Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat

With the weather yo-yoing like we don’t know what at the minute, we thought this a good time to answer some of our favourite customer queries concerning temperature play…

Why the flip would you put a heating setting on a dildo?

This in the same question we’ve been asked again and again in-store by customers when explaining this delightful function on our crowd-pleasing Zalo Queen vibrator. ‘How is heat going to help to prong my G-Spot up into somersaults? I thought it was all about positioning and tempo?’ Well, you’re not wrong but heat can go a long way when it comes to pleasuring your Grafenberg Spot (because, of course, this misunderstood mecca of female pleasure was named after it’s male “inventor”).

First of all, it draws blood to the area it’s making contact with. If that area happens to involve your clitoris gland in any way, which your Queen G no doubt is, that’s going to encourage swelling or state of arousal. All your attention is going to be centered directly upon this sweet spot. If you’re feeling a bit nippy – then it is the perfect ice-breaker. You don’t have to take its temperature hotter than your natural body. By doing this and stopping it at this point it aids your body’s relaxation.

But what if your toy has no heat setting? Glass and metal dildos are other great options are their compositions ensure that they will naturally adapt to match your body temperature.

What if I like to feel a hot sting?


You are not alone. However, we would not suggest trying this internally. We stock candles that burn at body-safe candles that you can drip on bare skin to your heart’s content. The further away you hold the candle, the less hot the wax will be as it touches the skin. This is great to do on a blindfolded partner as depriving certain senses like this will cause their others to heighten. If you take your time with it you can actually watch them squirm in excited anticipation for whatever is about to happen.

If this isn’t for you then perhaps you want to try a colder sensation? But it’s so grey and cold outside already, we hear you complain. Don’t let the outdoors put you off – an ice cold blast can cause your hairs to prick up like no other. Plus, you can always warm up together beforehand to get the ball rolling. For instance…


Why not have a hot bath with your lucky partner beforehand to warm things up? You can caress and massage each other to get your oxytocin flowing and prepare yourselves for what’s to come. Once you’re sufficiently steamed, move to wherever is comfortable and introduce some ice cubes into the mix. Or, if you want to taste something sweeter – why not sub in ice-lollies instead? These are perfect for teasing on the skin around your partner’s preferred erogenous zones and following shortly afterward with your tongue. It’s sticky, messy and delightfully fun. We would, however, recommend you keep these well away from genitals as the high sugar content of ice pops will most likely cause an unwanted bout of thrush.

How can I avoid cold, rough hands?

Cold weather is a beast of burden on many levels. You have to wear a million layers only to get anti-socially sweaty on the tube, for one.

Another – which can be particularly detrimental in the bedroom – is that the cold air and wind dries out the skin on your freezing hands. Regularly wearing gloves may be the obvious solution but we are thinking outside the box here.

So how can you get around rubbing borderline-emery boards on your most sensitive spots?

You could start by giving an oiled up massage either to your partner(s) or yourself. Rubbing the oil into your hands before massaging it into the skin will adjust your body temperature before shocking the lucky recipient.

Otherwise, use this cold temperature to your advantage in using your fingertips to tickle and dance around the skin first – the more goosebumps, the better. In using oil rather than a gel to use in your sensual massage, this will, of course, moisturise and hydrate the skin – getting rid of that damned coarseness!


Another option if you’re going it alone and are feeling cold is to start hands-free. Drop a small drip of ON arousal oil onto your clitoris and open up your favourite erotica book. If you’re not into reading then get comfy, close your eyes and let your favourite fantasies take hold. When you feel ready to involve your hands start over clothes moving lightly however you like. A good water-based lube is also perfect for drier skin as it hydrates it when applied and creates a good protective layer between your hands and the sensitive area in question.

Black Latex Gloves (£4 for 10 pack)One last option that may not initially sound very sexy is that of rubber gloves. If your hands are particularly rough and perhaps you want to play around with some butt stuff, these are a really great alternative. They’re hygienic, smooth and gentle enough to the skin inside the anus, which is extra sensitive. We stock them in black latex and baby pink latex-free versions.

Can yoga really improve your shagging prowess?

Can yoga really improve your shagging prowess?

Yoga is a great way to tone your abs and increase agility. It’s also an ancient spiritual practice, similar to Buddhism, that has been developed and nurtured for over 5,000 years. Roughly translating as “union”, yoga encourages the merging of breath, mind and body. It revolves around the conscious decision of a person to “stay in the moment”. No doubt there are endless benefits of doing so, especially in the age of social media and mobile phones, but today we are concentrating on what yogic practises can do for your sex life.


Breathe into it

Our team at Sh! love LOVE talking about orgasms. It’s a conversation that is seemingly endless – with so many versions, experiences and preferences to explore. But, what unifies these all together into the actual experience of an orgasm is someone’s ability to fully let themself go. Without being able to do so, an orgasm just isn’t going to happen, love. Multiple factors can contribute to this – the room you’re in, the scent of it, if anyone else is in, if you’re stressed, if you’re tired, if you’re too hot, if you’re too cold…the list goes on.

You need to be able to find a way to unify your mind and body to stay in the present…sound familiar yet? One of the best ways to clear your mind and bring your focus inward is to start with your breath. Pranayama (or essentially breathing exercises) is a big thing in yoga and proves that the majority of people actually breathe inefficiently in their day-to-day lives (though this is a whole other kettle of fish).

To see the difference yourself, close and soften your eyes when laid down or in a comfortable seated position. Ensure your spine is elongated – so if you’re laid down lift your head bringing your chin towards your neck and lower the back of your head back to the floor. If sat, lift up from your sit bones and work those lovely back muscles, shoulders back and chin parallel to the floor. By doing this, you create a clear path for the breath to travel through your body. Now, keeping those eyes gently shut, begin to take note of your breath. Is it shallow? Short? Long? Through your nose or mouth?

When you’re ready, start to deepen your breath on a long inhale through your nose. On your exhale, open your mouth and let out a big sigh (this feels amazing, trust). Do this as many times as you would like before closing your mouth and breathing solely through your nose.


On your inhale, imagine your breath starting from your pelvic floor and filling up your stomach until it reaches your lower ribs, up to your chest, up to your neck- until you exhale and watch it leave your body from your neck, chest, ribs until it empties out your stomach. Ensure your inhales are as long as your exhales by counting or watching the breath move through the body. As you continue this, there are various methods you can take to focus this breath or energy you feel yourself building toward your orgasmic potentials.

One instance, is to start to bring your attention to your southerly hot spot. Feel the breath originate from there and build a heat. Imagine this heat (you could also envisage a light) rising up through your body as you inhale and releasing on your exhale. Continue to do this whilst focusing on various parts of your vulva/vagina/penis/whatever and you should feel your hand slowly wandering down…which brings us on to our next point.


A common belief is that yoga has eight different limbs. Three of these focuses around the act of meditation. It works by shutting off your senses to bring your concentration inside. Yoga and Aryuvedic medicine believe that your body is overflowing with chakras (aka energy centres). There are seven main ones within your body, which happen to be inline with your central nervous system. Your sacral chakra (Svadhistana) is located at your lower abdomen, is assigned the colour orange and governs your sexuality, creativity and self-esteem.


An unbalanced, blocked or “off” sacral chakra is traditionally believed to manifest as issues with sexual performance such as erectile dysfunction or bladder infections like UTI’s. There are many ways to unblock chakras such as crystal healing, conscious breathing or reiki. One (free) way to do so is via regular meditative practice – similar to the breathing exercise we have outlined above. Decide what time of the day is most convenient for you to practice meditation and do it everyday in the same spot. Just like an orgasm, the context of which you do this is so important. It needs to be regulated to train your mind to shut out all of the distractions. In yoga or aryuvedic practises, they call the interior versions of these your “monkey mind” – i.e. the voice in your head deciding what to have for dinner, whether you are going to walk or get the bus later or if you need to call your mum etc. By regularly practising meditation you learn to ignore this voice, to let these busy thoughts simply pass you by, which is super helpful for when you want to get down and dirty.

You can also stimulate and balance these energy points through various physical exercises, known in yoga as asana.

Lock and load

To achieve the correct posture in asana there are certain “locks” you imagine engaging on your body. We are focusing on the foundation of these, which just so happens to strengthen your pelvic floor. The root lock (mula bandha) involves a kind of “tighten and lift” motion that starts at your genitals and perineum and lifts up to reach your stomach. In other words, re-enact the sensation of holding a wee in. It’s a movement you can do at literally anytime, anywhere. You can do it in a meeting with your boss, at tea with your granny or sat on the bus. No one will know. Plus, a strong pelvic floor is key to unlocking the secret of a great orgasm. It grants you, better control of your earth-shattering orgasms, a stronger sensation and takes care of any pesky leakage. Cue you inner sexual goddess on the prowl.


To take this a step further, one posture in asana designed to specifically target your pelvic floor is known as bridge pose.

Bridge Yoga Pose

Start lying down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor a hips-width apart and arms by your sides with palms on the floor (or pressing them together with fingers interlaced). Inhale and lift your pelvis into the air. Imagine there is a rope tied around it and someone is pulling it up in the air like a puppet. Imagine your calves are pulling back towards you whilst your thighs are pushing them further away. Meanwhile, try to hold the bend of your knees directly above your ankles (rather than leaning into each other, which believe me, they will try to). Hold for 5 long breaths and on your last exhale, lower your pelvis back down to the floor.

Bridge pose is also known as an inversion, meaning you’re raising your heart higher than your head. This reverses blood flow and aids circulation throughout your body whilst calming your nervous system. This particular posture is also a back bend, aka a heart opener. Through contracting your back muscles and opening your chest, you work to unblock you heart chakra theoretically opening you up to more receptivity of love and intimacy. Inversions and heart openers are paramount to a balanced practice, i.e. one that stimulates all the chakras in your body and forges a stronger connection between mind and body.

If you are new to yoga or you are experiencing some type of injury, go to your local beginner’s yoga class or speak to a certified teacher before attempting these postures to avoid injury.

Another type of asana posture directly linked to your sacral chakra are hip openers. It is believed that you store a lot of emotion and tenseness in your hips –so after the stimulation of this region of your body, you can be left feeling over-emotional. This is again why your practice must be balanced with the more positive-feeling heart openers and twists (though we will get to these).


Prasarita padattonasana is a great hip opener to practice. Stand on your mat in a wide stance with feet facing inwards (so they are parallel to the edges of your mat). Allow a slight bend in your knees or pull them up and straighten your legs. Place your hands on your hips, turn on your mula bandha and elongate the spine from the crown of your head. Inhale and straighten up, then exhale and bend forward from your hips (it’s a nice idea to place your thumbs at your hip crease to feel yourself hinge forward from here). Ensure your chest stays open as you bend forward by leading with your heart rather than your chin. Stay here for 5 long breaths and on your next inhale, return to a standing position.

This posture works like an inversion regarding the encouragement of bloodflow whilst stimulating your sacral chakra and your root chakra (found at your genitals – encourages the grounding/soothing of your mind). I.e. not only are you increasing your strength and flexibility for when you get jiggy, but you’re also prepping your mind to free itself of any outside worries to totally let go.

If you have any lower back issues or pain please do not bend forward in this position.


Twists are brilliant for strengthening your lower abdomen (oh hello sacral chakra). For a more relaxing, passive version, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. You can put cushions under your knees for extra support if you like or sit on one to elevate your hips at an equal height to your knees. As always, tighten your root lock/mula bandha and inhale to lengthen your spine and open up your breathing passages from the crown of your head. Upon your exhale, place the left hand on your right knee and circle your right arm out towards to right placing it on the floor. As you do this open your chest out to the right, twisting your spine and leading with your chest. This twist happens only from the lower ribs and upwards. I.e., your hips and everything below your lower ribs stay put. You are a Russian doll.

Keep your head in line with your top torso rather than reaching your eyes further around (this will cause your head to turn further and strain your neck). Close your eyes softly if you wish and stay for 5 long breaths. To exit the pose, inhale and twist back to the center. Then to decompress your spine (extremely important after more active twists), turn to your left and gently fold forward for a couple of breaths before returning to center. Repeat on the other side.

Some of the major benefits of twists are that they detoxify your system upon the release of your twist (when a rush of fresh blood floods your digestive organs after being cut off during the twist). They keep your spine mobile and calm the mind, which when practiced regularly with the poses we’ve previously mentioned, will have you in the best mental and physical position to start getting things saucy.

Please do not practice a twist like this if you have any slipped discs or lower back problems. Instead, speak to your local certified yoga to find an alternative.



What is edging and why should I try it?

Our customers are always looking for fun ways of increasing both the quota and the intensity of their orgasms (aren’t we all!) and a brilliant way of doing this is ‘edging’.

Edging has been around for ages and has, until now, been particularly popular with the kink community. The practice of withholding orgasms, as well as forcing play partners or submissives to have one orgasm after another is a lot of fun and can add several degrees of heat to your play.

We’ve noticed an increasing amount of customers mentioning edging recently and it seems more and more people are tapping into the intense pleasure that a little self-denial can bring.

So, if you want to find out more about what edging is and why we think you should try it, then read on!

What exactly is edging?

Edging is the practice of delaying an orgasm for as long as possible to increase the intensity once you do finally let go and give into that wave of pure ecstasy.


It does take a little restraint and practice at first, but many enjoy the delayed satisfaction that the final release gives during play times.

It also helps build stamina and prolongs intimate encounters for much longer, so that all parties can enjoy the experience.

Here are a few beginner tips on edging to help you get started.

Stop and start

The basics behind edging are taking short breaks between masturbation or penetration when you feel the heat in your nethers beginning to inch towards boiling point.

To start off with, you might want to practice during masturbation so you get used to the sensations of an orgasm building, and then holding back. It’ll take a few goes to get your timing right, especially of your orgasm sneaks up on you like a tipsy relative at a family gathering.

The secret to successful edging play is learning when to stop an orgasm from erupting, but at just the right moment so it doesn’t ruin that orgasm altogether…


Yes, a little bit.

If you want to delay your orgasm but not just stop dead, keep stimulating other parts of your body that love attention, like nipples or labia lips. Keep the excitement bubbling, but at a slightly lower heat.

When you feel the building orgasm fade a little, start stimulation of your clit or dick again. Build it up, but before the orgasm takes over, stop again.

Carry on for as long you can stand it, stopping and starting. There’ll come a point when the orgasm won’t be held back any longer and this is when you let go!


If you are playing with a partner and want to give edging them a go, ask them to tell you when their orgasm begins to build. Slow down stimulation, and give them a 60-second massage or tease them with some hot french kissing for a while. When you feel they are ready, start your stimulation again. And then stop. Before long, they’ll be begging to climax!


If you feel things starting to build up, take some deep breaths with your eyes closed to keep your orgasm at bay for a little longer.

Breathe from the bottom of your stomach and hold your breath for a few seconds until you feel the sensation retreating – once you’ve felt the sensation subside, you’re free to jump straight back in! Try altering your stimulation a little, variety adds spice. If you normally rub, try tapping or vice versa. If you stroke, try pumping instead…

Work your pelvic floor muscles

Building some strong pelvic floor muscles can really help when it comes to edging, and they’re also great for more intense orgasms if you work hard enough too!

These simple exercises can be done anywhere and work by using your pubococcygeus muscles (the muscles you use to stop urination) to delay orgasm and give you an intense rush when the moment finally comes.

To get started, sit somewhere comfortable for a few minutes and practice contracting the muscles that you’d normally use to stop urination mid-flow.


Once you can isolate the pc muscle, it’s time to get serious with your pelvic floor exercising.

Start off with a 2-second squeeze-and-release before working your way up to 5-second squeezes. Once you’ve mastered that, try doing quick flicks.

All of these exercises will help you gain better control of your pelvic floor, which will in turn help bring on – or stave off – intensive orgasms.

Clench your pc muscle in time with your masturbation until you feel ready to orgasm, at which point you stop the stroking, rubbing and squeezing until you feel in control again. And then start again…




Rabbit Vibrator Tips, Tricks and New Ways to Use..

Rabbit Vibrator Tips and Tricks

Want to get even more out of bunny play? Read our tips and tricks and discover different ways to use your rabbit vibrator…

 • Slick your Rabbit with lube

Lube enhances all rabbit play...
Lube enhances all rabbit play…

Playing with a rabbit should never be  a drag, so before you even start to play, coat it in a generous squirt of water-based lube.

Many rabbits are made of elastomer, which is slightly porous, so it will absorb some of your natural juices.

Lubricant, ensures glide is enhanced and all the different sensations your bunny delivers are deliciously heightened…

• Take a full tour…

There’s no right or wrong way how to use a rabbit vibe but you will get the most out of it , if you explore all the different settings.

The longer the build-up, the better the orgasm. If here’s one complaint about them we’ve heard from women, it’s that they can actually be too efficient!  Take a full tour of everything your bunny can offer and let it tease and tantalize you, rather than going straight  for the Big O…

• Hold your rabbit vibrator real tight!

If you grip your bunny vibrator firmly in your hand, you will lose less of the rotation externally and the full arc of the twist will stimulate you inside.

• Let bunny vibrator wander…

Treat your rabbit vibrator as a massage tool rather than just a puss-pleaser.  Remember that stimulating erogenous zones, other than your clitoris, can build the excitement….

You maybe one of the 29% of women ( according to a study in Men’s Health Magazine’ ) that can experience nipple orgasm.  So use those bunny ears to tease and tickle your twin peaks and don’t forget stomach, thighs and all your other super-responsive places too…

• Invite your Rabbit to a threesome…

They are not just for solo play, so introduce your partner to your rabbit and let them take control. With your lover pushing the buttons, you will be taken on quite a different journey. Lie back and enjoy the magical mystery tour of sensations, whilst  your lover enjoys the show!

Discover a whole different experience, playing with your lover and a bllindfold...
Discover a whole different experience, playing with your lover and a bllindfold…

…Or reverse roles and introduce your bunny to your lover.

Cover your bunny in a condom and let it tease its way into their affections…

Playing with a blindfold  will heighten the thrills even more Worn by whoever’s getting bunny-attention,  it concentrates the mind on sensations and heightens excitement as being denied of sight means you won’t be able to anticipate where, or how, the next pleasurable sensation will be delivered.

• Find a friend to play with your rabbit…

Invite a dildo  to pleasure you anally, whilst your rabbit works its magic on your clitoris and vagina.

Add an anal dildo and explore double pentration
Add an anal dildo and explore double pentration

For first explorers of double penetration, starting out with a small anal dildo , whilst receiving the double-whammy sensations of clitoral stimulation and vaginal massage so beloved of rabbits-fans, is a great way to build confidence into double penetration sex play.

For experienced players, inviting your man or strapped-on lover to pleasure your backdoor, whilst your bunny takes good care of your front, can deliver all-encompassing stimulation and filled-to-the-brim sensations, like no other.


• Squeeze her!

What better way to exercise the PC Muscle? Squeeze against the shaft to give yourself a super-pleasurable workout. If your rabbit has beads or pearls in the shaft, your goal is to squeeze so hard they stop rotating.

Flexing you PC Muscle is key to multiple orgasm,  G-Spot Orgasm, female ejaculation & learning how to squirt  so there’s every reason to get get fit!

• Ps – Press Her!

Did you know that beneath your perineum, the super-sensitive strip of skin that runs between your vaginal entrance and anus,  contains the PS-Spot? ( yes, we know,  another spot!)

PS-Spot stands for Perineal sponge and it’s an area of erectile tissue, just like your clitoris or G-Spot, which swells with blood and becomes responsive, you’re excited/it’s stimulated.  Like every other ‘spot’ how you react differs from woman to woman. Some can orgasm through PS stim alone,  for others, it intensifies the feelings of other types of stimulation or makes orgasm feel longer, stronger or easier. Others still, don’t really feel much…

As part of your rabbit-exploration, press the bullet portion or tickling ears of you rabbit’s clitoral stimulator against your penniueum, or use the rotating beads to massage the area, and see how you respond…

• Let your rabbit  vibrator in the back-door…

Cover your rabbit  vibrator with a condom and let it roam the nether regions.

You may find that enjoying your vibrator anally indirectly stimulates your G-Spot.

On a male partner the bunny “head” can nicely find HIS G-Spot, aka the Prostate Gland, while the bunny ears can tickle his perineum.


Role Play Ideas

10 Role Play Ideas for Fireworks in the Bedroom, Kitchen … or Bar!

Role play can feel intimidating but don’t let that stop you, because it can also be incredibly liberating – freeing you from the everyday and catapulting you into totally different characters and scenarios.

If dreaming up different role-playing ideas leaves your imagination as vacant as an empty wine glass or trying to think up ways to spice up your love life leaves you cold and flustered, rather than frisky, then fear not!

Simply read on for 10 simple role play ideas to skyrocket sex-play with your partner…


A classic role-play, which is easy to get into, as almost everyone had a crush on a teacher in school or uni…

You probably have dress-up material already in your wardrobe which will work. For student; think white shirt, rolled-up navy skirt and a tie or stripy scarf. Add some long socks, clacking bubblegum, raging hormones and an attitude of your choice and you’re halfway there. For Teacher, simply add glasses and a ruler to a smart, workaday outfit and add the passion to pass on your knowledge!

Shy, sassy or simply naughty, as the student you can play your role as innocently or ‘wild child’, as you desire.

Teacher can be strict (perhaps putting that ruler to spanking good-use?) or take a more hands-on approach to your student’s education.

If you can recall a few phases from your French GCSE, all the better. Pretend you’re a foreign student / language teacher and whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ear.


 Naked Chef

Food and sex = a classic combination. One of you is the chef, feeding tasty nibbles to their diner. Food is a naturally sensual experience, so in this role play you are just tipping it over into the sexual realm. Take the  fridge scene from 9 1/2 weeks as your inspiration, add a blindfold and prepare to get as messy as you like.


Peeping Tom … or Tina

Voyeurism meets exhibitionism and creates a marriage made in kinky heaven. It’s pure yin and yang and this game can be sizzlingly hot; being watched is hot; watching is hot –  it’s a win-win situation!

The voyeur hides behind a curtain or door, whilst the other pretends they’re unaware there’s a Peeping Tom or Tina, watching their every move and enjoying the view.

Slowly undress, making a show of it…

This is your opportunity to be as brazen and uninhibited as you would be, if you were truly alone.

If you feel shy about masturbating in front of your partner under ‘regular’ bedroom activities, this is a good role-play to get over that hurdle. Close your eyes and play like you’re home-alone, showing off your solo techniques, using your vibrator or any other sex toys if they are part of your repertoire.

Watching your wantonly, exhibitionist, self-pleasure show will be so voyeuristically hot, that your peeping partner will have to join you, after they can take no more…


Doctor and Patient

The erotic appeal of doctors and nurses is timeless. Whether drawn from a cheeky carry-on film or from childhood games, for many it’s an early fantasy and anyway, who doesn’t like a good uniform!?

For a doctor, you can simply wear a suit and perhaps a white lab coat. If you prefer the role of “sexy nurse”, but don’t have a suitable uniform lurking at the back of your wardrobe, you can easily create your own using the same white coat, with just your most sizzling smalls and stockings underneath –  it is a fantasy, after all!

Add rubber gloves, for medical authenticity and a simple clipboard, for recording your findings and you’re all set for your rounds.

Playtime can range from tender to kinky. As you snap on the rubber gloves, your patient will have no clue which way it will go, but that’s the point.  This role-play is has one of you vulnerable and the other ‘in charge’ Will you tend to your patient’s every need or subject them to a thorough physical examination? Either way they are sure to feel all better after such fantastic care…


Favourite Movie Scene

This one is more personal to your relationship, giving you the freedom to recreate a favourite movie or a sex scene.

Will it be uber-romantic, like the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere throws Julia Roberts on top of a grand piano and proceeds to pleasure her in all sorts of ways or more Basic Instinct? Do your tastes run to Last tango in Paris or Nymphomaniac?

This role-play is hot, as well as liberating and communicative from the off – after all you have to agree on the scene and that may take some research!


Booty Call

This is a great scenario for long-term lovers who feel stuck in a rut. Life has an unfortunate way of scooting sex to the bottom of the daily to-do list, at least once the initial rush of NRE (New Relationship Energy) has worn off.

Why not pretend you are casual lovers for the evening?

One of you leaves the house, for some unknown but still intriguing reason (like visiting a sex shop for some exciting goodies, perhaps?), and the other calls on the phone – quite literally a booty call. Suggest that the “casual lover” comes over for a night of fun. How you want to play out the rest, is entirely up to you…

Read Aloud… and Replay

Aural sex is a great way of getting warmed up for a rousing evening. Grab your favourite erotic novel or even a beach-read which features a steamy scene and ask your partner to read it aloud to you.

Lay back, close your eyes and let the words wash over you…

And then comes the best bit: re-enact the scene to make it your own.


Hostage & Superhero

You’ve seen all the films, now it’s time to decide who is going to rescue who.

One of you has been captured by the bad guys, and the other must swoop in, super sexy, to save the day.

In order to make this extra hot, the hostage could be cuffed to a chair, blindfolded and have a remote controlled vibrator placed in their undies for extra “torture”…

This is another role-play that can be tuned to your desire from lightly playful to dark power-play.


Escort & Punter

A fantasy encounter with one of you “paid” to do the other’s bidding can be sexually freeing within a relationship, as it’s a great way for the ‘punter’ to share their fantasy in a safe, non-intimidating way ( you’re/ they’re  playing a role, after all…)

Whoever is the escort,  makes up a name for their sassy character and dresses accordingly. Whoever is the client calls to book their escort for an evening out. Terms are negotiated and a meeting set  up…

Dress to impress, and arrive to the meeting in good time. Order a champagne cocktail, and wait for your “date” to arrive.

Pretend you have never met, and intend to never meet again. One night, and one night only!

For extra heat or a special occasion, book a night in a fancy hotel, where you can play out your roles in total anonymity and wild abandon.


Hired Help

Another classic – a light, flirty game that has one aim –  for the mistress or master of the house to get it on with the “help”

Some light power-play can all be called into action – after all it is the employee’s job to do the employers bidding.

Eventually the hired  staff gives in  and the rest has to be fast and frenzied, as you could get caught at any moment..


We wish you fun exploring different facets to your alter-egos, and discovering new ways to play with your partner, with these role playing ideas.

And, if you have any special role-play ideas that have worked for you or ones you’d like to try, please do share – we’d love to hear!


Massage Candle

Sex Tips to Turn up the Heat in the Bedroom

Baby it’s cold outside!

Resist the temptation to live in your onsie and relegate all but under-a-15-tog-duvet play to next spring,  because we have some sex tips  to turn up the heat in the bedroom, when winter arrives.

Massage tips with warming massage candles


Massage Candle
A massage candle (£12) melts to a warm oil to drizzle seductively over skin..

Light the fire, lay down cushions & invite your partner to a sensual massage. Start out stroking with faux fur to awaken nerve-endings and warm up the senses.

Teasing strokes, all over the body, can create all manner of fireworks.


Seductively scented massage candles, which are designed to melt at a low temperature, create a heady atmosphere, whilst they burn and pool warm oil, ready to drizzle over your lover’s skin.

Use long, continual strokes, ensuring one hand never leaves contact with their body.

Build anticipation and leave sexy-bits for last, making sure you switch to a lube before progressing for sex play and ‘happy endings’ as, unlike massage oil, lubricant is body & condom-safe.


A 50 shades of heat sex tip

Wax Play Candles
Wax Play candles ( £15 for 3) burn at a lower heat, so they won’t burn skin..

For edgier games, Wax Play Candles create sizzling sensations for lovers of temperature play.

Drizzle the dripping wax over naked skin from a height for a cooler pop, or closer to the body for more intensity.

Safe to use everywhere, including breasts and down-belows, these special candles burn at a lower temperature so won’t cause burn marks.

Don’t try this with your regular household candles, as they will burn…



Take the chill off ! Tips for warming up playthings

Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
Warm up your playthings …

Glass is responsive to temperature, so a glass dildo can be transformed into a toasty plaything by simply by running it under the hot tap, for a few minutes.

The same can be done to metal toys and to a lesser extent silicone dildos too.


Don’t try this with a vibrator though – especially one that isn’t waterproof!








Sh! Pure Lube £10
Run your lube bottle under the tap too!

Run your lube bottle under the tap too, especially if you bedroom isn’t fired-up to a steady 60 degrees.


It transforms the lovely liquid into extra warming sensations.

This simple trick is essential for for cold nights and icy fingers.



Turn up the heat with a sex toy that actually warms up!

Warming Vibrator (£78) gently heats as you play
Warming Vibrator (£78) gently heats as you play

Go all out with a Warming Vibrator, a cool chrome sex toy that gently heats up.

Its sleek body is naturally cool to touch but the longer it vibrates (and with 8 different throbbing and escalating settings there’s plenty to occupy you!) the more it warms up, adding a pleasurable heat that gently radiates to your most sensitive spots.







Rosy Cheeks!

Spanking leaves a rosy glow on everybody's cheeks!
Spanking leaves a rosy glow on everybody’s cheeks!

A good spanking not only relieves stress by increasing endorphins but also ensures you both work up rosy cheeks and a good sweat!

If you are new to spanking, or not keen on pain, opt for a soft spanking paddle with a wide surface area, as sensations are diffused, making bottoms glow, rather than smart.







 Spanking Erotic Class
Gem up on your spanking skills and safety knowledge…

Want to learn more about the art of spanking? Sh! hosts friendly, educational, inspirational (and fully-clothed!) spanking classes at the London store and as Sh! Soirees, when the erotic class experience comes to you!



Steamy sessions – take a tip with sex play in the bathroom

System Jo Silicone Massage Oil & Personal Lubricant (£6) Stays wet in water...
System Jo Silicone Massage Oil & Personal Lubricant (£6)


Enjoying a warm bath solo or with a lover is one of life’s little luxuries, as winter draws in.

But steamy bathroom sessions can end up being too squeaky-clean to be pleasurable, as your natural juices are washed away.

Silicone-based lube isn’t water-soluble, so it remains slippery even in water, ensuring playtime in the bath, shower or Jacuzzi stays smooth and sensual.

A word of caution however – be careful to avoid spills and clean up afterwards to avoid tumbles in the tub – silicone lube will make ALL surfaces slippery!





Get hot and bothered  with warming lube

Organics Natural Stimulating Lubricant (£13/125ml) delivers a warming sensation for all over...
Sliquid Organics Natural Stimulating Lubricant (£13/125ml) delivers a warming sensation for all over…


Get yourselves hot and bothered by slowly drizzling warming lube all over yourself, whilst your partner watches.

Let it run from breasts, down over stomach and below…

This is incredibly sexy visually – your partner won’t be able to tear their eyes away!

Once you’ve put on your show, invite him/her to lie down and slide your hot bod all over their body… It both looks hot and  it feels hot!

And no need to worry about getting messy – the lube washes out of the sheets easily enough afterwards!





Hot lips tip for oral sex tricks

Take a sip of hot tea before going down on your lover to turn oral sex sizzling! The combination of added wetness and warmth will make them melt into a molten mess of pleasure!

Blow His Mind - Art of Fellatio Erotic Class
Learn more tips and techniques at ‘Art of Fellatio Erotic Class’ at our London Store

Want to learn more about the art of fellatio? Sh! hosts friendly, educational, inspirational (and fully-clothed!) Blow His Mind classes at the London store and as Sh! Soirees, when the erotic class experience comes to you.





Talking of Cuppas…

Turn up the heat on cold days by taking a trip to Sh! in London’s Hoxton Square. Not only will its unique collection of pleasure products make you hot under the collar and its friendly, knowledgeable staff answer all your questions, but it’s also the only erotic store in the world where they’ll also serve you a cuppa whilst you browse!

best Dildo advice

Quick Sex Tips

Long-term lovers naturally get into a groove. Sex calms down after “new couple” fever and life takes over. Add children, mortgages and the weekly shop into the mix and it’s easy to get into a sexual rut.

Anything that is habitual will loose its thrill, so the way to spice things up is to break the routine. If you always get jiggy in the missionary position on a Friday night, then ravish your lover on a Tuesday morning in the en-suite. Send a sex-text. Introduce a sex toy. Have a massage date.

12 Tips to Spice up Your Sex life

Approach spicing-up as a fun and playful thing to do, not as a comment on the state of your sex life, as pressure to perform can be a libido-killer.

Keeping it light and surprising will ensure it will be spicy and hot .


1.  Buzzing Pants Tip

Some chain store panties have gussets which aren’t sewn in at both ends, creating a very handy pocket in which to tuck a bullet vibe for hands-free buzzy delight!


2. Hot Lips Oral Sex Tip

Waking up your lover with a hot (not too hot!) mouthful of tea – warm liquid over freshly woken genitals will set anyone up for the day!


3. Other Hand

Masturbate (or give a hand-job) with your other hand – it’ll will feel quite different!


4. Play Clit-o’Clock Sex Tip

If the clitoris were a clock face, many women’s top pleasure time would be ten-to-two! This is the area to concentrate on, but can she tell the time? Play ‘what time is it?, tracing it out with your tongue until she can take no more…


5. Pop Grapes  for Divine Oral Sex Tip

Try popping grapes into your mouth when going down on your parter;  two if the recipient is male, one if female!


6. Raid the Cling Film

Cling film makes a great budget  bondage material. Wrap it broadly around wrists and ankles and then lash to the headboard or chair legs! It can also be a visual treat to playfully ‘mummify’ your partner – but never over their nose or mouth of course!


7. Feel the Fizz Sex Tip

The fizzing of sherbet or champagne in your mouth whilst you explore your lovers body can feel oh-so-very-good…


8. Lucky Dip Sex Tip

Discover sizzling scenarios that you’d normally feel too shy or embarrassed to try. On slips of paper, write out a few fantasy roles or specific sexual activities that turn you on and put them in a bag. Your lover gets to do the same. Take turns to pick from the bag and do as the lucky dip instructs…you’re allowed only one refusal!


9. Minty Fresh Sex Tip

Go down on your lover with a smooth mint rolling around in your mouth then roll it up and down and around their sensitive bits – it will feel cool and VERY hot!


10. Ice Cream Lick Sex Tip

Rather than quick flicks or tongue twirls, try applying long soft licks; just imagine you are slowly licking an ice cream (and if you lick too hard, it will slide off its cone and down your jumper!) These long slow licks feel delicious anywhere so don’t just limit it to oral sex but lick up arms, down thighs and remember – the armpits, often overlooked are an erogenous zone.


11. Put on a Peep Show

Perform in your very own peep show with  just one or two props. Turn off all the lights or perhaps throw a dark scarf over a lamp so the room is very dimly lit ( this is especially liberating, if you are a shy performer) If you’re peep-showing for a partner, hand then the touch.  The beam will illuminate the intimate areas, whilst you put on the show of your life.

We’d also recommend this tip played solo – pleasure put on a (un)dress rehearsal in front of a mirror, with you controlling the touch beam.


12. Love Balls on the Bus

Sit at the back of the bus ( where the engines are!:) to experience an deep rumbling pleasure whilst wearing love balls – highly pleasurable in itself and a fabulous way to multi-task arousal on the commute home…



How to use a g-Spot Vibrator

How to Use a Wand Massager Vibrator

Popular for everything from deep-tissue massages to clitoral stimulation, Wand Vibrators are enjoyed by women and men alike.

They’re great for relieving tension, building tension and causing great explosions of tension too!



Wand Vibrators for Relieving Tension

Doxy Wand Massager £90
Doxy Wand Massager £90

Massage has long been used to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and accompany physical rehabilitation.

Massage is soothing both physically and mentally, and a great way to shake off daily stresses and minor aches and pains: Sore neck? Check. Period pain? Check. Tired feet? Check.

Versatile and multi-purpose,  a Wand Vibrator will take you from ‘tired’ to ‘aroused’ in a short amount of time – getting you ready for even more fun!




Wand Vibrators for Erotic Massage

Lelo Smart Wand £99
Lelo Smart Wand £99

Erotic massage takes stress-relieving elements of traditional massage and applies them in sensual ways.

Smooth strokes and relaxing vibrations from a Wand can be a sexy way to arouse your partner and gently easing them into whatever you have planned next…





Wand Vibrators as Sex Toys

Cordless Wand Massager
Cordless Wand Massager £50

Wands  offer incredibly powerful vibrations and deliver deep, vibrating throbs.

Their shape is designed for external stimulation, not  penetration – though you can buy wand attachments for this.

The large ball head can be laid against your vulva –  the strong vibrations will resonate throughout the whole area.

They are very popular with sexuality educators the world over, who regularly recommend them for women who find it difficult to become aroused or experience orgasms.

From light, skimming touches to deep-tissue massages, your Wand  delivers it all…

Wands are also very popular with those who play on the harder end of the scale, often being used for ‘scenes’ in kink-play.


Wand Fun Tips and Tricks

  • Lay your vibrating Wand on a flat surface and sit yourself on top so you can grind against the buzzing head – this offers great stimulation from a different angle!
  • Too strong? Place some fabric or a small pillow between yourself and the Wand, thus diffusing the vibrations across a larger area
  • Place your palm over the vibrating Wand, curve your thumb around the head of the Wand and use your splayed-out fingers as several small vibrators for sensual stroking…


You can read more about our  Most Popular Wand Massagers and remember – if you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at advice@sh-womenstore.com.

We’ll answer you privately. We may also share your question and our response on our blog, so others may benefit, but we promise it will always be anonymous, with nothing left it to identify you.



Guys Are You a Cunning Linginguist?

EVENT: Come and Talk to Me

DATE: Thursday, August 11th 2011

LOCATION: Sh! Women’s Emporium, Unit 4 253 Portobello Road. London W11 1LR

TIME: 7:30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.


Inspired by the musings of Her Lil’ Black Book, Miss Love Lippz and Skye from MetAnotherFrog on June 23rd in Toronto, ten men competed to seduce the city’s finest female bloggers by the spoken word.

Now – Come and Talk to Me arrives in London, presented by MetAnotherFrog at Sh! Women’s Emporium (Portobello).

This event aims to settle the debate about whether or not modern men can actually hold a decent conversation. Has sexting replaced dirty talk? Has an hour-long G-Chat session replaced the “until the sun rose” marathon phone calls of the past?

Come and Talk to Me is our effort to find the man who understands that great wordplay can be the most electrifying foreplay; that to unlock her legs, he must first unlock her mind. More than a few good Canadian men rose to the challenge – will you?

Participants can take the stage to talk about anything they choose. They can read a passage from a book, tell the judges about their day at work or engage a lady in the audience in some sexy small talk; anything to assure women that the art of conversation is not entirely lost.

Judges will provide feedback and the ladies in the audience will cast votes. The night will end with one man being named London’s most cunning linguist and the bloggers will extol the virtues of his silver tongue (and of course give away prizes). Other than the delights of our competitors’ efforts, the audience will also be treated to readings by our headliner; as well as cupcakes and refreshments.

There are only about 8 spots available to compete. To register, send an email with your name, contact info and your proposed topic to erose@metanotherfrog.com before August 8th, 2011.

Enjoyable Sex!

Just had to share – the Sh! girlz were checking a website on ‘How To Conceive A Boy’, and found this gem on their (largely dodgy-looking) advice list:

5. The couple should know what sexual positions to help conceive a child. And women could try to have an orgasm during intercourse.

Sounds like the author can’t even imagine that women trying for a baby might also – shock horror! – be having enjoyable sex, unless he reminded them to.

Sexy Ideas For Lovers
31 Favours : Sexy Card Game For Her

Anyway, talking of enjoyable sex, there’s lots of new goodies in stock today. We’ve got the amazing 31 Favours: Sexy Card Game For Her and 31 Favours: Sexy Card Game For Him – each a set of hot card game full of handy hints on ways to thrill, tease and tantalise your lover. The Sh! girlz recommend buying a set of each so no one gets left out!

Diva Body Shimmer Powder
Golden Body Shimmer – looks good, feels good, tastes good! Diva Shimmer Body Powder is a golden shimmer powder, great for dusting onto a lover’s bare skin…it tastes yummy too, a bit like sherbert, and is ideal for licking off…and it’s infused with pheromones for an extra enhancement!

Spicy Scented Massage Candle
Sensual Massage candle: Pomegranate and Ginger

Ideal for divas everywhere, the Sh! girlz recommend trying out Diva Body Shimmer Powder to wear on an evening out. A dab on the arms and shoulders, and you’ll look and smell fantastic – plus your lover can lick it off when you get home!

Sensual Massage candles
Sensual Massage Candles are delicious, pheromone-infused massage candles made from soya oil and deliciously fragranced with White Lavender, Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang, and Pomegranate and Ginger. They melt at a low temperature and can be poured onto a lover’s skin and used as massage oil, as well as creating a gorgeous scent to set the mood!

There’s lots more snazzy goodies still arriving, ladiez, so watch this space – and look out for a super-special announcement here tomorrow night!