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5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Dressing up and role playing are great ways of ensuring the bed sheets stay sweaty and rumpled long after new-relationship-energy (NRE) has worn off and with this in mind, we have complied a list of our Top 5 costumes for a hot Halloween celebration. Create your own trick or treat scene with one of these … Continue reading 5 Sexy Costumes for a Hot Halloween

Creative Juices: Flora’s African Exploits

Today we welcome Flora Titian to Creative Juices! Flora has generously offered us all two free chapters of her second erotic novel in the Flora series. The chapters are juicy and suggestive, and highly enjoyable… *wink* For more of Flora Titian and her writing, head over to her blog at www.thevelvetpurse.com.  Follow Flora on Twitter: @thevelvetpurse. Chapter 1 … Continue reading Creative Juices: Flora’s African Exploits

Creative Juices: And Eddie Still Makes Three

Hey there, thanks for joining us! Today we’re excited to have Zak Jane Keir with us, sharing a teaser from her story And Eddie Still Makes Three from Rule 34, a brand new collection of weird & wonderful fetish erotica. The book contains ten very different stories of uncommon desires and strange, lustful obsessions. Some … Continue reading Creative Juices: And Eddie Still Makes Three

Creative Juices: I Make You Suffer

We’re very excited about this third instalment of Creative Juices; a sex fantasy called I Make You Suffer by Alexandra Grey. It’s a sassy piece, focusing on female pleasure.   At this point Alexandra doesn’t have a Twitter handle or website for you to visit, but we hope to have her write for Creative Juices … Continue reading Creative Juices: I Make You Suffer

Creative Juices: Do It.

Hello there, thank you for stopping by for the second instalment of Creative Juices! Today we have a rough sex-fantasy by @Nookysemper, a hot & heavy story that’ll have you feeling juicy in no time. Just so you know, this story includes breath play & asphyxiation kink. If that’s not your thing, we recommend hopping off this … Continue reading Creative Juices: Do It.

Creative Juices: Tonight

Welcome to the very first story published on Creative Juices, the hub for creative writers and lovers of erotic stories! Here is where you get your juices flowing, your mojos growing – and we’re hoping you’ll get off spectacularly too… Today we’re sharing a **hot** fantasy written by our friend Candysnatch. Whilst she’s an accomplished … Continue reading Creative Juices: Tonight

Cafe V – Writing Your Own Sex Fantasy

Reading erotica and watching porn can be fun, sexy and empowering activities. But sometimes, when doing those things, you might come across words and scenes that are downright unsexy and triggering – and before you know it, the relaxing evening you had in mind has upped and left the building. It happens. A lot. Maybe … Continue reading Cafe V – Writing Your Own Sex Fantasy