Guy’s Guide to Female Pleasure

Guy’s Guide to Female Pleasure

Introducing our new class!

For the first time  ever, we are opening up our famous erotic classes to the fellas!

In a new men-only class, attendees will be taken on a guided tour of pleasurable peaks and orgasmic delights of women’s sexuality, covering  female anatomy & arousal,  tips & tricks on how to locate the G-spot, how to choose and use the right sex toys to enhance her pleasure and also what to expect (or not) from female ejaculation.

Most men learn about the ins-and-outs of pleasure by watching porn, and this can lead to all sorts of issues in the bedroom. We have been teaching informative and fun classes for women & couples for many years, and one request kept popping up:  our female customers wanted a class they can send male partners to. By attending one of our guy’s classes in December, you can really give her the gift that keeps giving this Christmas: PLEASURE!

This is the sex education everyone wishes they’d received at school.


Our Top 5 Pleasure Tips for Men:

  • All women are created equal but sexual responses are individual and unique.
  • Always approach a new partner with an open mind, giving heart and warm hands.
  • Pay attention to her responses; every sigh and wiggle is telling you something.
  • The tiny tip of the clitoris has around 8000 nerve-endings sitting atop it – this means she is hyper-sensitive so be gentle (for comparison: the glans of a man’s penis has 4000 nerve-endings).
  • Think of the clitoris as a clock-face with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom. Every woman has her very own, personal ‘Happy Hour’ – a clitoral pleasure time that makes her tick every time…


The *fully clothed* classes will be held at  at 57 Hoxton Square N1 6PB, and guests will be invited to make the most of an exclusive 20% discount.

5th December, 6.30pm  (£35)

19th December, 6.30pm  (£35)



Sh! on TV – coming soon

Lots of excitement at Sh! this week – one of our lovely Sh! Girlz is going to be on TV!

The Sh! Girlz - Sexperts who know their stuff!
The Sh! Girlz – Sexperts who know their stuff!

Channel 4 needed a sexpert to give advice and tips on a new show out in January – and, with years of experience discussing all things sexy, who more knowledgeable than the Sh! girlz? It’s all in the very early stages, but we’ve been sorting boxes of our loveliest sex toys, luscious lubes and other gorgeous goodies to be included in the show, and filming starts tomorrow…

Sh! Portobello Opening –

We’ve got some new pictures in from the opening of our new Sh! store in Portobello, and we just had to share! Have a look here for pics, plus a few of our older videos…

You can find dierctions to Sh! Portobello here, and our doors are open from eleven am til seven pm, seven days a week. We’ll be supplying all the high-quality sex toy goodies you know and love, including our very own Sh! dildos and strap on harnesses, and our lovely Shop Girlz will be providing the best of advice, and a great cup of tea. Come and pay us a visit if you can!