrator is USB rechargeable, so you can easily charge it up whilst you are working or surfing your favourite social media sites.

Oh, and it’s fully waterproof!

First Sex Toy For G-spot Stimulation

The G-spot is an area located a couple of inches up on the inside of the vagina. There are doubters, but we say “bah!” to them – the G-spot is an actual area and with the right kind of stimulation, marvelously deep orgasms could come your way!

Our Mini Pink G-spot Vibe is small, slim and quiet, but works top5_1
wonders when applied to the sensitive G-spot area. The bump at the tip of the Mini Pink is there to help find and stimulate the G-spot. A good trick to try is “juicing” the G-spot – rather than sliding the vibe in and out at breakneck speed (often seen in bad porn), slowly work it back & forth on the G-spot itself. The G-spot likes firm pressure, so don’t be shy.

It may feel like you need to go for a pee which can be distracting, but relax into the sensations and you might find that waves of pleasure soon follow.

First Rabbit-Style Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators of old were mainly made out of less-than-great materials and for some unfathomable reason, designed to be huge.

top5_2These days, Rabbit vibrators come in body-safe materials and a range of sizes to suit all tastes. The 5-star toy we’ve added to our Top 5 list of sex toys is Cute Rabbit, a dual-stimulation vibe made from strokeable silicone, which is USB rechargeable and fully waterproof.

The internal shaft is short and smooth, and delivers delicious pressure to the G-spot.  The clit stimulator, which has its own motor, reaches over and offers direct stimulation to the clit.

Dual stimulation toys, i.e toys with a shaft for internal pleasure as well as a built-in clitoral pleaser, are great for bringing on what’s known as blended orgasms: pleasure waves from both clit and G-spot simultaneously. *swoooon*

First Sex Toy For Couples

The Ovo Cock Ring is a stretchy vibrating ring for couples. Worn around the base of the manhood, it enhances erections and provides additional thrills during penetration.top5_3

Ovo is a a little gem for beginners – it is so easy to use. Add a little water-based lube to his semi-erect shaft for comfort, before sliding the ring over the penis and all the way down. The ring stops back-flow of blood and makes the erection both firmer and more sensitive. Switch on the one-speed bullet before she positions herself on top – this way she can grind against the vibration in ways that feel best for her.

Cock rings are the perfect accessory for introducing toys into the bedroom; small and non-threatening, and with enough functions to keep you both happy.

First Sex Toy For Anal Play

Cute beginners butt plug with removable mini bullet – perfect for first time anal play.  This small, ergonomically curved butt plug has a sensual, shapely body designed in harmony with the curves of your body and a narrow neck for comfort.top5_5

The tiny vibrating bullet fits into a hole hidden in the base, and the vibrations can help relax tense tushies.

A lot (a lot!) of people enjoy anal play and even more people fantasize about trying it. The trick is to go slow and use lots of lube – preferably a lube designed for the delicate rectal membranes.

A butt plug offers fullness and pressure, and the additional vibrations delivers super-thrilling sensations.

So there you have it – our Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies. Only one question remains: which sex toy will YOU choose?