Orgasm Blog Post

Common misconceptions about the female orgasm

Throughout history the female orgasm has been the subject of analysis and interest, both for those who experience them (or not, as the case may be) and for those who hope to help their partners achieve them.

Many ask if female orgasms are real, while others wonder what their purpose is.

Unlike the male orgasm, female orgasm plays no major part in conception, and it can be concluded that  only function is to offer pleasure. We’re not complaining about this, but we feel the difficulty in achieving orgasms for women, in particular, is a major biological flaw.

There’s plenty of information circulating about the female orgasm, but how much of it is true?

We’re keen to set the record straight about the Big Oh, so read on as we dispel some of the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding the female orgasm.

All women can have multiple orgasms

In fairness, women who do orgasm have got it pretty good. Many women don’t, which isn’t to say they won’t in the future; this is something that can be learned with time, patience and maybe a little bit of help from a vibrator.

The good news is that once you have learned how it works for you and you can bring on an orgasm, it is possible to keep on coming again and again. This is referred to as multiple orgasms and is often done with continued stimulation of the G-spot.

However, not all women respond to stimulation of their G-spot and as the clitoris tends to get over-stimulated after one orgasm, multiple orgasms aren’t something that every woman can just do. It requires knowledge of how your body works, the right tools (fingers, penis or toy) and lots of practice.

Positioning makes no difference when it comes to reaching an orgasm

We’re calling time on this belief.

A position that works for you could mean having a toe-curling climax whilst a position that doesn’t stimulate your hotspots in the right way may mean a lukewarm ‘meh’ experience…

The best position varies from person to person: for some women, this means being on top. This allows either themselves or their partner to stimulate their clitoris with their fingers. Since most women don’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, having easy access to the clitoris can be crucial when it comes to coming.

For other women this may mean being flat on their backs – despite its reputation for being ‘dull’, the missionary position can be really useful for orgasm-surety. It allows you to rock your hips back and forth, or grind against your partners pubic bone. Again, it is most often the stimulation of the clitoris that makes the magic happen.

A good starting point is trying to recreate your favorite solo-sesh position but with a toy or penis joining the party.

It’s okay to fake orgasms

Pretty much everyone has been there at some point. A partner is giving it their all, but nothing happens and the pressure to orgasm so the partner can feel they’ve done a good job builds, and before you know it, a bit of loud moaning makes it seem like a fantastic orgasm just happened. The partner is happy, you are happy(-ish) and at least they had a great time even if you didn’t…

Catch 22.

The problem with faking is that it lets your partner believe that you experienced an incredible orgasm when you didn’t.

Each person is responsible for their own orgasm, and having an honest and open conversation about what you like and what gets you off will ensure next encounter is both better and hotter.


Sex Position Blog Post

The best sex positions for truly mind-blowing orgasms

When it comes to reaching one of those toe-curling, sheet-grabbing orgasms, some positions work better than others. These sex positions usually vary from person to person, depending on which muscles you need to tense in order to get off.

If you want to heat things up and ensure that your next climax is truly mind-blowing, read on for our top tips for best orgasmic sex positions:

Face Sitting

Oral sex is great for those who love nothing better than one intense orgasm after another. Straddling your partner’s face is good because it gives you more control; you can move your body so that all of your sensitive spots are being touched at the right time, bringing you to dizzying highs.

This is an excellent way for you to experiment with dominance too – you’ll feel like a Queen, rocking and rolling against your lover’s willing face.

Expect fireworks between your thighs!

Doggy Style

Whether your partner is male-bodied or you are using a strap-on, doggy style is great because it allows for deeper penetration that will stimulate your G-spot, delivering intense pleasure.

If you want to really ramp things up, ensure that your clitoris is seen to as well with our Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Toy. It has 11 settings to explore, making it perfect for building up pleasure. Start off slow and increase the suction as you near your peak.


If you are also in a loving relationship with your play-partner, feeling closer to them can often help you reach more intense orgasms.

Feeling intimate and knowing that you are loved can be a powerfully pleasurable experience for some, and what elicits closeness more than a good spoon? It allows your partner to put their arms around you and hold you close while the entire length of each of your bodies touches. Amp up the experience by asking them to stretch their arm around you and stroke your clitoris while they thrust slowly.

Legs in the air

It’s a favourite for many, and it’s easy to understand why. When your legs are in the air and swung over your partner’s shoulders, it allows for the deepest penetration possible, perfect for when you are trying to achieve a screaming oh-ooh-oooh!

Reach down and rub and play with yourself while your partner penetrates you deeply. This not only ensures your clit is teased in the way you like best, but it also offers a super-hot visual for your partner.

Here’s another blog post on exciting ways to spice up sex positions.

Dolls Sitting

Tips for Spicing Up Sex Positions

Most couples have their tried & tested go-to positions for sex; start in one, move to a second and finish in a third – perhaps something extra fancy for birthdays and Christmas. That’s often how it goes.

As long as you’re both enjoying yourselves, there really is no need to be swinging from the chandeliers or attempting the Wheelbarrow position, it’s uncomfortable and makes sex harder than it needs to be…

But even so, standard positions can be made spicier with a few simple changes and in this blog post, we’re sharing our best tips for switching up your favourites for extra heat. Read on!

Blow Their Mind

We hear that the number 1 sex act desired by straight (and we’re guessing, gay) men, is fellatio. A blow job allows him to concentrate on his pleasure, without having to worry abut anything. His job is to relax and let your tongue work its moist magic…

But, for fairness, we’re going to add a good session of cunnilingus into the mix too. Why should guys have all the fun?


Letting her relax and enjoy a sensual tongue-treat should be just as high on the sex agenda.

Depending on personalities or mood of the couple playing, an oral sex session can be switched up or down.

If you enjoy the feeling of submission, kneeling before your partner can be the ultimate thrill. Make sure you’re comfortable (on a cushion) and make sure they’re comfortable too (sitting or standing).


Or, if you like to be in control, try tying your partner up. For extra fun, you could also blindfold them. Check in with them regularly, making sure they’re comfortable and still having fun.

Tease and please, make them beg for your attention… For extra dominance, tell them they can only orgasm with your permission.

Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me

69-ing, or the top-to-toe position where you each feast on the others delicious bits is another favourite with many couples.

If kneeling over your partners face for a length of time is too hard, simply moving into a gentler version of the same position will make all the difference. By laying on your sides and nestling against each other, you’ll be able to give and receive pleasure simultaneously.

If your jaw or neck needs a break, just use fingers or a small vibe to tease instead.

Spice up the 69 position by adding small tongue vibrators. The additional buzz can make all the difference, if you or your partner find it difficult to orgasm.

Missionary Position

We often hear people dissing missionary position as ‘dull’ and ‘vanilla’.

They are clearly not doing it right.

With a couple of easy moves, the missionary position can become your trusted go-to position for both sensual and kinky play.

For a more sensual version, the partner on top lifts themselves up a little, resting their pubic bone against your pubic bone. For a female-bodied person, this slight change delivers pressure over the clitoral area and by rocking together, chances of a thunderous orgasm suddenly become much  higher.

Doing it kinky style is very easy: the top places their full weight (or most of it) on the bottom, holding their wrists firmly above their head. This way, the bottom experiences a submissive helplessness; all they can do is lie back and let pleasure wash over them.

For extra playfulness, a struggle can be sexy – the dominant partner gets to use their power to keep the struggling partner in place. This needs to be consensual of course, so don’t forget that all-important safe word.

If you want to switch it up even more, try adding a We Vibe Sync to your missionary position. The lower, more flexible arm of the We Vibe slides inside the female-bodied partner, snuggling against both clitoris and G-spot. The partner with a penis or dildo slides in too, and you both rock & roll with the added benefit of thrilling vibrations in places where it counts…

Partner on Top

Having a partner riding you is super-sexy; you get to watch & feel them move in ways that feel best for them! Lay-back-and-watch-the-show sorta-thing… *Fans self*


The partner on top has several options:

  • Bonce up & down for a fierce workout
  • Rock back & forth for deep, grinding pleasure
  • Lean back for intense pressure against G-spot or prostate
  • Hop on back-to-front so your partner gets a great view of your bum

Switching up partner-on-top sex is easy: slip a vibrating cock ring like Rocks Off Union  over the penis or dildo.

With two vibrating bullets, vibrations from RO-Union are plentiful and you can hump, rock & ride your way to climax…

Doggy Style

There are many reasons to love doggy style sex, it’s a firm favorite with many couples.

If the receiving partner is female-bodied, they’ll be enjoying intense G-spot pleasure as the dildo or penis rhythmically strokes in & out.

If the receiving partner is male-bodied,  the dildo or penis will offer the same type of sensations against the prostate, a highly sensitive area inside the rectum.

Benefits for the giver is the feeling of being in control, powerfully offering pleasure that’s off the Richter scale. The fantastic view is of course a bonus!

Switch it up by playfully spanking the receiver’s bum, or gently insert a lubed-up finger into their butt for a beginner’s version of double-penetration. Always check with your partner first though, no one likes a surprise in the place where the sun don’t shine…

For the receiving partner, feeling submissive and ‘under control’ can be an immense turn on.


We’d love to hear how you add spice to your sex positions – leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to share!