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Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Taking the plunge and buying your very first sex toy is exciting and a little bit scary – what if you don’t like it? Or what if you like it too much?!  (We promise that “liking it too much” is a not thing when it comes to pleasure, so no need to worry about that!) … Continue reading Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies

Q&A: Strap on Vibrating Dildo for Pegging

Dear Sh! My girlfriend and I were wondering – would a vibrating dildo be good for us to use during strap-on pegging? Any advice you can give us would be appreciated.   Hi there, Having a vibrating dildo (the vibrating version of our own Silicone Dildos does mean that you have the possibility of more stimulation – … Continue reading Q&A: Strap on Vibrating Dildo for Pegging

Q&A: Rabbit or Finger Vibe?

Dear Sh! Could you please advise a 62-year old widow (with neither the desire nor the prospect of “finding another man”) on the best vibrator to buy? I’m completely new to this market and I’ve looked through your website, and am confused by the range available. I’m tempted by a Rabbit-style Vibrator or a simple Finger vibe but would … Continue reading Q&A: Rabbit or Finger Vibe?

Q&A: Painful Sex / Intercourse

Dear Sh! After having a laproscapy and finding out that I have problems with my ovaries, sex is obviously painful. I’m trying to find a gel that numbs internally. The only thing that is slightly close is the gel inside Durex special condoms (but can’t use them as allergic to latex), I’m only 23 and … Continue reading Q&A: Painful Sex / Intercourse