Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Taking the plunge and buying your very first sex toy is exciting and a little bit scary – what if you don’t like it? Or what if you like it too much?!  (We promise that “liking it too much” is a not thing when it comes to pleasure, so no need to worry about that!)

We have compiled a list of our Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies: whatever the style of toy you think you might like, we have something that’ll suit your desires.

These toys are all rated 5-star on our website, so you can relax in the knowledge that someone has already bought one of these toys and thought it was ace!

All the toys on our Top 5 list are of course body-safe and very affordable – because a great orgasm shouldn’t cost an arm & a leg!

First Sex Toy For Clitoral Stimulation

Most women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. It’s no surprise – the clitoris has around 8000 nerve-endings on its very tip so it is a massively important part for pleasure. An estimated 75% of women say they need the right kind of stimulation in the right place on the clitoris for the right length of time to orgasm – and that can be hard work! Which is where a great vibrator comes in. 🙂

The Love Bullet Lipstick Vibe is a bestseller both in our shop in London, and with our website customers.top5_4

Its discreet design and petite size means you can take it everywhere, including on holidays. Store it in your make up bag and no one will be the wiser!

Despite the small size, the Lipstick packs a punch – it’s incredibly powerful and with 8 different settings to explore, you are almost spoilt for choice. This vibrator is USB rechargeable, so you can easily charge it up whilst you are working or surfing your favourite social media sites.

Oh, and it’s fully waterproof!

First Sex Toy For G-spot Stimulation

The G-spot is an area located a couple of inches up on the inside of the vagina. There are doubters, but we say “bah!” to them – the G-spot is an actual area and with the right kind of stimulation, marvelously deep orgasms could come your way!

Our Mini Pink G-spot Vibe is small, slim and quiet, but works top5_1
wonders when applied to the sensitive G-spot area. The bump at the tip of the Mini Pink is there to help find and stimulate the G-spot. A good trick to try is “juicing” the G-spot – rather than sliding the vibe in and out at breakneck speed (often seen in bad porn), slowly work it back & forth on the G-spot itself. The G-spot likes firm pressure, so don’t be shy.

It may feel like you need to go for a pee which can be distracting, but relax into the sensations and you might find that waves of pleasure soon follow.

First Rabbit-Style Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators of old were mainly made out of less-than-great materials and for some unfathomable reason, designed to be huge.

top5_2These days, Rabbit vibrators come in body-safe materials and a range of sizes to suit all tastes. The 5-star toy we’ve added to our Top 5 list of sex toys is Cute Rabbit, a dual-stimulation vibe made from strokeable silicone, which is USB rechargeable and fully waterproof.

The internal shaft is short and smooth, and delivers delicious pressure to the G-spot.  The clit stimulator, which has its own motor, reaches over and offers direct stimulation to the clit.

Dual stimulation toys, i.e toys with a shaft for internal pleasure as well as a built-in clitoral pleaser, are great for bringing on what’s known as blended orgasms: pleasure waves from both clit and G-spot simultaneously. *swoooon*

First Sex Toy For Couples

The Ovo Cock Ring is a stretchy vibrating ring for couples. Worn around the base of the manhood, it enhances erections and provides additional thrills during penetration.top5_3

Ovo is a a little gem for beginners – it is so easy to use. Add a little water-based lube to his semi-erect shaft for comfort, before sliding the ring over the penis and all the way down. The ring stops back-flow of blood and makes the erection both firmer and more sensitive. Switch on the one-speed bullet before she positions herself on top – this way she can grind against the vibration in ways that feel best for her.

Cock rings are the perfect accessory for introducing toys into the bedroom; small and non-threatening, and with enough functions to keep you both happy.

First Sex Toy For Anal Play

Cute beginners butt plug with removable mini bullet – perfect for first time anal play.  This small, ergonomically curved butt plug has a sensual, shapely body designed in harmony with the curves of your body and a narrow neck for comfort.top5_5

The tiny vibrating bullet fits into a hole hidden in the base, and the vibrations can help relax tense tushies.

A lot (a lot!) of people enjoy anal play and even more people fantasize about trying it. The trick is to go slow and use lots of lube – preferably a lube designed for the delicate rectal membranes.

A butt plug offers fullness and pressure, and the additional vibrations delivers super-thrilling sensations.

So there you have it – our Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies. Only one question remains: which sex toy will YOU choose?




Q&A: Nipple Clamps & Sensitivity

Dear Sh!

I wonder if you can help. My partner and I would like to try nipple clamps, but I have pretty sensitive nipples so could you advise on which would be the best type for me?

Hi there,

If you have sensitive nipples/breasts, we’d say go easy with nipple clamps, buy an adjustable set and don’t leave them on for too long -probably no more than 30 minutes.

An excellent set of nipple clamps for beginners are Rubber Coated Nipple Clamps as not only are they coated with rubber for softer pinching but they have screws on either side to adjust tightness.

As women, our sensitivity levels can fluctuate with our hormones, so the same sensation from nipple clamps that turns us on one week can turn us off the next.

Breast sensitivity is heightened just before or during our period so go gently with nipple clamps during this time.


Best Wishes

Team Sh!



advice unable to orgasm

Q&A: Vaginismus

Dear Sh! I’ve just been told I have something called vaginismus. I’ve spent years wondering why I couldn’t have proper sex with boyfriends (and usually getting dumped because of it). I’ve never heard of vaginismus before, and it sounds pretty bad!

I was told to get myself a dilating kit for vaginismus treatment.

Can you help? Hi there, Vaginismus is actually pretty common, and every year we have hundreds of women coming through our doors who also have vaginismus.

Vaginismus is a condition where the muscles in and around the vagina go into spasm.

This makes intercourse either very painful and difficult, or even impossible. Vaginismus is usually seen as having psychological roots, so working to “repair” yourself physically and addressing any psychological issues about sex you may have lurking deep down (whatever they are and wherever they may have come from) is the best way forward. Above all, don’t despair!

Vaginismus is something you can conquer with just a tiny bit of self-discipline.

There are few vaginismus dilating kits available. A standard hard plastic dilating kit, which is often prescribed for vagisismus, can look & feel very “medical”. Because of this, we developed our vaginismus dilating kit, which we call the Sh! Training Kit.

It is made up of 4 vibrators, graded in size like standard vaginismus dilating kit

Starting from very small and slim and progressing to larger and wider – all in pretty pink and purple colours! The advantage of using vibrators instead of non-vibrating dilators for vaginismus treatment is that the vibrations will also help to relax your muscles, and you can have fun stimulating your labia and clit at the same time. Compliance is usually the problem with the whole dilating issue – but if you have a great little vibe to encourage  you, you’re  much more likely to pick it up and use it.

The most important thing is to try not to despair or give up on yourself – vaginismus is beatable!


Customer Responds:

Just wanted to thank you all for advice about vaginismus. I was really quite depressed about the whole thing and your comments have really helped. I got your kit off this website, and it’s really great. I showed it to my doctor and she was totally impressed! I’ve seen the NHS ones and they looked awful. I’m only at number 2, but I really feel much more positive and as I’ve never had a vibrator I’ve actually enjoyed experimenting with rubbing my clit – WOW! Thanks again!


Q&A: Tiny Clit

Dear Sh!

I think I have an abnormally tiny clit.

I have never come very easily and NEVER through oral sex and it was only when I slept with a woman that she commented what a tiny clit I have. I guess this is my problem.

Does anyone know of anything that can help with a tiny clit?

I looked up cosmetic surgery but the only thing I can see is G-Spot augmentation – so has anyone had that or does anyone have any advice about a tiny clit – any ideas mucho appreciated…

Hi there,

We’re sorry to hear about your orgasmic problems, but the good news is:

There is absolutely no link between clit size and sexual responsiveness or function.

A tiny clitoris certainly does not mean tiny orgasms…or no orgasms at all.

Rather than looking at commercial cosmetic surgery sites – which will encourage a feeling of “abnormality”, take a look at educational sites, such as The Clitoris Site which should reassure you that your clit size is not abnormal and having a tiny clitoris does not mean you’re never likely to have an orgasm.

The clitoris is a very complex structure: the “tiny” part on the outside is just the tip of an iceberg.

Lots of women find orgasms tricky or illusive – you are not alone, we promise. And it has nothing to do with whether their clitoris is tiny, large or somewhere in-between.

Not being able to orgasm is usually down to 3 things:

  • Not being aware of how our body works
  • Not experimenting with what pleasures our body likes best
  • Learning how to ‘be in the moment’
Becoming Orgasmic
Becoming Orgasmic £9.99

We recommend a book called Becoming Orgasmic – a highly-respected, well-written and comprehensive guide to discovering your orgasmic potential.

Also a great book for you might be Clitoral Truth It explains in great detail exactly what the clitoris is and is not. It should also help you shed any hang-ups about what’s “normal” regarding clitoral size and help you find new ways of exploring your clitoris.

Lots of women tell us they have their first orgasm with a vibrator.

A vibe delivers steady, sustained and intense stimulation that is often enough to turn pre-orgasmic women into ‘yes! yes! yes! I can do it!’ – women.

Take a look at our clitoral vibes. Different vibes, for different folks, but for pre-orgasmic women we’d recommend getting a really “wowser” (ie super-strong) clit vibe like the intensely powerful Wand Vibrator.

You can always use the vibrator on the lowest setting (or even wrap it in some material) if you find the sensations too intense, but it will give you super-strong vibration if that’s what your body requires.

Remember, whatever you do – enjoy every minute of the discovery process!

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

advice showering before sex

Q&A: Sex Without Showering

Dear Sh!

My Girlfriend doesn’t want sex without showering first.

She won’t have it, but I really I like her in her natural, just-home state.

What can I do?

Hi there,

While some of us are happy to strip off and get down to it after a long day at the office, or a long night on the dancefloor…

Lots of people can’t even contemplate sex before a shower.

This is totally understandable as we’re bombarded by messages and advertisements for products to make every part of our body fresh and sweet-smelling and all designed to mask our body’s natural scents – whether from under our arms or within our panties.

And yet, the salty, musky tastes and scents our bodies create during sexual excitement are biochemically designed to arouse and inspire us to have sex.

So, there’s a head versus body thing going on – many of us only feel confident to be sexy when we’re clean whereas our lovers get turned on by the pheromones (the body’s natural attractants) of our ‘au natural’ state.

If your girlfriend needs a quick shower to feel confident, so be it.

Few of us are completely free of sexual insecurities. If showering means the difference between her being a sex kitten or a shy puss, then there’s little point in wading in and forcing the issue.

Once your girlfriend is enjoying your attention, all those musty smells you crave will surface anyway!

This isn’t to say that you should hustle her into the shower as soon as she steps through the door…

You should still carry on subtly communicating just how powerfully attractive her body’s natural scents are to you and over time this will help build her confidence that she is totally sexy to you in her natural state

Hope this helps. If you’d like any more help or advice, just get in touch

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

pegging advice

Q&A: Strap on Vibrating Dildo for Pegging

Dear Sh! My girlfriend and I were wondering – would a vibrating dildo be good for us to use during strap-on pegging? Any advice you can give us would be appreciated.   Hi there,

Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50
Cupid 3 Vibrating Dildo £50

Having a vibrating dildo (the vibrating version of our own Silicone Dildos does mean that you have the possibility of more stimulation – both for you and your lovely lady during pegging. The vibrating bullet makes the whole “shaft” of the dildo gently quiver – whilst silicone transmits vibration well, it will never be as strong as a vibrator.

This sensation is then transferred to your prostate during pegging so it’s bound to feel good

Depending on how your girlfriend positions the dildo, she can benefit from the vibration on her clitoris too during a pegging session – so winners all round! If you’ve already got a dildo and want to try out the vibrating sensations that it will bring to strap on pegging, try a detachable powerful Vibrating Cock Ring that slips over the dildo at the base to create a similar thrilling effect. We hope this answers your question and if you need any more advice, just get in touch. Best Wishes Team Sh!


Q&A: Sensitive Clit

Dear Sh!

My clitoris is so sensitive it cannot be directly touched, to the annoyance of my lover!

I can have vaginal orgasms but cannot masturbate in the clitoral area as it feels uncomfortable… Help!

What can I do or use to stimulate my clitoris or make it less sensitive?


Hi there,

Many women, no matter how sensitive they are, do not like direct stimulation on the tip of the clit, as it’s often uncomfortable.

Remember the clitoral glans (the external nub at the top of your inner vaginal lips) has about the same number of nerve endings as the penis, but all enclosed in a much smaller area, so it’s no wonder it’s so sensitive.

This is also why men and women respond to very different kinds of touch.

As you seem specially sensitive, ask your partner to go very slowly and sensually around your clitoris.

Who says they actually have to touch it?

The hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck sensation you can get from the anticipation of something can be far more enticing than the actual sensation.

Encourage your lover to gently ascend from an erotic stroking of feet, calves, thighs, inner thighs…to kissing your lips (labia) and blowing on your clit.

Men often approach the clitoris as an ‘easy jackpot’ and pretty play-safe “she’s bound to get turned on if I rub on this!” sort of spot,

But for many women the “sweet spots” are the sides of the clitoris rather than directly on it.

Whatever areas of your clitoris is “out of bounds”, instead of this being a negative thing, your lover still has the full run of the rest of your body to experiment with.

As for stimulating yourself – the labia and your whole genital region (both inside and externally) is “joined-up” – if your clitoris is too sensitive for direct stimulation, try using a vibrator around your lips – you will see just how engorged and rosy they become without any direct clitoral action.

We hope this helps and if you’d like any more advice, please do get in touch.

Best Wishes

Team Sh!


Q&A: Recommend a Vibrator?

Dear Sh!

My girlfriend and I are looking for a vibrator that is quiet, stylish and safe. It must look good, not stink to high heaven of rubber and not cause any itching.

The last one we used caused some irritation when we used it and it smelt vile, which was off-putting in itself. And then others we’ve bought have said they’re quiet but when we’ve turned them on the lawn mower sounds have just as equally turned us off!

And the majority of vibrators, especially the Japanese-made ones, look like the Virgin Mary on a rock with a pet beaver or something shoved on the end!!!

All we want is a sexy quiet powerful vibrator that does the job and is an enjoyable add on toy to our sex life – are we asking too much or does this miracle of modern science already exist?

Can you recommend a vibrator that’s quiet, stylish AND safe?

Any help MAJORLY appreciated!

Hi there,

If a vibe causes an itch or stinks strongly of chemicals, it’s usually a Jelly vibrator (you won’t find any at Sh! –  we don’t carry jelly toys because of concerns about phthalates in sex toys).

Desire Vibrator £49

We recommend a vibrator made from plastic or silicone as neither contain potentially harmful chemicals

For internal play, how about a Rocks Off Bullet Vibrator? It provides strong vibrations and is completely safe. It also offers loads of different pulsating & escalating functions so will bring lots of variety to the bedchamber!

The downside for all these extra sensations is that it “can’t be heard from next room” ie it is on the louder side.

If you want something quieter, Desire Vibrator also come highly recommended.

It has lots of setting, is a beautiful ergonomic shape and is made out of  velvety silicone (which is also non-porous and odourless) so it won’t give you an itch in your ditch.

For an entirely clit-focused buzz, Excite vibrator is an ergonomically shaped vibe that sits in your special place. It’s waterproof and rechargeable – no more hunting for batteries! It’s also such a gorgeous object we’re sure it can bring only beautiful things to your bed.

Best Wishes

Team Sh!


Q&A: Rabbit or Finger Vibe?

Dear Sh!

Could you please advise a 62-year old widow (with neither the desire nor the prospect of “finding another man”) on the best vibrator to buy?

I’m completely new to this market and I’ve looked through your website, and am confused by the range available.

I’m tempted by a Rabbit-style Vibrator or a simple Finger vibe but would welcome your comments


Hi there,

Yes – we completely understand. There are so many different vibrators (and so little time…).

The first thing to think about is really whether you want a vibrator *specifically* for internal use (including G-spot) or for external (clitoral) stimulation – or for both?

A finger vibe offers precise clitoral stimulation

…but it is limited to providing purely clitoral stimulation.

A finger vibrator probably most comes into it’s own during partner sex, when it discreetly slips onto a finger to add extra clitoral stimulation during sex.

During solo sex, if your technique is to use only your finger on your clitoris, then a finger vibrator will add a buzz to this – and the clitoris usually loves a spot of vibration!

Sh! jessica side
Sh! Jessica Rabbit £40

A Rabbit vibrator offers internal stimulation as well as clitoral.

The  beaded shaft rotates around  ‘just inside’ which is an area rich in sensations. If you grip the shaft/beads using your PC muscles, the  sensations can be intense. Some women find their G-Spots with a rabbit vibe. The bunny ears then provide a lovely, tickly clit stimulator – so there you have it – all-in-one!

Many women tell us what they love about their rabbit is the clitoral bunny stimulator on the side of their rabbit vibrator. In fact, lots of women tell us they don’t always bother with the beaded shaft of their rabbit vibrator at all during solo sessions.

Most women are all about clitoral stimulation during masturbation.

The bunny ears are a fabulous design for this as they stimulate the sides of the clitoris rather than directly on it. For the majority of women, too intense/direct clitoral stimulation can actually be a turn-off.

However some women do need more intense, direct clitoral stimulation. If you desire/require a a bit more “umph” then we’d recommend a bullet/egg style vibrator, over a finger vibe. A great clitoral vibrator of this kind is the Secret – offers 20 speeds and sensations (low-high, throbbing, pulsating etc) – the top ones are super-intense!

The “vibe” itself is an egg shape attached by a wire to the battery pack, which allows you to change the setting with a push of your finger rather than feeling around for buttons between your legs! A very good external vibe indeed.

We hope this has been of help, do feel free to phone us on 0333 444 005, if you’d like any more help.

Best wishes

Team Sh!

advice unable to orgasm

Q&A: Painful Sex / Intercourse

Dear Sh!

After having a laproscapy and finding out that I have problems with my ovaries, sex is obviously painful.

I’m trying to find a gel that numbs internally.

The only thing that is slightly close is the gel inside Durex special condoms (but can’t use them as allergic to latex), I’m only 23 and it’s stressing me and my partner of 3 years out – I want my sex life back! Any advice or products you can suggest would be great. Thanks!

Hi there,

Painful sex can, of course, be a problem both for yourself and for your relationship – but please don’t get too stressed about it as this can turn into a vicious cycle

Once it has become an issue, you will tense up your muscles as a negative physical response of “stressing out”, which is not conducive to “getting in the mood.”

We understand it’s difficult to get over the pain, or fear of pain, of intercourse.

Women sometimes get prescribed a steroid cream (by their doctor) for vulval pain/pain during intercourse, where there is actual irritation of the skin, which can numb the pain.

This is slightly more on the more extreme end of things.

And would your husband be happy for you just to be numb during intercourse?

Lush Pure Lubricant £10
Lush Pure Lubricant £10

Perhaps the first thing to try is a good lubricant as well-lubricated sex is the first stage to pleasurable sex.

We’d recommend a good water- based lubricant. As you are allergic to latex, we’d advise better to stick to simple formulas, such as Probe lube.  (Avoid silicone-based lubes in case you are also sensitive to that).

Lubricant will not numb any pain

…but it will completely reduce any friction and therefore will help make intercouse as smooth as possible.

Lush Pure Lube is very slick and soft feeling, and doesn’t get sticky when it dries out. Just use as much as you like! It’s not a messy lube, so you can be very generous. Probe is also very good. Mostly natural ingredients, it’s designed to  closely match your own vaginal fluids.

Whilst there are commercial products available to numb, (mostly marketed for anal sex) we don’t stock them because numbing pain during sex, especially anal sex, can be dangerous.

If you try some lube, but still feel you want something to “numb pain”, then the next stage is to consult your doctor.

But, before you do, maybe it would be good to talk to your partner about expanding your sexual repertoire?

Rather than just numbing pain, perhaps looks to alternatives to intercourse?

Long term couples can get stuck in a sexual rut and so finding other ways to enjoy each other/give each other orgasms outside of intercourse could actually enhance your relationship.

Check out sex guides for ideas: some sexy erotica too is great for inspiration, as well being a great way to turn yourself or each other on.

Playing a sexy couple’s game together or exploring the sensual side of sex is a great way enjoy one another without jumping straight into the penetrative side of sex.

We hope this helps. if you need any more advice or ideas, please get in touch.

Best Wishes

Team Sh!