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Enhancing Anal Play and Pleasure

Before you get down to some really pleasurable anal play, there are a few things to think about, so here we’ll take you through what you may need to stock up on before heading in through the back door… Lubricant is essential to ensure ALL your anal play is pleasurable Lube is the most important thing … Continue reading Enhancing Anal Play and Pleasure

How to do Sensual Erotic Massage

The skin is the body’s largest erogenous zone  with millions of sensory receptors,  all of which deliver amazing pleasure especially when your skin is overloaded with sensations. Skin is  receptive to a whole range of erotic touches from fingertip light to full-on sensation. There are extra sensitive receptors in genitals and nipples, but just diving straight … Continue reading How to do Sensual Erotic Massage

Lube for Anal Sex

The lowdown on the best lubes for anal play… Using lube for anal sex is crucial as the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication of its own. Lube protects anal tissues which are more delicate and easily torn than those of the vagina. Using lots of lube during every kinds of anal play is absolutely … Continue reading Lube for Anal Sex