Q&A: Help I’m Allergic to Latex & Nickel – Some Safe Sex Toys Advice Please!

Q&A: Help I’m Allergic to Latex & Nickel – Some Safe Sex Toys Advice Please!


I have a severe allergy to both latex and nickel, so I’m afraid to get sex toys that contain rubber or any type of metal.

I am looking to buy some toys but I’m a bit of a novice and I’m having problems finding some that I trust. I’ve looked at silicone but I usually use silicone lube and I’ve heard that sometimes they can contain other materials? 

What would you recommend as the safest option for a beginner? Is there anything else I need to consider?




Hey Amy,

This is a great question!

Lots of peeps have allergies to sex-toy materials such as latex and nickel, so you’re certainly not alone. And, of course you want to be sure that your toy is going to give you pleasure, not pain or even an itch, in order for you to fully enjoy it!

Silicone, a hypo-allergenic sex toy material, is a good choice for those with latex allergies or sensitivities.

We’ve also seen some toys which advertise themselves as silicone, but which we suspect to be mixed with other materials, so it’s always wise to be cautious.

Rest assured that these toys don’t get past our cherry-picking process.

We produce our own range of silicone dildos, so we know what a pure silicone sex toys looks, feels and smells like!

It’s true that stainless steel sex toys can contain nickel but the nickel should be bonded into the steel in such a way that it shouldn’t trigger a reaction.  However, you won’t get the best experience a toy has to offer if you are worrying rather than relaxing, so it’s probably best to stay away from metal, even if it is safely bonded.

Another good option for latex allergies would be a glass dildo.

A glass dildo offers the firm pressure female & male G-Spots prefer and can be warmed or cooled to offer pleasurably different sensations to all erotic zones. Just  a touch of lube turns glass incredibly sleek and slippery, to deliver sensually weighty pleasure, like no other sex toy…

Glass is simply pure glass, so it will be allergy-safe for you.

It’s 100% non-porous, which means it won’t absorb any body substances or lube residue, making it very easy to keep clean. You can even sterilize a glass dildo! Our glass toys are made from  toughed glass and are incredibly strong, but you do need to handle them with care ( be careful not to drop it on a hard floor or bash against taps when cleaning it!) and check for any damage before you use them.

When it comes to a vibrator,  the best, non-allergy choice  is one made from silicone and ABS plastic.

However a lot of these toys are made in factories in the Far East which also produce vibrators made with latex and whilst  cross-contamination is highly unlikely, it comes down to the same issue; having any worries or niggling doubts is not conducive to letting go and having fun, is it??!

One good option maybe a  Fun Factory vibrator, as they produce all their sex toys in their own factory in Germany.

Fun Factory ONLY produce do not use latex in any of their sex toys, so they will be safe for your latex allergy

Fun Factory vibrators are made with silicone & ABS plastic. Yay!

However, the charging contacts on their rechargeable vibrators, is coated in a nickel-copper bond – a fusion that is like almost every cooking pot, apparently –  so if you are ok touching pans, this should be allergy safe.

The  two tiny recharging pins are located on the control unit of the vibe, so wont enter or be close to your body.

Fun Factory’s battery-operated vibes, such as LayaSpot don’t  have these pins and the control buttons are silicone-coated plastic, but changing batteries ( alkaline batteries contain nickel)  might pose a problem – perhaps you could phone a friend!?

We generally don’t recommend using silicone lube with a silicone toy, whether a dildo or a vibrator, simply because the 2 silicones can react together over time, possibly causing slight damage to the surface of the toy.

There’s no health warnings about mixing silicone toys with silicone toys and the possibility of damage is slight and would occur over a long period of time, so if you prefer to stick with the lube you’ve found best for your body,  then do so!

Or you may want to try a water based lube instead; read our Q&A all about lube and sensitivity.

( Names Have Been Changed for the Purposes of Anonymity)

If you have any other questions please contact us at advice@sh-womenstore, include the subject line ‘Ask Sarah’ if you’d like your advice from our new sex and relationship expert.

Hope that helps,


Team Sh! xxx


sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toys Materials: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel – stunning, temperature-responsive and sensually heavy material.

Adult toys made from steel (the ones we stock are surgical stainless steel) are the weightiest of all sex toys.

Steel Dildos
Steel dildos deliver sleek sensations that’s unlike any other sex toy…

They provide a pressure inside that feels like no other.   The solid weightiness coupled with super-sleek surface means that steel adult toys, like the Njoy Pure Wand, are naturally fantastic toys for penetration and especially great at G-Spot and prostate massage. Steel is more heat responsive than glass, so if you’re playing with these sensations always check the temperature of your toy before play – and no leaving on the radiator or inside the freezer!

Pros of Steel/Metal Sex Toys

  •  Cool sleek surface
  • A luxurious weighty feel
  • Phthalate-free
  • Temperature responsive so can be warmed or cooled for different sensations
  • Non-porous surface, so easy to clean
  • A little lubricant makes surface super slippy and incredibly sensual

Cons of Steel or Metal Sex Toys

  • Pricey
  • Limited Range


Care & Cleaning of Steel or Metal Toys

Hand-was your stainless steel toy after every use, using warm water and a mild soap.

If you wish to sterilize the toy we recommend using a mild antibacterial soap, then rinse in warm water.

Promptly dry it off with the satin cloth that was provided or a fine cotton cloth.

Just like fine jewelry, we do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher.

Overall verdict: Stainless steel toys are not cheap but as these toys will last a lifetime, we reckon they are worth it!

sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Glass & Pyrex

Glass and Pyrex – firm, temperature-responsive and super-slippery material.

Sex toys made from glass offer sensations that no other adult sex toy can:

A solid weightiness coupled with a super sleek surface means that glass sex toys are natural pleasers in penetration and especially good at G-Spot and prostate massage.

Glass toys, being very ridged, may feel too “un-natural” for some folks. If this is you, we recommend opting for toys made of softer, more pliable materials such as silicone or elastomer.

Glass dildos offer the firm pressure that the G-Spot & Prostate really enjoy...
Glass dildos offer the firm pressure that the G-Spot & Prostate really enjoy…


Pros Of Glass Sex Toys:

  • Firm, smooth texture
  • Phthalate-free
  • Temperature responsive so can be warmed or cooled for different sensations.
  • Non-porous surface, making glass toys easy to clean
  • A little lubricant makes surface super slippy

Cons of Glass Sex Toys:

  • Although extremely tough, it’s still possible to crack/shatter an adult sex toy made from glass: don’t drop on it your tiled floor! Also be be sure to examine the surface thoroughly before each and every playtime.

• Some glass adult sex toys are decorated with glass paint on the surface, rather than blown into the glass. This paint does eventually wear away: we recommend using condoms if the design is on the surface rather than integral.


Care & Cleaning of Glass Sex Toys

Wash in top rack of dishwasher, or use antibacterial soap and hot water, or spray with Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Store wrapped in padded bag or protective packaging supplied with the toy.

Overall Verdict: Glass toys are fantastic toys for those who enjoy G-Spot stimulation. Non-porous and very hygienic, glass toys are a great option!

sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Vinyl

Vinyl – cheap, soft material containing typically lower levels of phthalates than jelly material. Quite an old-school sex toy material, vinyl is used as a coating and as such is used in simple designs.

What is Vinyl?

You won’t find many sex toys made out of vinyl at Sh!, because generally vinyl toy designs are simply not ‘wow’ enough. Vinyl and Elastomer sex toys feel very similar, but we choose to carry Elastomer toys over vinyl as it’s is phthalate-free.

I Rub my Duckie VibratorVinyl is a pliable,soft plastic, and sex toys & vibes made out of it have a smooth, flexible surface and an opaque colour. It is used in adult toys like the I Rub my Duckie Bathtime Vibrator.

There are different grades of vinyl, from “food grade” to “economical grade”, but on the whole vinyl sex toys tend to contain much lower levels of phthalates/chemicals than jelly toys, though they can initially smell synthetic.

A vinyl adult toy will also be semi-porous. This means the surface is slightly absorbent and will absorb some of your natural juices, so you might find that using water-based lube will enhance your experience with a vinyl toy.


NOTE: You should not use vinyl adult toys if you are allergic to latex, or you could  cover the toy with a latex-free condom.

Pros of Vinyl Sex Toys

  • Smooth, flexible surface over solid-feeling toy. Vinyl feels somewhere between silicone and jelly in firmness, though it is dry to the touch like silicone
  • Cheapish
  • Longer lifespan than Jelly
  • Typically lower in phthalates than jelly

Cons of Vinyl Sex Toys

  • Semi-porous
  • Cannot be sterilized. Use condoms especially if sharing.
  •  Do not use if allergic to latex (or cover in latex-free condom)


Care & Cleaning of Vinyl Sex Toys:

Clean with Sex Toy Cleaner or mild soap. Be meticulous and be sure it is thoroughly dry before storing your toy away from heat, light and other types of adult toys.


Overall Verdict:

Not a huge choice of adult toys in vinyl at Sh!, the choice is more likely to be about the style or design, rather than the material which we reckon to be a bit of a so-so material for adult toys; neither great nor terrible!

sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Plastic

Plastic – cool, sleek material delivering strong vibrations.

There are two different kinds of plastic used in adult toy manufacturing: standard plastic and ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers).

They are quite different in quality although both have a super smooth, shiny surface that feels cool and firm.

Both kinds of plastic deliver really intense vibrations as none of the intensity is swallowed up by a soft material.


Is hard plastic the right sex toy material for you?

Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10
Sh! Bullet Vibrator £10

All shiny, inflexible adult toys like the Crystal High Intensity Bullet Vibe, the Ultra Vector Egg, the Silencer Vibrator and the Sh! Bullet are made from standard hard plastic.

High end adult toys like many of the Luxury Vibrators are also made wholly or partially with hard plastic, but these toys use ABS plastic. ABS plastic has a high mechanical and impact strength and is therefore the best quality.

Whether standard or ABS, plastic is a cool rigid material that transmits vibrations better than most materials.

As with all materials, plastic has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it delivers super-charged vibrations, you only need a little lube to make these adult toys super slippery and their firmness can be just what the G-Spot or prostate ordered. On the other hand, the inflexibility and coolness of hard plastic sex toys can feel “un-natural” and for internal pleasure, their shapes can be a bit too truncheon-like for some folks.

A vibrator made from a hard plastic material can be a lot noisier than the equivalent-sized toy in silicone.

This is because adult sex toys made from a softer, sound-absorbing material, muffle the sound of the vibration but also the vibration itself, whereas hard plastic sex toys don’t muffle either!

Hard plastic sex toys are made from a stable material, so they don’t absorb fluids and don’t disclose any substances integral to the material, unlike sex toys and vibrators made from jelly. Hard plastic toys don’t contain any phthalates or latex, so they are a good choice if your are concerned about these materials in your sex toys. Plastic adult sex toys are also odourless and really easy to clean.


Standard Plastic: Typically used in cheaper-end sex toys.

Clitoral Bullet
Clitoral Bullet, Standard Plastic

• Phthalate-Free
• Inexpensive
• Cool, sleek, rigid material which transmits some of the strongest vibrations
• Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
• Holds lubricant well; sex toys become super-slippy with just a little squirt

• Inflexible material.
• Shorter lifespan than most other sex toy materials – will crack if dropped or split if battery cap is forced/over-tightened




ABS Plastic: Typically used in high-end sex toys

We Vibe Tango
We Vibe Tango, ABS Plastic

• Top quality material, means you’re getting a top-notch sex toy with superior motor and build quality
• Phthalate-free
• Cool, sleek, rigid material which transmits some of the strongest vibrations
• Non-porous (does not disclose or absorb any substances)
• Hold lubricant well; toys become super-slippy with just a little squirt

• More expensive.
• Inflexible material.

Cleaning & Care: wipe the surface with a damp cloth or use Sex Toy Cleaner. Be sure to dry the toy thoroughly before putting  away.


Egg & bullet style vibrators should be covered with a condom if played with internally – this makes it easier to remove the egg, as well as easier to keep the wire area clean.g away.


Overall Verdict: Plastic sex toys are great for delivering intense vibrations and a smooth sensation, but may not appeal if you want something that feels organic or is super-quiet.



sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Elastomer, TPR & TPE

Elastomer – a soft, safe sex toy material with no phthalates.

Elastomer toys share many of the same positive qualities of jelly adult toys, but without the possible health concerns of phthalates, which is why we offer sex toys made from elastomer in place of jelly.

What is Elastomer Sex Toy Material?

Elastomer is a new technology material and incorporates Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and Thermoplastic Rubbers (TPR).

The word elastomer comes from two terms – “elastic” (describing the material’s quality to return to its original shape) and “mer” (from polymer meaning “many parts”).

LurveHeart Vibrating Cock Ring
LurveHeart Vibrating Ring £9

Elastomers start out soft and have hardeners added – this means that elastomer toys can vary from being super-soft & super-stretchy like the Lurve Heart Vibrating Cock Ring to being firm & dense-feeling like the Happy Vibrating Cock Ring or the Happy Duo Vibrator.

Vibrators and other adult sex toys made from elastomer feel smooth, soft and dry (unlike jelly toys which can feel tacky) and looks glossy. They give amazing sensations especially if it has a design that features tickly “prongs” that dance away with the vibration.

Every rabbit vibrator in our collection is made from body-safe sex toy materials
Every rabbit vibrator in our collection is made from body-safe sex toy materials

If you fancy a rabbit-style vibe, but are concerned about phthalates that are in many these vibes, or have been put off by the chemical smell/sticky feel of your rabbit vibrator, we are happy to say there ALL our rabbit vibrators are made of body-safe materials;   Sh! Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator & Sh! Jessica Rabbit Vibrator are made from elastomer –   all the same fab rabbit-vibe qualities but without the drawbacks of jelly material.

As fabulous a elastomer is, there are downsides to this material. First of all, elastomer is porous. This means you have to be meticulous when cleaning an elastomer toy. Being porous also means that elastomer toys cannot be effectively disinfected, so no sharing, with other people or between vaginal and anal play by yourself, unless covered with a condom.

Secondly, soft elastomer toys seem to react weirdly with condoms – when we tested this in our London store the two materials started to fuse together- granted the condom was left on for days so not really a true-to-life experiment, but it’s worth noting. Firmer elastomer toys seem ok.

Elastomer toys can absorb your natural juices, so make sure you have a bottle of your water-based lube handy.

Pros of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material:

• Phthalate-free
• Latex-free
• Hypo-allergenic
• Most commonly used in higher quality toys which also usually means better quality motors, switches etc.
• Recyclable

Cons of Elastomer TPE/TPR Sex Toy Material:

• Can be expensive
• Porous (can’t be disinfected)
• May not be compatible with latex so don’t use with condoms or store next to other adult toys especially those made from jelly.

Care & Cleaning of Elastomer TPE/TPR

Clean with very mild soap and water (harsh soaps can start to dissolve the surface). Better still use a special toy cleaner like Sh! Toy Cleaner. Dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry, fluff-free place away from sunlight and any other toys.


Overall Verdict of Elastomer

A good choice for a soft, safe toy and its super-stretchiness is unrivaled in other sex toy materials.


sex toy materials

Guide to Sex Toy Materials: Silicone

Silicone – probably the best sex toy material in the world with a growing choice as manufactures and consumers cotton on to its fantastic qualities.

Silicone is considered the safest and best material for sex toys

That’s why we produce all our dildos and butt plugs  in super-sensual, super-safe silicone.

Silicone is odourless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and contains no phthalates or latex. This makes it a particularly good choice if you have any concerns about the safety of adult toys.

How Does Silicone Feel?

Silicone feels warm, smooth and dry to the touch; not cool and hard like plastic sex toys, or cold and clammy like sex toys made out of jelly material.

Excite Vibrator

Silicone sex toys are non-porous and hold lubricant really well on the surface of the toy, meaning there’s no need to keep slathering it on at inopportune moments! However, not every lube will do – make sure you use only water-based personal lubricants and not silicone lube. Silicone lube as can have an adverse effect on the surface of your silicone toy, so are best avoided.

Whilst soft to the touch, silicone is quite a dense material so it transmits vibration really well – great for vibrators and Thrill-Dildos (the vibrating versions of our silicone dildos).

Silicone is practically indestructible, unless attacked by something sharp like pinking sheers (it’s been known to happen) and it doesn’t break down. This makes it a great choice for sex toys.

Although very durable, once torn, silicone can split quite easily, so keep your silicone toys away from sharp edges and curious pets.

Silicone is an expensive raw material and producers of silicone adult toys tend to be, like ourselves, small, specialist manufacturers, dedicated to producing quality toys. Silicone sex toys will never be able to compete in cost with the mass-produced sex toys that come from the Far East.

You’ll find 100% silicone/silicone-coated toys vibrators, Sh! Silicone Dildos and Sh! Silicone Butt Plugs sections of the website.

Sh! Dildos - Hand-poured in our London Studio in 100% body-safe silicone
Sh! Dildos – Hand-poured in our London Studio in 100% body-safe silicone

Pros of Silicone as a Sex Toy Material

  • The safest adult toy material
  •  Hypo-allergenic & non-toxic
  • Feels dry, smooth and warm to the touch
  • Totally non-porous (neither absorbs or discloses any other substance)
  • Can be sterilized/disinfected which means you can safely share toys between partners or pleasure zones just as long as they are sterilized/disinfected between uses.
  • Transmits vibration excellently
  • Warms quickly to body temperature
  • Holds lubricant well (use only water–based  lubes)
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean.

Cons  of Silicone Sex Toys

  • Expensive
  • Though durable, can tear once the surface is broken, so protect from nails, jewellery and curious pets
  • Cannot be used with silicone-based lubes  as the two silicones could be incompatible which will affect the surface of the toy.

Care & Cleaning of Silicone Sex Toys

Sex Toy Cleaner or soap and water, 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol can be used to clean silicone sex toys – always be sure to rinse thoroughly. Dildos and Vibratings Dildos (remove bullet) can be boiled for up to 3 minutes or washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. Dry thoroughly and store in a dry, fluff-free place.


Overall Verdict of Silicone Sex Toys:

A top quality choice: perfect for a strong, almost silent buzz, and safe, sensual experiences.


Beginners Guide to Buying first Strap On

How To Choose A Vibrator

Choosing a vibrator is a very personal thing and what works for one woman, whether in shape, size, feel or even colour, may not work for the next.

With so many different styles of vibrators, let alone different materials and settings, we know it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to choose a vibrator, especially if it’s your first vibrator and have no idea what to look for…

So we’ve put together a simple guide, covering the basics for those starting out on their journey of vibrator discovery.

The 1st question to ask yourself is; ‘What do I want my vibrator mostly for…?

This is the most important starting point. Like a zen diagram, from here you’ll be able to whittle down or open up your possibilities…

It’s easy to get distracted by a pretty vibe but if it’s not designed to stimulate the bits of you, or your partner, that you would like to thrill, then it may not be the right toy for you. Just like the other kind of DIY 😉 finding the tool for the job is a good starting point.

The good news is that many vibrating toys can be pressed into action to stimulate lots of erogenous zones and are pretty versatile. Others, though, are ergonomically designed for a specific kind of stimulation and it’s these toys you need to look to, if you are looking for that kind of pleasure.

I’m looking for external/ clitoral pleasure – Which vibrator should I choose?

Clitoral vibrators are specially shaped to pleasure externally
Clitoral vibrators are specially shaped to pleasure externally

Did you know that for solo sessions (aka masturbation) most women (around 80%) play with their vibe on the outside only,  using it externally to pleasure their clitoris and vulva?

This is because most women need ( and enjoy!) clitoral stimulation to orgasm and clitoral O’s are the most common type of female orgasm.

If you’ve never had an orgasm or find them a bit hit-or-miss, we recommend the first type vibrator you choose should be for exploring clitoral pleasure.

We’ve selected our range of clitoral vibrators because they’re brilliantly shaped  or particularly fab at delivering external clitoral stimulation.

But the good news is that whatever their size or shape, ALL vibrators, can be used to pleasure your clitoris so feel free to choose ANY vibe, from any category, that catches your eye. Just because a vibrator is shaped for penetration, it doesn’t mean you have to use it that way…

Any toy that vibrates, whether pebble-shaped or 6 inches long, can be held against the external clitoral and vulval areas to tease these highly responsive spots.

So, if clitoral pleasure/orgasm is your goal, you have the choice of every vibrator we carry – Lucky you!

We’ve written more about how to choose a clitoral vibrator and how to use one  and we have a whole section giving advice about the clitoris so if you’d like to read more – head over there…

Small clitoral vibrators, the kind that are designed to lay-on the clitoral/vulval area, have the added advantage of being a good toy for introducing a vibrating toy to sex play with your partner, as they are not intimidating and, because they are not shaped for penetration, there can be no hurt feelings or bruised egos..



I’d like a vibrator for internal or G-Spot pleasure…

A toy with a curved and/or bulbous head can find the G Spot more easily
A vibrator with a curved and/or bulbous head can find the G Spot more easily than a straight one…

If you’re looking to buy a vibrator for vaginal stimulation, including G-Spot play, choosing the right shape and size IS important.

Width is the vital statistic to get right as a toy that is too wide can feel more uncomfortable that pleasurable.

Length is less important as you can always control how deep inside it goes.

The best way to determine what’s a comfortable width for you is to experiment with fingers first; either your own or your lover’s. Don’t go in cold, though, as arousal is absolutely key to penetrative and G-Spot pleasure As you get really turned-on, blood-flow rushes to the area, your vagina balloons and your G-Spot swells, making everything more responsive to pleasure.

For most women this means at least 20 minutes of non-penetrative pleasure;  kissing, licking and teasing touches of nipples, lips ( upper and lower!) and clitoris; stroking thighs, squeezing buttocks tickling toes – whatever combination works for you and for however long you want it ( 20 minutes is only an average – many women will want, need and desire much longer…)

(BTW whilst ‘foreplay’ is the given term for the above, it isn’t one we like to use because it suggests that everything has to lead-up to, and end in intercourse, which isn’t the case and often doesn’t do women any orgasmic favours)

So, once you are well and truly turned-on ( and only if / when your body is crying out for something inside) delve into your vagina with fingers; Is one finger enough? Two? Three? More…?

Some women enjoy the feeling of ‘stretching’,  whilst for others it can be a sudden halt to arousal and feel too overwhelming to be enjoyable, so the important thing to remember is that there are NO rules or expectations, only what feels good for you.

After your session measure around the finger(s) that proved satisfying, form it into a circle and then measure across – this will give you the diameter of a comfortable toy for you. We measure the width of all our toys in diameter (as this is the easiest to imagine) and always at their widest point.

One of the most common questions we’re asked in-store is will a G-Spot vibrator find my G-Spot? Sorry, but the answer to that is there are, and can never be, any guarantees. How a woman responds to any kind of pleasure is unique to her. We’re not robots with guaranteed pleasure buttons and that’s something to be celebrated!

Look at smooth, classic vibrators, as well as specially curved G Spot vibes, as both ranges have been chosen for being the best at delivering internal/G-Spot pleasure, and remember that you don’t have to use them internally – they are simply shaped that way to give you the option…

I’d like a vibrator to pleasure both inside AND out – Which is the best choice for that?

A Rabbit Style vibrator features a shaft for penetration and an external arm to stimulate the clitoris
A Rabbit Style vibrator features a shaft for penetration and an external arm to stimulate the clitoris

For clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time, your best vibrator-choice is definitely a rabbit-style vibrator.

Featuring a shaft for internal pleasure and a vibrating clitoral stimulator, rabbit vibrators offer amazing dual stimulation, inside and out.

It’s the world’s most famous vibrator because it offers simultaneous pleasure that can lead to a ‘blended orgasm’. This kind of orgasm, exactly as the name suggests, is a heady mix of climatic pleasure that appears to come from both inside and out; a blend of clitoral and g-spot orgasms all at the same time!


Rabbit vibrators have given more women more pleasure and more orgasms than any other style of vibrator and we have a wealth of rabbit vibrator advice, from how to choose a rabbit vibrator and how to use your rabbit, right through to sex tips and tricks to get the most out of your rabbit, so head over here for more info…

One of the more surprising things we’ve learnt from chatting to women at our store is how many of tell us ‘it’s ALL about the bunnies ears!’ – it seems a LOT of women don’t always ( or ever) use the shaft portion of their rabbit vibes. A dual-stimulation vibe may seem to be the ‘bells and whistles’ of the vibrator-world, but actually lots of women enjoy purely clitoral stimulation from theirs.

So, when choosing a vibrator for masturbation, these are your 3 main choices; A toy for external/clitoral pleasure; One for internal/G-spot stimulation; One that does both!

Choosing an anal vibrator is a different story, as safety is very important…

Any sex toy for anal pleasure whether it vibrates or not, must be shaped in such a way that it cannot slip inside and get lost. It’s always best to buy a dedicated anal vibrator or prostate massageras they have been specially designed as sex toys for safe anal play, and, whilst many can be sterilized, we recommend it’s best for hygiene reasons, to keep any/all anal toys dedicated solely to backdoor play.



I can’t orgasm during intercouse with my partner – is there a vibrator for that?  

An intercourse vibrator is designed to be worn by the woman, and enjoyed by both partners...
An intercourse vibrator is designed to be worn by the woman, and enjoyed by both partners…
A vibrating cock ring is worn on his penis & delivers clitoral stimulation during sex
A vibrating cock ring is worn on his penis & delivers clitoral stimulation during sex

You’re not alone! In fact the vast majority of women ( around 70% of us) find it difficult or impossible to orgasm through penetration alone, needing added clitoral stimulation during intercourse to climax.

So, for adding a buzz during sex with your partner, take a look at vibrators for intercourse and cock rings that vibrate – both are specially designed to be worn by one partner during penetrative sex with their partner.

A vibrating cock-ring is worn by the man ( you don’t say!) at the base of his penis, with the bullet positioned so that it stimulates your clitoris during sex.

Intercourse vibrators, such as the world-famous, million-selling We-Vibe, are specially shaped for the women to wear; with the larger pad externally stimulating her clitoris, with the smaller pad nestling against her G-Spot, whilst still leaving room for her partner to slip inside, where they too will feel the vibrating stimulation.

Vibrating cock-rings are a cheaper option to add thrills, whilst intercourse vibes are quite an investment. We’re not all ‘one-size’, so whether they work for you can be quite a leap of faith…

Remember, too that any lay-on clitoral vibrator as well as bullet and egg vibes are discreet enough to add an extra buzz to intercouse, without getting in the way…


The next vibrator-choices are quite practical…

Once you’ve decided on what kind of pleasure you’d like your vibrator mostly for, the next things to consider are the practicals of your toy.  How would you like it to feel – Do you want it to feel soft and squishy or prefer something hard and sleek?

Do you think you’d enjoy an intense buzz or prefer something gentler? Is size important?

Vibrator Material:

Concerned by chemicals? Don’t worry. We won’t stock sex toys that contain phthalates ( a potentially dangerous chemical softener found in PVC/  Jelly Toys)

All our vibrators are safe, but they come in a range of materials which bring different qualities to the toy; check our guides to sex toy materials to discover the pros & cons of each.

Briefly, a hard plastic vibrator is usually more powerful (and less quiet) as vibration isn’t absorbed by the material. Nor will it absorb any lubricant or your natural juices, which makes it feel strong and sleek.

Softer vibrators made from Elastomer will feel less intense as the soft material absorbs some vibration (as well some sound and lubrication) but these kind of vibrators generally feel more user-friendly…

A silicone vibrator is probably the best you can buy. Silicone is safe, soft and transmits vibration well, whilst keeping noise transference to a minimum.

Vibrator Intensity:

Secret Vibrator £35
Secret Vibrator £35

We know this is difficult – if you don’t have any experience with vibrators, how on earth do you decide what kind of vibrator intensity you will prefer!

The best way is to think about the kind of manual stimulation you prefer; is it a soft, gentle touch or do you need firm/intense stimulation to orgasm?

Most vibrators offer various speeds (often with escalating & pulse options) but if you’ve never had an orgasm, find orgasms illusive or feel like you take “too long”,  we’d advise you choose a vibrator that is rated ‘Strong’ or ‘Wowser’, such as the Secret Vibe or Sh! Bullet.

For a super-sensitive clitoris,  look for a ‘Very Gentle’ or ‘Mild’ rating, such as the Flexi Wand vibrator.

On top speed, we assess each vibrators  and give them an intensity-rating of:

  1. Gentle
  2. Mild
  3. Strong
  4. Wowser- High Intense
  5. Wowser – Deep Throbby

Remember, a vibrator that feels too strong can always be toned-down by using it through your knickers or a piece of material, so if you have any doubts, we recommend a stronger intensity vibe over one that offers a gentle or mild vibe.

Vibrator Volume:

Everyone wants a totally silent vibe but unfortunately they don’t exist.  A vibrator has a motor & will always make some sound, however low.

You may need to forfeit power/functions for a really quiet or almost silent vibrator.

On top speed, we measure each vibrator with a sound meter and give them vibrator volume of;

  1. Extra Quiet / Almost Silent
  2. Quiet
  3. Medium
  4. Audible- But Worth It!


We measure toys ‘Actual Length‘ (full length of vibrator/sex toy – including battery case if its integral), and ‘Playable Length‘ (insertable bit).

Remember, just because a vibrator looks like it’s designed to go inside, it doesn’t mean you have to play with it like that!

If you do want a vibrator for penetration, you can always control how far to insert it, but one that’s too wide will always feel uncomfortable.

To assess the right fit, think how many fingers feel good for you.

It’s probably best to buy a vibe that’s a similar width, rather than being overwelmed by a vibrators girth and never getting it our to play.

If you are uneasy about penetration, start with a  slim vibrator and work your way up. Whilst browsing, have a ruler handy to give you an idea how long/wide a toy will be.

We list all important info such as vibrator material, dimensions, intensity, sound, as well as whether it is rechargeable or takes batteries etc on each product page.


Desire Vibrator £49

For most of us, how something looks is important. If it’s unattractive to you, a new vibrator may not be played with very often. Take a long, lusty look at each vibe and try to visualize playing it before you buy.

Each toy at Sh! is chosen because it’s good-looking, as well as practical and good quality, whatever it’s price range, but for top style, take a look at our luxury vibrators

How Your Vibe is Powered

Rechargeable or battery-powered? Each has it’s advantages.

A rechargeable vibrator is the greener alternative and means you’re not a slave to batteries  – no more raiding the TV remote-control of it’s batteries in the middle of the night!

But you do have to have access to a plug or USB port to fire up your vibe when it runs out of steam.

And you do have to forward-think/be organised. If you haven’t kept your vibe charged up, there’ll be a frustrating wait to use it…

Battery-powered vibrators, so long as you have batteries, can give you  instant gratification.

And battery-powered (so long as you have batteries!) toys can travel anywhere.

We hope this has helped whittle down which may be the best vibrator choice for you.

Remember, though, we’re here to give expert, tailored advice, whether in our London store, on the phone or by email, so do feel free to visit /contact us, if you’d like more help or some personalised recommendations – we’re really friendly, non-scary and unembarassable, we promise!