WIN The Great British Lesbian Hamper worth £500+

A new month means a new competition and Girl! – do we have an AMAZING  giveaway for you this month…

Rainbow LipsAs #queerpioneers, we’ve dedicated the last 25 years (woop!) to #pleasuringlesbians (well, our products have – we’d have been waaaaay too busy to run a shop otherwise!) and we want to make Pride 2017 the biggest and bestest ever – celebrating queer identity & culture in all its magnificent rainbow-glory!

We’ve been so excited about this, but we’ve managed to keep mum – until now that is:

We are giving away a Hamper full of sex toys, worth over £500!

That’s right, people £500+ worth of sex toys for you (and a beau perhaps) to enjoy…

We’ve packed the Great British Lesbian Hamper full of anything and everything you could ever need – we want to give the winner the time of their life; sexy experiences to enjoy time and time again!

For a closer look at the goodies inside the Hamper, scroll past the giveaway (once you’ve entered, of course!) and prepare to be amazed…

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Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in the Great British Lesbian Hamper:

Sh! Bliss G-spot Vibrator – with 7 setting to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Velvety silicone covers the entire shaft and angled head, making Bliss very sensual to enjoy.

Sh! Waterproof Rabbit – our bestselling rabbit vibe with 12 thrilling settings to explore. If you adore clit stimulation this toy delivers. The cute rabbit ears hug the clitoris, delivering intense vibes to the sides rather than directly onto the tip…

Sh! Glass Pink Double Dildo – stunning dildo with solid ribs and bumps in all the right places. Leave it to cool down in the fridge or run under warm water for exquisite temperature play.

Womanizer Pro W500 – fun peppermint version of this bestselling sex toy with sucking sensations. 8 settings deliver stonking orgasm after stonking orgasm – Womanizer is every toy connoisseurs’ must-have!

Rocks-Off Finger Tingles Vibrator – turn your fingers into tantalising temptresses, ready to offer buzzing pleasure at the press of a button…

Dildo HeartsSh! Cupid 3 Rainbow Dildo – specially made for celebrating Pride 2017! 6 inches long, with a rounded head and curvy, tapered shaft (1.5 inch at widest) delivers a winning combination of perfect penetrative pleasure. Hand-poured by our Dildo Mistress right here in London.

Sh! Leather 2-Strap Dildo Harness – best-selling strap-on harness in soft, supple leather, regularly receives 5* customer reviews. This harness is sensual, practical, secure and very comfortable for all strap-on play. Choose between black, purple, baby pink, hot pink, baby blue or red.

Thigh Harness BlackSh! Thigh Strap-On Harness – handmade right here in London, this is an innovative alternative for strap-on play. the thigh harness straps a dildo to your leg to deliver thigh-humping penetrative pleasure to your lover…

Sh! Lube – two bottles of water-based and paraben-free Sh! Lube should be enough to see you through the rest of the Summer!

Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug -smooth butt plug in small size suitable for beginners. Included is also a bottle of 25ml anal lube for comfy play.

Sh! Leather Blindfold – leather blindfold is gently padded and secured comfortably with an elasticated strap. Soft, sensuous and opaque (no peeping!). Handmade right here in London.

Sh! Wax Candles 3-Pack – handcrafted for sexy simplicity as well as safety, these dripping candles are specially designed to have a low burning temperature, offering enough heat for that unparalleled sensual sensation of hot wax, without burning the skin.

bondage-ropeSh! Bondage Tape – self-clinging tape, ideal for quick and easy bondage games. 20 meters of tape for playful fun – choose between red, pink or black.

Sh! Toy Cleaner – speedy, safe cleaning product that’s suitable for use with all sex toys and all sex toy materials. Ensures all your sex toys are clean, fresh and free from harmful bacteria every time you want to play.

Ostrich Feather – approximately 20″ long for stroking and playful tickling. Choose between black, red or purple.

The Art of Lesbian Lovemaking – an updated version of the lesbian Kama Sutra. 44 chapters full of insightful and inspiring tips and techniques, written and compiled by Rose Black & Lilly Gluck, founders of lesbiankamasutra.com.

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Good Luck!

Rainbow Roses

Win Wish Pebble Vibrator! Worth £119!

Win Wish Pebble Vibrator! Worth £119!

We’re looking for a home for this £119 toy – and it even comes with an app! 😀

We-Vibe Wish Pebble, is a luxury pebble-style vibrator with 10 preset modes to enjoy by yourself or with a lucky lover. Soft, padded exterior elevates this clitoral stimulator to luxe heights, and its rumbly vibrations offers pleasure to the broader area of the vulva.


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Disclaimer: Your email address may be used by Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for marketing purposes.

Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Mini Marvels Massager Competition

Play and Win a Mini Marvels Massager

We love you, we really do… so we are giving out a Marvelous Massager in fresh, funky orange!  It is a powerful palm vibrator that delivers intense vibrations for all-over pleasure.

Slip your fingers into the grooves for intuative pleasure where ever they touch or lay the massager flat along the labia or place the grooved area so it surround the sensitive clitoris.

Play with a tweet or follow us on Facebook and get the chance to win this amazing high-tech toy! ;D


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Deal of the Day

Get a FREE Dual Tool!

Deal of the Day:

Buy a Double Strap Leather Harness and receive a Matching Dual Tool for FREE!

Two Strap Harness £42

The most popular strap-on we manufacture is the Double Strap Harness – in fact it’s the best-selling product we manufacture, bar none!

This harness is made from soft, subtle leather in a design that sits snugly around the hips and tightens simply yet securely using slim, double D-rings. No buckles feature in this design, so whatever hot position you get yourselves into, no-one will get buckle-bruise!

“Brilliant, very secure and reliable, and hard wearing too” Rating: [5 of 5 Stars] 

Buy a Double Strap Leather Harness and receive a Matching Dual Tool for FREE!

The Sh! Dual Tool is a clever little accessory that ensures the wearer also gets to enjoy some seriously hot penetrative action! Manufactured in soft leather, the Dual Tool is easy to slip onto the rear straps of the Double Strap Harness, and it provides soo much fun!

 Let us know you want a FREE Dual Tool along with your Double Strap Harness by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 18th). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

Deal of the Day

Get a FREE Silicone Dildo!

Deal of the Day:

Buy a Sh! Thigh Harness and receive a Wirly Girly 1 Silicone Dildo for FREE!

Our own-brand Thigh Harness straps a dildo to your thigh for leg-trembling fun!

thigh-harnessThe Sh! Thigh Harness fastens securely and comfortably with an elasticated strap, threaded through two large D-rings & doubled back onto Velcro. The harness is designed to fit any size of thigh, and is very easy to use. It offers an alternative to the hip-shaking bump & grind movement of a conventional strap-on, and many women find operating a thigh harness easier, and sometimes more natural, than a strap on harness on their hips.

Buy a Sh! Thigh Harness today and receive a FREE Wirly Girly 1 Silicone Dildo!

Cute and dinky, Wirly Girly 1 is the smallest dildo in our range and it’s particularly popular for newcomers to anal play. The thin, ribbed body offers sexy sensations to sensitive nerve endings in the anal canal, and as it’s a shortie, you needn’t worry this dildo ever go ‘too deep’.

Wirly Girly is our range of slim/thin dildos which have a gentle, swirly shape that provide subtly ribbed sensations. Wirly Girly 1 is hand poured from medical grade silicone, phthalate-free and very easy to clean.

Tip: Ensure you use a good waterbased lubricant with your Wirly Girly 1, like our paraben-free Lush Pure+.

Let us know you want the free Wirly Girly 1, along with your purchase of a Thigh Harness by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 15th). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

21st Birthday Offer 3


Deal of the Day:

Buy a pair of leather wrist cuffs and receive a matching blindfold for FREE!

The Sh! couture wrist restraints are hand crafted in our East London workshop, and make an excellent choice for stylish yet comfortable bondage. The cuffs are lined with faux fur for chafe-free play, and each have a D-ring for tying together. Beautiful and practical, these restraints will have your captive on his/her knees in no time!


Buy a pair of our bondage cuffs and receive a FREE blindfold in a matching colour.

Let us know you want the free blindfold, along with your purchased pair of bondage cuffs by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 3rd). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

21st Birthday Offer 2


 Deal of the Day:

Buy a Bondage Collar and receive a matching Chain Lead for FREE!


The Sh! couture bondage collars are hand crafted in our East London workshop. The 2” leather collars are lined for chafe-free domination, and beautiful enough to be worn as part of an outfit. Each collar features a central D-ring ready to clip a chain to.




Buy one of our stunning bondage collars and receive a FREE chain lead in a matching colour.

Let us know you want the free chain lead, along with your purchase of a bondage collar by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

 This offer is valid today only (April 2nd). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!


Sh! 21st Birthday


Having come a long way from the days of renting shop space weekly and saving leccy money in a glass jar, Sh! founders and Directors Kathryn Hoyle and Sophie Walters today wave their pink Magic Wands over the Sh! warehouse & workshop, website & e-tailing (that’s mail order to you and me), and a team of dedicated Sh! Girlz in the Hoxton Square store.

Not only has the company come on in leaps and bounds over the past 21 years, but so has women’s attitude to sex and sexuality. 21 years ago, a woman was seen as a crazed nymphomaniac if she owned a vibrator ~ these days women are almost seen as prudish if they don’t..!

Sex toys have come and gone, designs are getting smaller and more stylish, sex toy materials have their own hashtags on Twitter and women are openly reading erotica on the tube (Thank you, EL James!). Without Kathryn & Sophie, we doubt much of this would have been possible; heading up the first female-run British business selling sex toys with the focus solely on women surely took both guts & balls…albeit pink, sparkly ones with attached remote control and 10 speeds!


‘Our customers are fiercely loyal and supportive of us, spreading the Sh! word and introducing their friends to Sh!, so we want to thank them AND celebrate British business, by offering great freebies on our own manufactured products that are all made by the Sh! Girlz, in the UK.’

Kathryn Hoyle, March 2013


In short, we have 21 amazing deals on our own-brand products and here’s the first one!

Buy a Sh! Vibrating Bullet
Get a FREE copy of our 2012 Limited Edition book SEX: The Bible!


Sex: The Bible


SEX: The Bible showcases all that is Sh! and includes steamy erotica by some of Britain’s best authors, stunning images by British artists and Sh! Girl memories – this book is a real gem that cannot be bought for love nor money! (This is absolutely true: SEX: The Bible is not for sale).

Let us know you want the Limited Edition book, along with your purchase of a Sh! Bullet by sending us a Happy Birthday message in the comments box of your order!

This offer is valid today only (April 1st). Check back tomorrow for a hot new deal!

On the 9th day of Kissmas…

On the ninth day of Kissmas, my lover gave to me…

A free 250ml bottle of Lush Pure Plus Lubricant with every Fun Factory toy and charger in store today!

Fun Factory Delight
Fun Factory Delight

Buy any Fun Factory rechargeable vibe, and the Fun Factory Click and Charge, and receive a free 250ml bottle of Lush Pure Plus Lubricant. Fun Factory’s super sensual silicone vibes are quiet, yet powerful! Perfect for this busy festive season… And just a squirt of Lush Pure Plus gives you a silky smooth toy that lasts and lasts!

*This offer is only available at our Hoxton store today (Friday 21st December, 2012)*