Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat

With the weather yo-yoing like we don’t know what at the minute, we thought this a good time to answer some of our favourite customer queries concerning temperature play…

Why the flip would you put a heating setting on a dildo?

This in the same question we’ve been asked again and again in-store by customers when explaining this delightful function on our crowd-pleasing Zalo Queen vibrator. ‘How is heat going to help to prong my G-Spot up into somersaults? I thought it was all about positioning and tempo?’ Well, you’re not wrong but heat can go a long way when it comes to pleasuring your Grafenberg Spot (because, of course, this misunderstood mecca of female pleasure was named after it’s male “inventor”).

First of all, it draws blood to the area it’s making contact with. If that area happens to involve your clitoris gland in any way, which your Queen G no doubt is, that’s going to encourage swelling or state of arousal. All your attention is going to be centered directly upon this sweet spot. If you’re feeling a bit nippy – then it is the perfect ice-breaker. You don’t have to take its temperature hotter than your natural body. By doing this and stopping it at this point it aids your body’s relaxation.

But what if your toy has no heat setting? Glass and metal dildos are other great options are their compositions ensure that they will naturally adapt to match your body temperature.

What if I like to feel a hot sting?


You are not alone. However, we would not suggest trying this internally. We stock candles that burn at body-safe candles that you can drip on bare skin to your heart’s content. The further away you hold the candle, the less hot the wax will be as it touches the skin. This is great to do on a blindfolded partner as depriving certain senses like this will cause their others to heighten. If you take your time with it you can actually watch them squirm in excited anticipation for whatever is about to happen.

If this isn’t for you then perhaps you want to try a colder sensation? But it’s so grey and cold outside already, we hear you complain. Don’t let the outdoors put you off – an ice cold blast can cause your hairs to prick up like no other. Plus, you can always warm up together beforehand to get the ball rolling. For instance…


Why not have a hot bath with your lucky partner beforehand to warm things up? You can caress and massage each other to get your oxytocin flowing and prepare yourselves for what’s to come. Once you’re sufficiently steamed, move to wherever is comfortable and introduce some ice cubes into the mix. Or, if you want to taste something sweeter – why not sub in ice-lollies instead? These are perfect for teasing on the skin around your partner’s preferred erogenous zones and following shortly afterward with your tongue. It’s sticky, messy and delightfully fun. We would, however, recommend you keep these well away from genitals as the high sugar content of ice pops will most likely cause an unwanted bout of thrush.

How can I avoid cold, rough hands?

Cold weather is a beast of burden on many levels. You have to wear a million layers only to get anti-socially sweaty on the tube, for one.

Another – which can be particularly detrimental in the bedroom – is that the cold air and wind dries out the skin on your freezing hands. Regularly wearing gloves may be the obvious solution but we are thinking outside the box here.

So how can you get around rubbing borderline-emery boards on your most sensitive spots?

You could start by giving an oiled up massage either to your partner(s) or yourself. Rubbing the oil into your hands before massaging it into the skin will adjust your body temperature before shocking the lucky recipient.

Otherwise, use this cold temperature to your advantage in using your fingertips to tickle and dance around the skin first – the more goosebumps, the better. In using oil rather than a gel to use in your sensual massage, this will, of course, moisturise and hydrate the skin – getting rid of that damned coarseness!


Another option if you’re going it alone and are feeling cold is to start hands-free. Drop a small drip of ON arousal oil onto your clitoris and open up your favourite erotica book. If you’re not into reading then get comfy, close your eyes and let your favourite fantasies take hold. When you feel ready to involve your hands start over clothes moving lightly however you like. A good water-based lube is also perfect for drier skin as it hydrates it when applied and creates a good protective layer between your hands and the sensitive area in question.

Black Latex Gloves (£4 for 10 pack)One last option that may not initially sound very sexy is that of rubber gloves. If your hands are particularly rough and perhaps you want to play around with some butt stuff, these are a really great alternative. They’re hygienic, smooth and gentle enough to the skin inside the anus, which is extra sensitive. We stock them in black latex and baby pink latex-free versions.

Summer Sex: The Guide to Getting Hot and Heavy

Summer Sex: The Guide to Getting Hot and Heavy

Oh God, can you feel that? It’s actually summer. Lets us bow down or bend over and worship the sun gods.

Anyway this week we’re talking sex for when it’s hot 😛

Enjoy a little temperature play

It’s hot it’s sticky, wouldn’t some cool glass feel good against your body right about now? Glass is a great way to experiment with temperature play, try putting a glass toy in the fridge for a couple of hours and then enjoy its exhilarating touch. They are also, durable and waterproof, so you could also try bringing it into a refreshing cool shower.

Currently on sale, a perfect summer toy


Make the most of those long summer evenings

It’s light it’s warm, maybe you could even take things outside. As long as you find somewhere secluded. Bring some Champagne and strawberries and recreate that picnic scene in Stardust. You might even see a shooting star, the Delta Aquariid meteor shower peaks at the end of August and after that it’s the Persiad. And if that doesn’t work out maybe the thrill of getting down in the beauty of nature will have you seeing some other stars.

More of a city kid?

Why not take advantage of the long summer evenings to learn something new. Come along to one of our erotic classes, we’ve got a Blow His Mind class coming up on the 27th of July, plus plenty of other fun options to fill your evenings this summer.


Strip Down

It’s hard to sleep at night when it’s so warm. Snugly pajamas are out, sleeping naked is in. It’s definitely too warm to wear a bra, so why not try out some nipple adornments, for some cool fun. Or invest in some seductive lingerie to keep you from being weighed down by layers of clothing.

Or is that still too hot? Try a striptease and send the non-literal temperature soaring.


Aim for some afternoon delight

Did you know you’re most likely to have an orgasm at around 3pm?

Apparently this is when women’s bodies have the highest level of cortisol, which affects energy and alertness to stimuli. Stimuli that here means enjoying all the sex. And if your lover is male he might have an afternoon boost of estrogen which can make him more emotionally tuned in and likely to indulge in a session of hefty foreplay.

So bunk off work, go lie in an air conditioned room and get off.

Check out the cute little orgasm face
Check out the cute little orgasm face

Enjoy some alone time

Is the thought of someone touching you …uff just not doing anything for you right now?

That is cool. It’s all cool. Find yourself a good book and a good toy and a chill spot and enjoy some time to yourself. Work up a fun sweat, forget the frustration of overheated tubes and having to do things besides lie in the park and eat ice cream.

What about this fab book on phone sex, you don’t even have to think about someone touching your heat flushed skin. Equal parts funny and sexy for an enjoyable and informative afternoon, take notes for a cooler season. phone-sex_1