Documentary Series at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

A new sexual revolution is underway! Sex is no longer a subject to shy away from, and — you might have noticed — sex shops no longer have to be seedy man-holes.

Even gender itself has started to become redundant. And in the age of hashtags (#metoo #timesup), of swiping left and right to fix up dates, the rules of sexual engagement are being rewritten.

Sh! is at the epicentre of all these trends, and since opening 26 years ago has been ahead of the sexual curve — providing a hub for an uninhibited conversation about sex in a warm and safe environment, and championing the women’s perspective.

Which is why we, as a couple of documentary filmmakers, have approached Sh! to develop a TV series about the Emporium. We’d like to find out more about the Sh! clientele, why they shop here, what their experiences have been, and what journeys they’re going on.

Whether you’re straight, gay, trans, pan or bi; whether you’re old or young or something in between; whatever size you are, or shape, or religion, whether you’re able-bodied or indeed tick many of these boxes (Sh! customers assume pretty much every form) we’d love to hear from you.


At this stage we’d like to have strictly off-the-record conversations to find out your story. All conversations will be treated in complete confidence and with absolutely no obligation to take part in any filming.

If you would like to set up a phone call or meet up then please get in touch with the production team at

We look forward to hearing from you,

Carly & Nick

Love Awards Blog Piece

Love London 2018 Awards: Vote for Sh!

Throughout March and April, Time Out Magazine (London) is asking readers to vote in the Love City Awards – a chance to bring shine to hidden gems and let others find out about the best places in town.

Get involved and show your favourite Women’s Erotic Emporium some love! Spread the word, tell your friends and those yet to pass behind the gold curtain.

Follow this link to Time Out and place your LOVE AWARDS  vote. Your appreciation means the world to us 😀

Get vocal for your local (sex shop) and vote for Sh!

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Happy Birthday to Sh! – Read some of our best Sh! stories

Happy Birthday to Sh! – Read some of our best Sh! stories

Today is Sh’s 24th birthday! Since 1992 we have been helping women to enjoy happy, healthy sex lives.

A trip around London’s sex shops in the early 90’s revealed that women were simply not being catered to.  Sh! was founded with just Sh-in-the-beginning1-e1401788565304-_resized240x150£700 and the dream of creating an inviting space with clued-up, sensitive staff. Somewhere where women could shop for good quality erotic playthings without feeling awkward, unwelcome or embarrassed.

Described as “true pioneers” (The Observer Magazine) “ground-breaking” and “the best sex shop for women” (Time Out), Sh! is a welcoming, honest and informative enviroment, where women can comfortably talk about sex and sex toys.

Now we have 24 years experience, talking intimately to women about all aspects of sex and we’d say we’re experts in the field! We’ve advised thousands of ‘pre-orgasmic’ women, along with vagismus sufferers and survivors of cancer and rape and we continue to answer new questions every week. We also host Cafe V with the My Body Back project to provide a safe space for people to talk and learn about sex after sexual assault.

We’re very proud of our artisan handmade sex toys, our knowledgeable staff, our body safe products and our inclusive attitude.

Sh! Shop5Today we’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of Sh! history and share with you some of our favourite Sh! moments.  If you have a Sh! story leave a comment or tweet us @ShWomenstore. Or you could visit us in store and grab some birthday cupcakes with the Sh! Team.

Renee our amazing shop manager shares some of her most memorable Sh! moments:

  • The customer who was so drunk, she decided to lean against the wall for a little rest… Only there was no wall there.
  • The shoplifter who tried to steal a vibe by placing it in her knickers…
  • The A-lister who said her equally famous boyfriend gave her “10 out of 10 for blow job”.
  • The woman who’d been told by doctors she’d never enjoy sex again – she called to say she’d had an orgasm!
  • Being invited to talk to a group of HIV+ / FGM women – beyond my wildest dreams when I started at Sh! 9 years ago… 
  • The man who emailed me a picture of his meat & two veg on a plate, covered in baked beans… There really was no need! #Memories

Ky our managing director also has some pretty memorable stories:

  • Hearing magistrate conclude ‘No case to answer’ whilst in court, accused by local council for running an unlicensed sex shop – Phew!
  • Putting that toy through the Xray machine at Downing Street = heart in mouth as I awaited imminent alarm & impending tussle with  floor MI5.
  • Being given the lesson, by a titled Lady, that #sextoys do NOT make good small talk at a Downing Street reception…
  • Live interview on Sky News. Put so much make-up on MD, I looked like #Trump.
  • The WHOLE warehouse emptied by thieves = Team tears, then giggles at idea of shifting 500 x stolen Sh! dildos down pub
  • Refusing phone call from ‘potential investor from Formula One’ Now, who could that have been…?


We’ve also got some memorable moments from the rest of the team!

Aphra – My most memorable Sh! moment was Sophie covered in red pigment coz ‘someone’ forgot to put the lid back on!

Sophie – My top moment was opening the doors of our best ever store in 1999.

Orsi –  The first day at the HQ, colourful dildos and cute puppy dogs all over the place. And kind of every time I tell someone I work for Sh!

Mandy –  If you work for Mail Order you have many memorable moments. Mine was when an 81 year old, elderly women called me to thank me for sending some extra batteries for her Sh! Easy Egg and that she needed some more. That gives me hope.

Kate –  The first time someone came back to the shop to personally thank me. The first time I cried with a customer while counselling. The first time someone told me, “Well madame, that’s a mean cuppa.”

Sh! Wins Best LBQ Business Award at Planet London Awards.

Sh! Wins Best LBQ Business Award at Planet London Awards.

We are so honoured to have won Best LBQ Business Award at the Planet London Awards.

The awards have been running since 2013 and exist to celebrate  the hard work of  grass roots event organisers and community businesses who are committed to improving the lesbian, bi and queer scene.  This year almost 4,000 women cast 47,523 votes to decide the winners across the 40 categories.

We beat some strong competition in the form of Barberette, Pink Lobster Dating, Pretty Pink Pearl, Square Peg Media and That’s the Spot.

Our own Kate Frank was there to pick up the award for the Sh! team. She gives us her thoughts on the night:

“It was an absolutely fabulous night, well… late afternoon!

Broadway Theatre was full of empowered, inspiring women. I was sitting there, in full #powerlesbian mode, next to Sarah Waters! (Yes, I was fangirling hard, as was everyone else in the room – reading ‘Fingersmith’ in my early teens  was a major sexual identity breakthrough).

I was amazed by the supportive and warm atmosphere. Katie and Naomi did wonderful job, not only by inviting such an inspiring
crowd but also by creating a fun yet professional event. I was surprised and flustered when Sh! was called to collect an award for the most inspiring business serving the Lesbian, Bi Queer & Questioning community. I thanked everyone on behalf of the whole Team Sh! and invited everyone to join us for a Spank You Very Much Class.

Every day we are working hard at Sh! to create an empowered and safe space for women to explore their sexuality.  Such a rare and precious space is worth protecting.  It is one of the few sex education platforms that not only sprung from the queer community, but has many LBQ staff and continues to base its practices on the experiences and life stories that queer women share with us.

Working in a family-like, women orientated small business that has been focused on sexually empowering women since the 90s’ (some of our Team Sh! girls are younger than our shop!) is one of the best jobs a girl in London can have. That’s why I am always dying to talk about Sh! to anyone who would like to listen… and on that night I had a full room of gorgeous, powerful LBQ women who were very eager to let me do so.”

The nights other awesome winners were:


Independent Author – Kiki Archer

Publishing House Author – Sarah Waters

LBQ Book  – Too Late I Love You by Kiki Archer

International Festival – Pride In London

LBQ Comedian – Rosie Wilby

LBQ Live Performance Event – Coming Out of my Box by Emma Stroud

Musician – Solo Artist – Lucy Spraggan

Musician – Group/Band – Playing House

Live Performance Performer – MIRI

Recorded Performance Performer – Lucy Spraggan


Voluntary/Community Project – Love Human Rights

Journalist – Katie Bennett-Hall

Photographer/Videographer – Laura Dixon

Local Network/Forum – Gay Women’s Network

Best/most effective LBQ focussed politician – Sandi Toksvig


Role Model – Rosie Spaughton

LBQ Blogger/Vlogger Rose Ellen Dix

Volunteer – Sarah Lavender


Radio Show or Podcast – The Girls Hour

Web series – She’s in London

Independent Film – Crazy Bitches

Short Film – Life in Colors

Media Outlet (online or print) – Diva Magazine


DJ – Carmen London

Inclusive event – Project X

LBQ friendly space –  SHE Soho

Event organiser – Nikki Chubb

Bar staff  – Bex Smith and Cressida Lawlor

Security staff – Anna Georgiou, Pinx Security

Most Creative Space or Event – Sink the Pink


DJ – DJ Lady Lola

LBQ friendly space – Diva Cafe

Most Creative Space or Event – Brighton Pride


Social Group Organiser – Jennifer Lorrimer, LezBeSocial

Social Group – Lesbian Book Readers Club

Dating/Network Service – HER App

Corporate Network – Freshfields LGBT Network