Easter Egg Hunt at Sh!

Easter Egg Hunt at Sh!

Join us for what will be an egg-stra fun Good Friday by hunting eggs at London’s best sex shop! Team up with your lover, BFF or make it a super-fun Tinder-date by swiping right on someone who looks like they’re up for an eggciting afternoon!

Hunters working in teams of two will unveil clues leading them to their next Tenga Egg – the adult version of Kinder Eggs – and the first team to bring back their filled basket will win a sexy hamper full of goodies.



  • Good Friday 14th April 2017 (Sold Out)
  • Easter Saturday 15th April 2017

Time: The hunts start at 3pm

Address: Sh! 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

The in-store Easter Egg Hunts are FREE to join, but spaces are limited so make sure to book in your team (of 2 hunters) now!

Book here:

Eventbrite Tickets to Easter Egg Hunt at Sh!  14th April (Sold Out)

Eventbrite Tickets to Easter Egg Hunt at Sh! 15th April 


*Participants must be 18 or over.

Men’s Health Week: Guest Blog from Pleasure Solutions on Sex After Prostate Cancer

Men’s Health Week: Guest Blog from Pleasure Solutions on Sex After Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can have a devastating effect not just on men’s health but also on their sex lives. People often forget the importance of sexual function in the lives of cancer survivors, male and female and the severe impact this can have on quality of life, self esteem and intimacy.

This week is Men’s Health Week so we asked Hilary Belcher of Pleasure Solutions to talk to us about some of the sexual consequences of prostate cancer and treatment.


“We believe everyone living beyond cancer has the right to return to a quality of sex life they’re satisfied with.”

To achieve an erection, a man needs to have healthy nerves to transmit pleasure messages, veins that can transport the blood that fills the penis to make it hard, vital tissues in the penile muscles that keep the erectile response and the desire to have sex which is a process involving both the brain and penis.

Prostate cancer and treatment can affect each of these necessary functions.  Pelvic Radiotherapy can cause cell and tissue deterioration, including damage to nerves and veins that are required to flood the penis with blood to create the hardness. Similarly non-nerve sparring surgery to remove the prostate gland can damage the nerves that relay pleasure message for sexual function.  Finally many men are required to take androgen deprivation treatment resulting in reduced production of testosterone and therefore impeding normal erectile function.

Statistics show that 60-80% of men recovering from Prostate Cancer still have erectile dysfunction (ED) even 2 years after finishing treatment.


These messages around erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer are important for men to understand fully before they enter treatment.  Many clinicians report that in the early stages of diagnosis the focus is on survival and messages about erectile dysfunction get lost.  It is only after treatment that the late effects of the treatment become important.  If men realised these long-term impacts earlier then they could take steps to rehabilitate their penis to keep its vitality and increase their chances of maintaining erectile function as a result.  In the stark but real words of Prostate UK charity “use it or loose it”.


Despite these disturbing statistics and the realities faced by many there are solutions available for men recovering from cancer and its treatment. Pleasure Solutions is a company that provides advice, information and scientifically designed products to help people respond to life-altering changes to their sex lives.

There are several products that can be helpful for men suffering from the after effects of prostate cancer treatments.

One of these is the innovative TENGA egg  uses a super-stretchable material that can be used on a non-erect penis.  Using an egg regularly will keep blood flowing into the tissues of the penis – te-loverskeeping it strong, healthy and less likely to shrink in size.

The hope is that individuals or couples using these TENGA eggs will maintain intimacy during a difficult time and even if an erection is not achieved the pleasure provided by these tools could lead to an orgasm.  It is important to demystify the association that a man needs an erection to climax.

Therefore, the diagnosis of prostate cancer does not need to mean the likely loss of erections. With the right attention and advice men ought to be encouraged to play with their prize organ, even when they don’t feel like it.  This is the sure way to learning that intimacy and pleasure might be different after a prostate cancer diagnosis, but they don’t have to be over’

Advice sex toys for men

Different Male Masturbators & How to Use Them

After years of squealing “eeeeuw” at the downright nasty “realism” of many male masturbator sex toys (and refusing to give such dodgy toys shelf-space), we have finally found some male masturbator toys that everybody can feel good about…

Whether you’re a sassy singleton or happily coupled-up, masturbation is healthy.

It’s a great way of finding out your likes and dislikes, it relives pressure if you’re feeling stressed or  just too darn frisky to not do it! Many people masturbate to fall asleep (insomniacs – take notice!) and others do it because they are  bored…

Whatever the reason, masturbation is a fabulous way of keeping a rosy glow on your cheeks!

We stock a fun selection of masturbators for men, and we have many female customers who buy them as treats for their partners. Men buy them for themselves too, of course, whenever they fancy something a little extra for the weekend.

One-Pop Masturbators

One-pop masturbators are the most popular gift for men in our London store. So many women buy cute Tenga Eggs for their men, as they can be used as a fun couples toy too.

Tenga Egg Masturbator
Tenga Egg Masturbator £10

Masturbation eggs are very innocent looking, so great if you are going away for the weekend, or if you have curious kids looking through your drawers. All they see it a cute egg shape in colourful wrapping!

Tenga Masturbator Cups feature no faux lady lips or pretend pubes, just a tunnel of lovely sensations, softly textured and slick with lubricant, all wrapped up in cool pop-art packaging. Our male customers  often buy the single-pop-cups for themselves.

Designed as a single-use, ‘one shot’ male masturbator experience (use condoms to extend usage), all Tenga Male masturbator toys feature a moulded silicone interior, approx 6 inches long, with lubricant already inside so sensations are always sensually slippery.

These revolutionary male masturbator toys have sold over 2,000,000 to date and are the best-selling male masturbator sex toys in Japan, where they hail from.


The most popular male masturbators at Sh! areTenga Eggs.

Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top
Tenga Egg Soft Silicone Top

The Tenga Eggs come with different patterns and textures, and they are all as popular as each other.

The Eggs are so easy to use: unwrap the shrink film, twist the plastic shell apart (just like you would with a chocolate Kinder Egg), take  out the soft silicone top . Open the accompanying sachet of lube, drizzle the lube into the egg, place the top over the head of your penis, and work it up and down, around and around or a mixture of both…

There are several eggs to choose from, such as ClickerWavy or Spider,  but whichever one you choose, you’ll have a great time!

How to use a Tenga Cup Masturbator:

Tenga Cup Masturbator
Tenga Cup Masturbator

1. Tear off the shrink film and take off the cap.

2. Take off the air-hole seal.

3. Insert your penis into the lubricated hole.

4. Move the cup up and down and enjoy the sensations!

Each Tenga Masturbator Toy has its own specific pleasures:

Deep Throat Cup: Change the strength of vacuum by pressing (and releasing) the air-hole.

Soft Tube Cup: Rub, knead, and grip the tube and feel the pressure of your own hand.

Rolling Head Cup: Stimulate the top of your penis by rolling.

Double Hole Cup: Enjoy the 2 different sensations from the 2 holes in the cup.

Air Cushion Cup: Enjoy the difference in pressure and vacuum by releasing.

Reusable Masturbators

One-pop-cups may seem like a lot of money – especially if you like to use them regularly. Instead, you might want to think about investing in a reusable masturbator.

OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker
OptiMALE Rollerball 2 Way Stroker

Reusable masturbators offer nodules and bumps and squeezes in all the right places.

We stock only aesthetically pleasing ones, so you needn’t worry about having to hide an unpleasant

looking masturbator from nosy flatmates.

A reusable masturbator will come with lube, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your favourite water-based lube instead.

Like all other sex toys, reusable masturbators are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

Vibrating Masturbators

Cobra Massager £87
Cobra Massager £87

We’ve long known that buzzing toys aren’t just for women – men can enjoy them just as much – and for the guys who enjoy vibrations, we have a selection of great, vibrating masturbators, even rechargeable ones or 2-way, interactive bluetooth ones!

Vibration over the glans (the head of the penis), against the frenulum and up & down the shaft can be intensely pleasurable, as can a well-placed buzz against the perineum (the area between ball-sack and anus).

Vibrating masturbastors are very easy to keep clean: simply wash with sex toy cleaner, rinse and leave to air dry.

Vacuum Pump Masturbators

Vibrating Penis Pump
Vibrating Penis Pump Masturbator £20

Many men enjoy the feeling of having their penis gently stretched, which is exactly what a vacuum pump does (very similar to clit pumping for women). Offering suction, enlargement and vibration, a Penis Pump Masturbator is a triple whammy of sensations!

A Vacuum Masturbator uses vacuum treatment on the inserted penis, improving penile tisse and blood-flow, resulting in a (temporarily) larger member and harder erection.

Used for solo play, the strap-on vibrating bullet adds a layer of extra excitement.

The Penis Pump Masturbators stocked at Sh! are intended for play only. In case of medical issues or erectile dysfunction, please see your GP.


Advice sex toys for men

Tenga Eggs

One of our favourite products, ever, is the Tenga Lovers edition of the ever popular Tenga Egg range of toys specifically made for the boys

For those not familiar with Tenga Eggs, they’re basically the adult equivalent of a Kinder egg just without the chocolate and with a much more worthwhile toy inside. They’re made from super-soft and stretchy elastomer which, when combined with a generous dollop of lube, feel super slippery and sensational when slid onto his manhood.

Tenga Eggs for Masturbation

Tenga Egg Lover's Edition £10
Tenga Egg Lover’s Edition £10

Well, firstly, the packaging is absolutely stunning. Its jet-black and champagne-pink shell is a striking contrast to the regular Tenga Egg packaging of white and silver. Where the regular eggs scream “Fun and Innovative” the Lovers edition purrs “Sexy and Sensational”.

As with every Tenga Egg, the pattern on the outer shell denotes what the texture will be inside. The Lover’s Egg is covered in sweet little hearts that provide a bobbly and bumpy feeling when slid along his shaft.

Sexy Tips for Couples

Not just for solo play, the Tenga Lover’s Egg edition is perfect for couples play too. The hearts add a hint of romance and the fact that it’s completely see-through means you get to see the pleasure as he feels it. It can be a sexy surprise to use on him whilst he’s blindfolded or steamy treat for you to watch as he uses it on himself (the only limit is your imagination).

Tenga Eggs (including the Lovers edition) are £10 each and can be used multiple times, provided you look after them.

 See one in action here (on a dildo).

Advice sex toys for men

Tenga Egg Review

Tenga Egg Twister £10
Tenga Egg Twister £10

Being women, we don’t have the necessary equipment to review the boy’s toys we stock ourselves, but of course we want to get feedback on them and make sure they’re great. So we asked a lovely fella we know for a review of one of our most popular men’s sex toys – the Tenga Egg Twister – and the results are back:

‘The Twister looks kinda odd – when I first saw it, I thought it might be chocolate! It’s pretty self-explanatory though – the sleeve pops out, along with a sachet of lube, so it’s pretty self-contained.

Overall, it’s a great toy – the texturing was very stimulating for me, also the amount of friction. I like that the sleeve part is very stretchy too – it was great to give the whole length, not just the head, some attention.

Another good thing about this egg is, if you keep the actual ‘shell’, you can put the sleeve and lube sachet back in and close it up again before throwing it away, so it’s really discreet (specially if you’re living in a shared house or something).

At £10 a pop, it’s not your everyday toy, but I’m definitely interested in trying out the other ‘flavours’, maybe for special occasions.’

Tenga: Cool Toys for Boys


Easter Goodies…

 Easter Goodies
Easter Eggs!

The Sh! Girls are getting ready for Easter with these Easter Goodies!

We don’t now if you’ve noticed the themes on the blog this week, but we’ve got rabbits, easter eggs, and chocolate all ready for easter treats for our lovely ladiez and gents.

A rabbit vibe, an egg vibe, or a Tenga Egg makes a fantastic pressie at the time of year – and sharing delicious chocolate body-paint is a fantastic couples’ indulgence….

Sex Toy Review: Easy living

‘Easy Living’ Magazine gave some of our fave sex toys a mixed review last week – their conclusion seemed a bit negative, so here’s the Sh! Girlz take on the sex toys they reviewed

‘Feeling It, not Faking It’
Our luscious DVD from top director Petra Joy didn’t find favour with the reviewers, who would have preferred ‘American stuff with pneumatic blondes and muscle bound hunks’.  Which is absolutely fine, because everyone has their own fantasties – but we do think ‘Feeling it not faking it’ is a bit sexier than it’s given credit for.  Petra Joy takes real fantasties and creates them, in an unthreatening and sensual way.  We love the idea of real women enjoying their real lovers on camera – partly because we know they’re genuinely enjoying themselves, and partly because it’s hot!

Tenga Egg
We have heard such nice things from boys who have tried the Tenga Egg, the Sh! Girlz are a little bit jealous we can’t test it ourselves!  The textured tube, along with special lube, is a perfect boy-toy for giving a fellah a great solo experience.  It’s not meant to imitate a lady-garden, it’s purely designed on the idea that, hey, boys like to feel enclosed.  And as for ‘the sort of thing lonely Japanese businessmen use in their pod hotel rooms’ – way to stereotype much?  We reckon there’s lots of fun uses for the Tenga Eggs that can involve a couple.  You can involve it in foreplay, lay him down and use it on him, use it if you’re not in the mood but want him to have his fun…the possibilities are endless! Alternatively, it makes a great present if your fellah’s going travelling – it lends ‘thinking of you’ a whole new meaning!

Je Joue G-Ki
The reviewer took the independant approach to testing this, and did so in her own time without her man around.  While we reckon toys that bring couples together are fantastic, we also reckon women taking time out to be sexual with themselves is a good thing, and the reviewer fearlessly did just that.  Also, we agree with her that adaptability is one of the reasons we absolutely adore the G-Ki – it can be adjusted to what feels best for you, and gives perfectly placed clit and G-spot vibes at the push of a button!

Best Women’s Erotic Stories 2010

This hot collection of stories – one of our latest lovely books for women – is edited by Violet Blue, a lady who knows what’s what – and what’s hot!  She’s covered a fairly broad base with her stories – ‘Vegging’ is one of the more far-out ones, but the wonderful Betty Dodson was doing it with aubergines in the 70’s!  And, this Sh! Girl’s personal favourite, ‘Straight-Laced’ – (it’s about sneaky sex in the lingerie department with an excited customer) is a pretty sweet, conventional tale with a hot twist!  Of course, any
erotic collection
is like a box of chocolates – you need to dip to find your favourites, but there’s something there for everybody!

So, all in all – when it comes to G-Spot toys, sexy men’s toys, hot DVDs and sexy books – we would, we could, and if we fancy it, we will!