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7 reasons to banish coconut oil from the bedroom

Living natural has never been more in vogue, from our millennial overlord the avocado to mayonnaise hair wraps, sometimes the perfect option can just be the one Mother Nature provided. And for a lot of us, that makes sense, why spend 30 quid on a bottle of face chemicals when a jar of coconut oil … Continue reading 7 reasons to banish coconut oil from the bedroom

Sexual Health Week: Vaginal Health

When we googled the word “vagina”, we found more than 1000 euphemisms. Beaver, clam, ladygarden, cock-sock (really?) and muff are a few. Being the forward females that we are, we quite like pussy and the dreaded c-word too, but we realise those words aren’t for everyone so we’ll stick with vagina. Keeping your vagina happy … Continue reading Sexual Health Week: Vaginal Health

Towards Sex Without Pain

Sex without pain – it’s something we all believe is our right – right? Sex is after all meant to be about pleasure, not pain. But a recent American survey, the ‘National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour’ has produced some startling statistics. Described as ‘the largest national sex survey ever published’, the result included … Continue reading Towards Sex Without Pain