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Celebrating Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally a night for lovers to spend hours and hours sweating it out between the sheets, Valentine’s can be a little sore for those who find themselves without someone to bump & grind with.

You could organise a night out with other singletons, or set up a Tinder account specifically for hooking up on this one night of the year where the pressure to be part of a couple is on…

But what if you don’t want to? What if you want to take off your rose-tinted glasses and close the door on all the bouquets and teddy bears smugly making their way across town on public transport?


There’s no good reason why you should miss out on orgasms just because you are single. In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show yourself some tender loving care.

There are a couple of different ways of going about this.

  1. Romance yourself. Buy your own flowers, order in a meal and pop the cork on your favourite tipple. Queue up a series on Netflix and settle down in your finest lingerie. Make sure your sheets are fresh for what’s to come (you).
  2. Sod the romance. Get a bag of nachos, find some good porn, and settle down in all your naked glory. Who cares about fresh sheets – the sofa is perfectly fine for a hot wank every other night of the year so it’ll do for V-Day too.

Next: line up everything you need for a menage a moi.

  • Lube – check!
  • Sex toys – hmmm…
  • Toy cleaner – what?

Sex toys might not feature on your list of must-haves, but if you’re going to give it a go, we reckon one of the toys below will make a mighty fine lover on Valentine’s night.

First on our highly-recommended-list is Zalo Queen, an innovative and luxury toy that marries throbbing pulsation, a delicious sucking sensation and temperature-play technology to create a must-have that’s simply too good to share with anyone else (you might not get it back!).

Whoever said there can be too much of a good thing has never enjoyed the pleasures of Zalo Queen; heat it up to keep you nice n’ warm; keep your clit on full alert by switching between the 8 different vibration modes; add a slick of lube and tease your G-spot, add a bit more lube and slide the detachable hood over the shaft to create a suction toy… There’s very little this marvel can’t do in terms of offering pleasure!

Zalo Queen had our toy tester busy for several days (Hey gal – where’d you go?) and cross-eyed with pleasure. Check out her review of Zalo Queen here.

Treat yourself to a Zalo Queen in Wine Red before Valentine’s Day and as an extra treat, we’ll throw in a bottle of ON Arousal Oil (£15) for FREE!


ON Arousal Oil is a clever blend of essential oils and just a drop or two of this stuff will start a warm, tingly build-up, leading to an incredible buzzing sensation that lasts up to 45 minutes. Many women (including us) swear by this oil and say that the buzzing sensation increases their arousal and make them extra wet.

This orgasmic offer is valid in store and online for as long as stock lasts, up to and including Valentine’s Day.

(Sch)longing for Love

Next on our recommended-list is something for those with penises.

Vertical Attack has a name that makes us wince, but the toy itself is dreamy.  A soft, textured masturbation cup with a small vibrator at the tip offers plenty of thrills as you simply glide or twist the sleeve over your long schlong. Its stretchy, body-safe material means Vertical Attack guarantees a smooth ride – especially if you add a little water-based lube beforehand.

Not only are masturbators great fun, but they can also help you last longer if you find yourself popping your cork like it’s 1999. The trick lies in regular practice. As soon as you feel that rumbling sensation in your party-bag, slip off the cup and give the base of your peen a firm squeeze as that’ll help it calm down. Once you have the naughty bugger under control, slip the cup back down over it and work that shaft until the rumbling starts again… Remove the cup and give your Johnson a firm squeeze. Repeat as many times as  you can stand it.

When you eventually let go, it’ll be an explosion to remember *wink*


The Sex Toy That Sucks

Now, some of us have to work on Valentine’s Day – that can’t be helped. Perhaps you’re travelling for work even? Make the most of your hotel stay by inviting a li’l buddy to keep you company.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is perfect for anyone who lives out of a suitcase or needs to have their go-bag ready at a moment’s notice; it takes up next to no space and comes in a discreet travel case.

Well-known for its lapping sensations, Satisfyer Pro Traveller is ideal for those who love-love-love oral sex during partnered play. The ‘mouth’ of Satisfyer Pro Traveller has been refined for maximum satisfaction; it cups your lust-button and enables contact-free stimulation, which you can increase or decrease thanks to two intuitive buttons. Using pressure waves rather than traditional vibration, Pro Traveller creates the feeling of gentle sucking that feels orgasmic when placed around the clitoris.

All you need to do is add a lick of lube, then lie back and experience 11 settings all the way from a gentle ‘lick’ to a super-powered ‘suck’ that will take your breath away!


We mentioned toy cleaner earlier, and you should definitely get yourself a bottle of that stuff too. It might be only you using your toy, but it still needs to be cleaned. Spritz on, rinse off, and your fave toy will be ready for round two!




V-Day Vagina Blog POst

Valentine’s Day Vaginas

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, but maybe you can’t be bothered with chocolate, roses and Champagne. Single doesn’t always mean ready to mingle, and not all couples are into the lovey-dovey stuff… So what do you do on Valentine’s Day?

Here’s an idea: celebrate vaginas!

According to a recent survey by The Eve Appeal, only a third of women are able to correctly label all the different parts of the female genitalia. (More worrying is the fact that 50% of men couldn’t even identify the vagina in a diagram!)

That’s why this Valentine’s Day the Royal Institution is hosting a talk on the science, history, and culture of the vagina in ‘Valentine’s Day Vaginas’.

The talk will feature five badass speakers who are all experts in their field: Gabby Edlin, Elaine Miller, Kate Lister, Alix Fox and Florence Schechter.

Kate Lister Kate Lister, one of the speakers said “I’m delighted to be speaking at the Royal Institution on the history of the C-Bomb.

The language we use to describe our bodies, and in particular our reproductive organs, exerts a powerful influence on how we think about our sexuality.

In this talk, I’ll be unpicking the history of the most heavily tabooed word in the English language and how it speaks to far more pervasive taboos around the vulva.”

Alix FoxAlix Fox who will also be speaking said “Suitably enough, my section of the talk will fly by the seat of its reinforced-gusset pants, taking audiences on a whistle-stop tour of some of the most unusual things that people have inserted inside their front bottoms, and examining the science, sociology and psychology behind their actions.

From cervical piercings to handfuls of sand, bundles of banknotes to potty teapot lids, I’ll be chatting about some of the mind-bending things that have entered an opening owned by over half the population – and why it’s so damaging and dangerous that so many of us are closed off about discussing it.”

Find Out More About The Speakers

Gabby EdlinGabby Edlin, founder of Bloody Good period which raises money to supply female sanitary products to refugees, asylum seekers and others that can’t afford them. Gabby will be discussing why we’re so obsessed and appalled specifically by the blood that comes out of the vagina and how that reflects on society today.




Florence SchechterFlorence Schechter who, having discovered that there is a penis museum in Iceland and yet no vagina museum anywhere in the world, has made it her mission to create one in London. Florence will be talking about the public reaction to the vagina museum and facts and stories that the museum might include.



Kate Lister who curates the online research project ‘Whores of Yore’ will be discussing the reasons why one word in particular has become the most offensive in the English language.

Alix Fox is an ARIA award-winning broadcaster, journalist and sex educator. Host of The Guardian’s ‘Close Encounters’ sex documentary podcast, in-house agony aunt on The Modern Mann show, and ambassador for Brook young people’s sexual heath charity, her writing can be found in Marie Claire, Vogue, Grazia, Time Out and all decently indecent publications.

Elaine MillerElaine Miller who is a pelvic health physiotherapist and stand-up comedian will be discussing orgasms and how to improve them.


 All genders and sexualities are welcome. 




V-Day Blog POst

Kinky Cupid’s Class For Creative Couples

Surprise your lover with a kinky date night at Sh! for Valentine’s Day!

We will be hosting an exclusive class for only 5 couples, and our Kinky Cupid promises that the evening will be ‘Hotter than a flaming Sambuca, spicier than a Cordon Bleu curry and more sizzling than a Teppanyaki hotplate’!

Be the top (or bottom) of your lover’s dreams and learn how to plan a ‘scene’, where one of you takes control and the other deliciously relinquish for a Valentine’s date that is off the Richter Scale.

Gentle restraining for sensual power play, erotic teasing with soft ostrich feathers and hot wax drizzled onto bare skin all makes for a fantastically sensory experience for both you and your date.

Prosecco and delicious truffles will be served by our friendly team as lovers take turns to thrill, tease & tempt each other.

Each couple will receive a bondage gift, lovingly handmade by our artisan team in our studio in London.

Spaces on this exclusive class are limited to five couples only, so booking early to avoid disappointment is advised.

Tickets are £120 per couple.




From Boardroom to Bedrooom

From Boardroom to Bedroom: Fempire Valentines Special at Sh!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is about to spread its warming wings around us all…

We like a bit of romance just as much as the next person, but for us, self-love is more important and we were delighted when the Fempire Collective asked if we’d be up for celebrating the empowered female self. We jumped at the chance to collaborate with this a group of bright, ambitious women – a perfect partner for us here at Sh!

The end result is a curated event designed to elevate and inspire our fellow women to be as powerful as they want to be:

From Boardroom to Bedroom

On Sunday February 4th, join us at our award-winning erotic boutique in Hoxton for this special pre-Valentine’s Day panel event discussing the fine art of cultivating your confidence as a woman.

Panel discussions, burlesque performances and from Sh!, our own in-house sexuality educator Renee will be sharing her expert knowledge on your orgasmic potential in a fun and playful class dubbed Pussy Power, during which guests will be taken on a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights.

We’ll be sitting down with a group of fabulous females whose own missions are all about empowering women, breaking the taboo around sex and sexuality, and encouraging confidence in your body, your bedroom and your day to day life: OJ, Jessica Talbot Smith and The Scarlet Ladies.

Before the night is over, guests will be treated to a burlesque performance after which the performer will share how she brings her sexual empowerment into her day-to-day life, as well as how to feel confident in your own body…

Complimentary bubbly and fancies will be served, and Sh! will be kept open exclusively for Fempire attendees to browse with a 20% discount on all purchases made during the evening.


We can’t wait to see you there!

Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

Are You Ready for a Hot Valentine’s Weekend?

With Fifty Shades Darker there is no better time to start gathering inspiration and start planning the hottest weekend to date. But before you start the prep, why not take a few minutes to read this excellent blog piece on smashing sexual boundaries, stepping out of comfort zones and upping the O-game for 2017. It’ll put you in good stead for what’s to come…

Dressing For the Occasion

This year, kink is all the rage and we have a fantastic selection of outfits and accessories that are guaranteed to get pupils dilating and pulses racing.

Our favourite, the beaded teddy with long sleeves and face mask, is outrageously kinky and demure all at once. Wear it under a suit, rolling the face mask down as a regular turtle neck, whilst the beads glide and rub deliciously between labia lips for stimulation that is likely to have you panting before you’ve arrived at your destination. When you are ready, slip off your outfit, pull up the mask and you’ll be ready for whatever the night might bring…


For an even more jaw-dropping look, the fishnet bodystocking with O-ring cups and mask is a sure choice. It’s not discreet, it’s not demure – but it is hella sexy!

You Are Mine

Traditional Valentine’s Day cards usually come with a  romantic message of “will you be mine?”

Bah, is what we say to that.

For this V-Day, up the ante and let your inner Domme or Sub out to play!

Adding a BDSM collar can turn an already hot encounter into a blazing inferno. Placing a beautiful collar on a willing partner is incredibly sexy as it signifies ownership (even for a short, consensual while). What is more sexy than boldly stating “you are mine” whilst looking deeply into the eyes of a lover?

Whilst wearing the collar and handing themselves over to the capable hands of their Dom/me, the submissive partner sends out an equally powerful message: “I belong to you.”

MAZE Tassel Choker is a stunning collar disguised as a fashionable choker. The tassels hand seductively between the breasts, and can be used as a lead too… Made from faux leather, it’s ethical kink and 100% suitable for Vegans.

If you want to go a step further, we recommend this sexy MAZE Vegan H-shaped Bodyharness. It highlights the breasts, which can be encased in a favourite bra or decorated with sparkly nipple jewellery.

Wearing masks is a great way of stepping into a different persona for a little while. This stunning mask from Bijoux Indiscrets attaches to the face with tiny skin-friendly dots and adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Or lack of.  Because let’s face it – you may prefer to play completely naked…

Play With Me

We have a stunning selection of toys and accoutrements suitable for kinky play on any level. Here are our Top Three kinky must-haves:

Satin Ties with D-Rings are long, sensual ties that feel great against the skin. The ties are durable and can easily withstand playful struggles. Handing over control to a partner is relaxing and arousing – all you need to do is lie back and enjoy. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Wax Play Candles with a low burn temperature for safety. Light the candle, let the wax start melting before dripping the meltlets on to your partners naked skin. Allow each pop of heat to subside before dripping again to give them a change to absorb the warm sensations. The candles are perfectly safe to use on nipples and genitalia, but go slow. Building up intensity is all part of the fun.

Wax Play Candles

Wartenburg Pin Wheel – the wheel may look sharp, but when applied to naked skin, all it does it wake up sleepy nerve-endings and ensure they are on full alert. Roll gently over arms, legs, backs or breasts – add more pressure only if your partner asks for it.


Watching sexy clips and porn can be a great way of getting hot & wet together. Downloading some sexy feminist porn is probably the best way to start – faking actresses and men wearing socks doesn’t make anyone happy, so make sure to go ethical and you might find yourselves wrapped up in each other before long…

Watching porn together can offer up new things to try, new positions and ideas for pleasure that hadn’t previously been considered. And – the search for suitable clips is a whole lotta fun on its own!

Following our simple tips above, you’ll have a Valentine’s Weekend that’ll be remembered forever…


Wow Yourself For V-Day

Valentine’s Day can feel gruesome and daunting if you aren’t coupled up for this luvvy time of year: shops are filled with teddy bears, flower arrangements and cards so sweet your teeth hurt just looking at them.

There are plenty of things you can do with equally single friends on V-Day, like going for drinks and watch overly refreshed couples tongue-kissing each other. That’s always fun. Or go to a restaurant and count how many couples are staring meaningfully into each others eyes over bowls of freshly-made pasta. Also great fun.

Or you can heed our advice and spend the day in the best company of all: you own! No one to make polite small talk with, no one to look disapprovingly at your third martini and best of all, the only needs to be satisfied are your own!

It’s time to embrace Valentine’s Day as a Singleton.

Booking a massage is an excellent way of relaxing tense muscles and forgetting about the massive bouquet of roses Ruth in Reception received before lunch. We recommend trying a hot stone massage – utter bliss in the hands of a stranger. No need to worry about shaving, plucking or waxing – just let those experienced hands take care of you… Check GroupOn for good deals and book yourself in!

Having nails done is another great way of feeling pampered. We don’t necessarily mean pink polish – cuticle oil on chewed nails and a quick trim of tootsies feel amazing. Don’t worry if your feet have been hidden in boots all winter – just leave a decent tip before floating away on your newly-soft soles.

Treating yourself to some new undies is a quick and easy way of getting your wiggle on – the best kind of knickers are the ones you feel fabulous in. We love these rose lace and keyhole panties. They are well-cut and see-through, which can be fun even if you have no plans of showing them to anyone but yourself.

Wearing a Bracli classic pearl thong under your work wear is a pleasurable way of ensuring you feel juicy and in the mood all day long. The pearls glide and rub in all the right paces, and you might find yourself crossing your legs far more often that usual. Handmade in Spain with soft stretch lace and 46 body-safe genuine Manacor pearls, the Bracli pearl thong looks and feels incredibly luxurious. Perfect!

Bracli Pearl Thong £59

Investing in Your Pleasure

Getting ready for a night of ‘menage a moi’ starts with an empowering visit to your local female-friendly sex shop, where you can browse body-safe sex toys and erotica. The staff are used to nervous first-time visitors, so don’t waste time feeling awkward – just enjoy the fun atmosphere! Ask questions and touch the demo products on display; it’s all about finding goodies that catch your eye and your curiosity…

Our Top Three vibrator picks for a sexy, solo Valentine’s Day:

Satisfyer Pro Penguin – this super-cute and discreet toy offers clitoral suction with 11 levels of intensity.  Satisfyer Pro has changed the way women look at sex toys designed for clitoral use – instead of vibration, this toy uses air suction technology to create incredible orgasms in the shortest possible time.

Flicker, with its roll of soft silicone tongues lapping at the clitoris, is a fantastic choice if you enjoy dual stimulation but is looking for something different to standard Rabbit vibes. The firm shaft slides easily inside, and the smooth tongue movements can go forwards, backwards or – oooh – alternate back-and-forth, depending on preferences.

The Twizzler with its beret-style clitoral simulator is another exciting vibrator. Strong vibration coupled with constant twirling pressure on the clitoris is likely to have a woman seeing stars in no time… The shaft is a little longer, so a buzzing dream come true for anyone who adore deeper penetration.

Enhancing pleasure gels and a good bottle of waterbased lube are must-haves for a night of passion, with or without company. A pleasure gel helps bring blood to the area, increasing wetness and arousal. The lube makes play smoother and more comfortable, and together they add lots of fun to the experience!

Setting the Scene

Scented candles not only smell nice, they also offer soft, seductive lighting which can feel comfortable if you are unused to seducing yourself. Dona candles are indulgence at a purse-friendly price. Infused with safe, chemical-free aphrodisiacs and pheromones, the tantalising aromas of Dona candles will help put you in the mood for more.

Massage Candle

A good book will help build desire and getting your mind tuned into what’s about to happen (why, pleasure of course!). The Sexual Life of Catherine M is an autobiography of one woman’s journey towards sexual fulfillment and comes highly recommended. Another great Valentine’s Day read is Orgasmic, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. 25 hot stories all on the theme of female orgasms…

Just like any other scene of seduction, clean sheets and a few treats are necessary. A glass of fine fizz and a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries are yummy treats to enjoy. Whoever said that gluttony is a sin has clearly never enjoyed one breathtaking orgasm after another…

valentine's Reading Slam

Valentine’s Reading Slam

Join us for a fun evening of aural frolics saucy enough to make ears burn and cheeks blush! There will be bubbles whilst you mingle and plenty of time to browse and shop our super collection of sex toys just in time for a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

We have a stellar line up for you: Zak Jane Keir, K D Grace, Charlie Forrest, Exhibit A, The Other Livvy and Ishmael Skyes are all ready with their hottest stories for your pleasure…

Date: Friday 10th February
Time: 6.30pm
Address: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB
Price: FREE

The evening is a warm up for V-Day so make sure to book your FREE ticket now and we promise you’ll come away with some great ideas! *wink*

Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Romantic, Wild & Fantasy Valentine Date Lingerie

Dressing to impress for those perfect Valentine dates has never been easier – whatever your style – romantic, wild or fantasy, we have exciting lingerie to both look & feel great in. Our easy guide below will help create a Valentine’s Day (and night, more importantly!) that is as hot as can be.

As Easy Peasy as a Rom Com

Why make it harder than it needs to be – they meet, fall in love and have luscious, languishing love sex. All you need for an effective romantic date is sexy knickers and a pair of cute stick-on nipple decorations, preferably in the shapes of sparkly hearts

Panties that untie at the sides ensure you are the main gift this Valentine’s Day. You can either treat your lucky date to a teasing strip by untying the bows slowly, slowly whilst they watch… Or let them untie the knickers to reveal the most delicious dish of all – you!


Traditional Romantic Treat

Aptly named Cupid’s Bow Chemise & Thong is a more traditional Valentine’s treat, and perfect for that enamoured look. This gorgeous negligee with underwiring, light padding and pretty floral lace will have your partner’s eye’s popping in no time, giving you bucketloads of confidence to strut your hot stuff all night long.

fever-lingerie-midnight-open-crotch-body-frontYou can never go wrong with a sexy open-crotch outfit. This halter-neck bodysuit comes with fitted suspenders, ready for you to ravish a lover in style. With peek-a-boo cage bra and dainty bow detailing, tie halter neck and back strap fastening you can fit this body to your personal shape. To complete this seductive look, pair with a set of stockings and your favourite heels… Wowzers!

Sheer black garter dress with matching eye mask will turn up the heat on Valentine’s Night. Made with soft floral lace and side mesh panelling, thick soft straps and cross back detail to match the bust; this sexy little number has the power to unlock secret desires of your partner…

Yes Ma’am, The Wild Ride

Kinky crotchless garter panty will suit Femmes, Dommes and spoilt submissives. Pair with stunning stockings and the night is all yours…

Made from black elastic, the Garter Belt features four adjustable suspender straps and a gusset that cover the back entrance. When worn, the Garter Panty frames hips and lower part of stomach for a cute but kinky look to let free the most untamed you.

strap-lingerie-lolaIf you prefer to wear next-to-nothing, Happy Lola Straps lingerie is for you! Show off your best assets with luxury set of  invisible bra and panties with pretty ruffled edging. These sexy straps might not look like much, but they’ve been perfectly designed to fit around your thighs, hips and breasts. Beautifully flattering, these invisible undies will leave your partner spellbound and wild.

Fantasy Costumes

The Sexy Sweetheart costume is perfect for V-Day! Be their personal Queen of Hearts in this flattering chemise with removable suspender belts. Made from black soft spandex and luxurious red velvet ribbon trim, embellished with embroidered red hearts down the central panel and on the bottom of each front suspender strap; this fabulously fine costume will make you feel majestic!

The Sexy Police Costume will have hearts arresting and pulses racing as son as they lay eyes on you. Exude your authority with this raunchy costume made from a sheer black mesh material, leaving little to the imagination. Complete with an official ‘Special Police’ badge on the hem and peak police cap you’ll drive your perpetrator to confess (their fantasies) soon enough…

fever-lingerie-nurse-costumeFeeling peaky? Don’t worry – the Sexy Nurse is here to perk you up! Tend to your partner’s needs in a hot role-play bedroom scene for some seriously sexy playtime; this uniform will raise the temperature for sure… The costume comes complete with cute panties and a nurses cap for perfect finishing touches. Why not invest in matching Nurse hold-up stockings too?



Valentine's Day

My Valentine’s Dream Date

“So, what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, nothing much. He shows me love every single day of the year, so Valentine’s Day is his day off.”

This is without doubt the most romantic thing I have ever heard. A woman who doesn’t buy into V-Day and all the pressure that comes with it. I’ve seen, up close, what a lack of romance can do to someone on this one day of the year. A colleague once asked me to buy and post her a Valentine’s Day card, so our other colleagues would think she had a lover (sorry guys, it was only me). She didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t receive a declaration of love (there was around 2000 employees in the building so she was unlikely to be as alone as she felt – but it goes to show the effect Valentine’s Day can have on those who aren’t single by choice).

This has made me reflect on the smaller things. Having someone special make a call so you can wake up to their honey voice rather than a jarring alarm clock; having a bath ready and waiting for you after a long day or a favourite drink already fixed for when you get out of said bath… Those are all every-day signs of love.

Which isn’t to say I would say no to a sexy Valentine’s Day.

I can be swayed.

And swept off my feet.

And tied up to a four-poster bed at a swanky hotel in Paris.

Actually, if I’m honest, my dream V-Day date would take place right here in London. London has everything I need for a perfect day – and night.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson notoriously had the ultimate first date – an intense, rock & roll 24-hour extravaganza that left them panting (and getting married on a beach, but I’ll skip that part).

For my Dream Valentine’s date, I want to make the most of the full 24 hours too.

There is only one way to start off; a champagne breakfast. I don’t much care where, as long as I can drink expensive bubbles in the nude. That’s non-negotiable.

We’d go for lunch, and then take a leisurely walk through St James’s Park, my favourite spot in London. Do it the right way and it’ll take you past Buck House, the pond, Big Ben and you’ll end up at Trafalgar Square where you can mingle with both pigeons and tourists.

Dinner – nothing too heavy; what I have in mind for the evening requires energy drinks, so tapas, at most.

You see, my favourite part of a Valentine’s Day dream date would be to spend the night at my place of work – locked in. And alone with my date.

Locked into a sex shop, with full access to all toys, whips and massage candles… It’d be a feast for the senses!

kinky-banquetFull use would be made of blindfolds, wand massagers and tongue toys. We’d break out the Njoy toys, glass dildos and the strap-ons would get paraded around too… Nipple clamps would be tested, bums would be paddled and we’d use the wax play candles to drip gorgeous patterns onto each other. We’d read erotica out loud, and then act out the best scenes.

It would take all night, of course.

We’d leave in the morning, looking dishevelled and worn out, delightfully f*cked, high on love and endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers – nothing illegal).

Well, that’s my fantasy. I can’t say what my boss would make of it all, or who’d do the cleaning up but that’s the best part – a fantasy can be whatever you want it to be.

What’s your Valentine’s Dream Date?